1. Beautiful pictures, you guys have a wonderful family.

  2. I found a great deal of helpful information in this post!

  3. Lovely Prince Toby, a pleasure tomeet you again…sucha a beatiful family Xo!!!

  4. AWWW! This is such a lovely family photo of the three of you, Joanna…and I’m loving your bold red lipstick! :)

  5. I simply could not resist telling you that you have a beautiful baby…& a beautiful family. Makes me want to have my grandbabies fall asleep on my shoulder….deep breath….just looking at that photo makes me feel happy inside!

  6. okay, you look gorgeous in this photo !!

  7. Simply lovely photograph. You all will cherish this one forever!

  8. I love pictures of babies sleeping. They love so peaceful, you hold your breath and forget to breath when staring at them. Enjoy your little prince before he grows up.

  9. It has been WAY too long since I have visited your lovely neck o’ the woods…but, the treat is, I get to see photos of your beautiful little guy! That is such a sweet photo, I know just what you mean. My girls break my heart all the time( in a good way) :) Congratulations!

  10. no way, Ariana, that is awesome!!!! so glad to hear :) thanks for all these sweet, sweet comments :)

  11. Anonymous says...

    awww.. i teared up when i saw this photo! :)

  12. aw. this is a very sweet picture, indeed..

  13. Glenda says...

    Cute family picture!

  14. All three of you are adorable :)

  15. Jo, I just want to tell you that I stayed at Maria-Rosa guesthouse and Villa Fiorentino last month and both places were amazing!! Thanks for sharing it! Ariana

  16. so sweet!

  17. This is so precious I teared up a bit. You just gotta love life and family and babies and love…..beautiful

  18. Awww..so cute! You have a lovely family. :)

  19. I’m sure it’s been said a million and one times but Toby is absolutely darling! He is so beautiful.

  20. G. says...

    awhhh, joanna! my heart’s breaking too! *sniff sniff* precious + sweet x10000.

  21. Aw this is beautiful – you all look beautiful in it (and you tres chic joanna!)

  22. Toby is aDORABLE. His little face is so sweet and this photo as a whole is wonderful, congrats!

  23. kate says...

    FRAME IT FRAME IT FRAME IT!!!!!!!!!!! the colors are great and all three of you look great. maybe an odd observation, but I feel like this is one of those photos that is going to age really well, like it will look really cool in twenty years or so : )

  24. He is such a sweet little man. My womb is aching for another babe!

  25. thanks for all these lovely comments! i am so touched : ) my red lipstick is josie maran, which i bought at sephora. my red striped shirt is from Chance (chanceco.com). and we have the organic ergo in sea green (and LOVE it). thank you again xoxoox

  26. kaela d. says...

    such a sweet little fam…great picture :)

  27. How sweet! What an adorable little family :)

  28. Kat H. says...

    What a beautiful family! Thank you for the smile and the full heart, JoAnna!

  29. Anonymous says...

    I love love love the red lippie–you must share what you are wearing! Thanks!!

  30. Oh my goodness. I am going to cry this is so cute.

  31. do you have the organic, performance or sport ergo? i want to get one but am not sure which. thanks! :)

  32. Oh this is adorable! You should frame this.

  33. Joanna! This is seriously the cutest picture I have seen in a long time – I can just feel the love.

  34. Anonymous says...

    Such a stunning picture!

  35. What a gorgeous photo :-)

  36. prettiest family.

  37. that picture is one you will cherish forever. so beautiful! :)


  38. Monica says...

    Be still my beating heart! AMAZING :)

  39. Very sweet photo of all three of you! I cannot believe your little boy is a year old by the way! He’s super cute and you look amazing! :) All the best!

  40. Lovely picture!! What a beautiful family!! Happy Birthday to Toby!!
    PS: I love the crown!!

  41. Stacey Allaire says...

    This is so adorable! How precious.

  42. Anonymous says...

    You look gorgeous!! I love your red lips and your red stripes! And the sweet faces of Toby & Alex make a perfect family portrait!

  43. Monica says...

    Toby looks so peaceful!

  44. this is adorable. and what a sweet family photo. :)

  45. dc says...

    He is a beautiful boy!

  46. Allison says...

    this just made my day! what a sweet photo and a beautiful family you have :)

  47. rose umbrella, we use the Ergo and love it! thanks for these really sweet comments, i’m blushing :)

  48. adorable!! what a cute little family you guys are :)

  49. Such a precious picture! What type of baby carrier do you use? Toby looks so comfortable.

  50. Raquel says...

    Yes, Joanna, that is true, first photo of your little family all together! You have a beautiful family, you and Alex make such a lovely couple!!You have such a kindness in your eyes,its incredible!

  51. So sweet—I love his papa’s expression too! yall all look so sweet! Lovely little picture. ; )

  52. Pretty much the loveliest family photo ever.

  53. This is positively precious!

  54. how precious. frame worthy for sure.

  55. my head just exploded from the cute! i love the idea of having all the babies wear crowns. so sweet.

  56. such a sweet photo. you make a beautiful family!

  57. What a beautiful picture! Definitely worth framing!!

  58. you have a beautiful family

  59. Awww…. so sweet!

    That was and still is my favorite book.

  60. Ooohhh. Myyyyy. Goodness. That is too sweet and just brightened my morning. I hope you’re gonna blow it up and put it on the mantle.

  61. thanks for these lovely comments!!! so sweet :) melisa, it was actually at a different party; we went to four last weekend, crazily enough :)

  62. sarah, is that true? wow, crazy! i guess usually alex and/or i are usually behind the camera :)

  63. Aww, this is completely adorable! I love your lipstick!

  64. omg this is too cute! Love love lOVE the crown!

    love from San Francisco,

  65. This is a wonderful photo!! You look beautiful!!

  66. Aw, was that Abbey’s party? I’m such a jerky mcjerkerson…I should’ve been there! What an adorable photo:) You need to frame it. You look beautiful, too.

  67. sweet principito, you look fabolous!!

  68. I just got my copy of le petit prince in the mail (: it’s the first book I’ve ever read in all french
    he’s so cute!!

  69. What a beautiful photo!

  70. What a lovely family! You’ll have to bring le petit prince to Paris some day so that he can hang with my piccolo principe! xx

  71. I love his little crown. He wears it well. You truly have a gorgeous family.
    Congrats on everything!

  72. Oh my goodness, such a great family photo and Toby’s little crown is so sweet! Have a wonderful afternoon:) Kisses

  73. He’s so gorgeous! You all are! xxx

  74. such a beautiful family portrait

  75. So beautiful! Le Petit Prince was one of my favourite books when I studied French at high school and the messages within it are great for children and adults. My favourite quote is this:

    “on ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux”

    Roughly meaning you only see with your heart. The most important things are invisible to the eyes!

  76. What a beautiful family picture! I think this needs to be printed and hung somewhere in your home.

  77. So sweet! Love this one.

  78. nothing like a cuddly baby asleep on your chest. so sweet. and you three are adorable!

  79. Awww…

  80. The king, queen, and prince look s’wonderful! P.S. Love your ruby lippy, Jo. xo Lola

  81. Beautiful family.

  82. Gasp! What a beautiful family! :)

  83. beautiful little boy! Beautiful family!

  84. Yep… My heart just grew three sizes. Such a sweet family Joanna, you are truly blessed!

  85. ohhh my gosh… heart-melt! he partied till he dropped :)

  86. He is too cute!

  87. this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. you have such a lovely family, miss joanna : )

  88. What a beautiful family – you’ll treasure that photo for forever!

  89. That is so adorable!!!
    Side note, I absolutely hate Le Petit Prince (the book) when I was a kid, they made me read it in french and I was still a kiddie….
    xo C.

  90. look at his little hand tucked under mama’s arm. and those cheeks. and those little squishy lips. he is so perfect!

    and i love the red lipstick. maybe i should wear some today. hmmmmm…


  91. Such a sweet family photo :)

  92. Absolutely precious! The crown made me think of Where the Wild Things Are. So cute!

    I wish my baby would still fall asleep on me when we’re out and about. He’s too interested in his surroundings now a days, but it’s still one of my favorite/treasured things about being a mom.

    Love your sweet family!

  93. M. says...

    so sweet!


  94. Aw cute picture! You should have it framed! :D

  95. That’s so sweet! Also, the first time you posted a picture of the three of you together on the blog. :)

  96. Oh my, he looks so darling! What a beautiful family you have.

  97. thanks, judi! i will look up the lipstick when i get home, i think it’s josie maran xo

  98. This is too cute! I had my dad wear a crown for his last birthday even though he was turning 50!

  99. So adorable, he has such a large head and a small little body! I love your lipstick, by the way, what is it?

  100. Someone gave me Le Petite Price at a shower. I wish I could read French! But we call our little that all the time now:) Your guy is adorable