Summer Uniform: Greek Goddess

My sweets, do you have a favorite summer outfit? I’m excited to announce a new series on Cup of Jo, where I’ll feature photos of stylish friends and show how to put together the look (mostly because I want to copy them myself!).

First up: My friend Kendra Smoot always looks gorgeous, but I especially love this ensemble (above) she wore on vacation in Greece. Relaxed, easy and beautiful, don’t you think?

Here’s how to get the look:
Polka-dot scarf: The Hill-Side, $50.
Round sunglasses: Madewell, $134.
Gray tee: LNA, $48.
Boyfriend shorts: Madewell, $50.
Gladiator sandals: Born (in saffron), $85.
Pink nail polish: Essie, $8.

Do you have a summer uniform? xo

(Photo by Akira Ruiz)

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  3. such a good look- and i’m excited for this series. sounds like a great one.

  4. I appreciate you sharing this article here. It was very interesting and the picture are great! Thanks!

  5. Such a cool stuff, and I like it. The photo looks great and you did a good job. big thanks and keep posting.


  6. is this the kendra smoot, who used to work on blueprint magazine? i have 4 issues of that magazine that i can’t throw away…i was sooo disappointed when it stopped. i was just thumbing through the old issues the other day and was looking at her baby shower photos. cute shower. how old is her kid now?

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  8. Thank you, Joanna, for this inspired information. Really helpful and I look forward to learning more. I am totally digging that head scarf as well!

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  9. Katrina Whondonk says...

    I agree with the above poster about wearing dresses in the summer. Especially when it is this hot in Arizona! Great information–look forward to more.

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  15. Cannot wait for more posts like this! So inspired!

  16. lucy says...

    I love that you included a head scarf! They are definitely one of my favorite summer fashion accessories. Especially the silky floral printed ones, so pretty!

  17. I love love love this look! I love the boyfriend shorts I have, and wearing simple tshirts with them and fun accessories! bonus*being in Greece!

  18. Your friend is lovely.

    My preferred outfit is anything that makes me look thinner.

  19. Wonderful style!
    Escape to the Greek islands soon!

  20. Love this series, can’t wait to see what other awesome outfits your friends come up with!

  21. what a great idea and what a pretty friend!

  22. So excited for this series! My summer wardrobe needs a major makeover. (:

  23. so priddy! love this new feature :)

  24. She looks great! :D I like her use of accessories!

  25. Great idea for a new series! Your friend’s outfit is perfection. You can usually find me in cutoff boyfriend jeans and a tee when I want something totally comfortable and laid back. She makes it look so chic!

    That Girl in Pearls

  26. Oh, and please tell your beautiful friend in the picture that on first glance, I thought it was an old photo of Jackie O!

  27. Love this series! Boyfriend jeans with holes (for air conditioning, of course) a tank, fun hat, and a cute cardi for when I go indoors. Oh, and can’t forget the gladiators!

  28. A t-shirt dress and flat gladiator sandals, if I can get my legs fit for baring : )

  29. love that outfit, great shorts!!
    I adoorrrre your blog!!

  30. This series is so cool. Can’t wait for more!!

  31. This is such a wonderful idea for a series. She looks just lovely. Can’t wait to see more! : )

  32. The scarf and entire look make her look like a modern day Natalie Wood … she looks flawless

  33. I love this look—gorgeous.

  34. I never look this good on vacation. Maybe it’s the humidity, sleeping on buses and couchsurfing that has me looking more hobo than chic.

  35. love the relaxed look so much :)

  36. Ohhh I absolutely love this outfit – lucky you going into summer months now. I have just said goodbye to summer in Aussie with one last holiday to lap up the sun and ocean – check out the pics on my blog if you have a moment – I even got to swim with a Whale Shark!!!

  37. I really love it! It remainds me of the swedish summer ;)

  38. Love this look! I had to write down how to get the look for my next trip to the US. ps. Looooove the shoes!

  39. Very inspiring!
    I will for sure do the denim shorts and a loose t-shirt this summer, and combined with the headband scarf it is really cute!

    My favorite outfit is a pair of nice sandals and some rolled-up loose jeans. It’s perfect for the windy Scandinavian summer.

  40. A vintage dress, sandals or kitten heels and a cardigan. American Apparel makes great lightweight cardigans in cool colors to go with every ensemble!

  41. oh love the summerfeeling!


  42. I love the whole ensemble. So chic!
    Every time the weather changes it always takes me a little while to get into a new clothing groove. I find that whatever ends up becoming my uniform is never what I planned. The best outfits sort of end up finding me.

  43. She does look gorgeously comfortable!

  44. summer perfection! loves it! I will now be, officially, on the hunt for the perfect head scarf thanks to this post.

  45. a d o r a b l e… as in my home… i love white… all summer long… xo

  46. I’m SOOO going to copy that this summer! And I’ll give you cred when I do. :)


  48. Cute idea! Let me know if you need some inspiration! I love the shell she’s holding, too!

  49. Nichole says...

    love this idea!!!! just love it!! love this look, too.

  50. Gorgeous! So simple but put together. Can’t wait to see what else you have.

  51. I love the head scarf it totally makes the outfit. Great idea for a posting series!

  52. Oh how I love this outfit. Plus, I love any references to Greek Goddesses because I’m Greek!

  53. Agreed, the outfit is great! I love how the polka dot scarf adds a bit of whimsy to a relaxed look.

  54. I couldn´t see the polish nail.

  55. shea — land’s end canvas also has really nice jean shorts; not too long, not too short. xo thanks for all these sweet comments!

  56. Anonymous says...

    I love this!! She looks so casually chic, and I love having the tips to reproduce the look.

  57. I love boyfriend shorts! my husband has the same size waist as me (truly) so i’ve been praying for him to stain/rip a pair of jeans so I can make myself shorts out of them! :)

  58. Great idea for a series. LOVE that everything in this outfit is so affordable.

  59. What a great idea!! Can’t wait to see more pics!

  60. Yeah! I love outfit posts so much. This is a great one for summer. Now I can’t wait to see all your other stylish friends. Love from Sydney xx

  61. i’m half greek so whenever i visit my family in Greece, my cousins are fascinated by shorts. in greece, they only wear skirts, dresses, and super skin-tight jeans haha they’re crazy!

  62. Funny, I was just looking at that photo on Pinterest.

    I typically live in cut-off shorts, layered loose tanks, a cardi and ballerina flats or glad sandals.

    At work I tend toward cargo skinnies and interesting heels.

  63. I’m so excited for your new series! Love, love, love the headscarf. I’m wanting to unearth mine but was wary of wearing them without bangs (which I’ve grown out)…well, I’m wary no more!!!

  64. Anonymous says...

    Perhaps you could also explain how to get so pretty and skinny — your friends would all look great in trash bags; you’re a good looking bunch!

  65. i <3 this outfit!

    and love this new series!

  66. Great new series, and I love this look – effortless (but for me it would require effort – Kendra clearly has style, I’m going to steal it too!)

  67. So odd, I JUST saved this photo on Pinterest. I love the sandals, headband, sunkissed skin and Greece…

  68. I would also like a tutorial on how to wear a scarf in such a fashion. I never get it right not matter what I do.

  69. BL says...

    What a great series idea! I love this look too and have a similar navy and white polkadot scarf I wear on my head, but mine is a vintage scarf from my mother. My summer uniform is definitely a tshirt dress. I own too many cotton sundresses and need to switch up my wardrobe! Looking forward to your posts for fashion inspiration.

  70. Anonymous says...

    I love this look and am definitely going to get that t. Great post, Joanna!

  71. yes, my summer wardrobe uniform is caftcans! I have them in tons of colors, from Morocco to my favorite Calypso Target silk one… they’re super comfy, I always feel like a glamorous lady in them, and you’re dressed 1,2,3!

  72. Love her scarf and those stylish sandals. Great series by the way!

  73. greek goddess indeed. i’d like to recreate this outfit soon….guess i have to plan a trip to greece. oh well!

  74. olivia says...

    i love the head scarf and sandals and sunglasses!! she looks so pretty and relaxed. its a perfect summer outfit! i cant wait for more!

  75. She looks just like a model! My friends Jake and Reagan are friends with Kendra as well and always say how beautiful she is and how well she is dressed. Now I know what they mean!

  76. I like that look. Very simple… but the polka dot scarf pulls it together seamlessly :)

    I don’t have a summer uniform… but it would probably be some sort of a maxi dress.

  77. I love it! I’m all about comfort in the summer. Pulling the hair back off of my face while I work outside is a must.

    Thank you!

  78. Wow, I thought this was out of a magazine or a Toast UK catalogue – gorgeous! I excited about this series because I love taking elements from peoples outfits and then re-creating them with my own wardrobe. Can’t wait for next weeks!

    ps. I want her headband!

  79. I love love love those shorts!! I’ve been searching for the perfect length short and those just might be them… victorias secret here i come!!!
    oh and that headscarf is gorgeous!

  80. love this look and the new series! :)

  81. Bellísima and so natural, love it!

  82. gosh she’s gorgeous. that doesn’t even look like real life, it looks like a staged picture. ha

  83. D2 says...

    LOVE this new idea for a post! Love the Greek Goddess look = FAB. My uniform for the summer usually consists of havaiana flip flops (for ease of putting on/off as I’m w/our 3 kiddos all day long) and a casual dress or skirt. And I’m usually sporting a ponytail and some sort of headband!

  84. Great idea. During summer holidays, I mostly wear boyfriend shorts (h&m), a tank (from American Vintage or Monoprix), my beloved Rondini sandals or espadrilles (rope shoes from the market), a straw hat from the market and a Petit Bateau mariniere if the weather is too fresh. Of course if I am at work, I wore more “sophisticated” clothes (mostly dresses in summer)

  85. so effortless! ❤

    my summer uniform is a bikini under dresses. you never know if you’ll find yourself at the park to catch some sun or at a friend’s bbq with a pool…or running through sprinklers!

  86. I sure do! I get teased about it all the time, but in the same breathe my freinds always tell me that they love it. I wear a full, colorful (usually floral) skirt with a white, grey or black vneck and ballet flats or flip flops depending on what I have to do. Every single day in the summer. My closet is a row is skirts and stack of shirts!

  87. I love her bandana, and her sandals… definitely gorgeous!

  88. I love this series. My summer uniform: breezy sundresses + short Frye boots. xo.

  89. Cute! Love the sandals…and the fact that she was on vacation in Greece. Way jealous. My summer uniform is lots of beach hats, topsiders, shorts and non-clingy tanks – nothing I have to tug at or fix during the day, nothing that will look gross after I’ve worked up a sweat trying to keep my kids entertained. Dress and dash.

  90. she is beautiful!!

  91. Raquel says...


    When are you going to post you San Fran holiday photos??? I wanna see photos of chubby Toby!!!xoxox

  92. haha, natalie, that’s so funny; you might try clear mini bobby pins. also hermes has a great tutorial on their website. xo

  93. Natalie says...

    I’m excited for this series. I’m more of a fall/winter girl, especially when it comes to style (so many fun layers to play with!). I feel like I never quite put it all together for summer. I love how effortless and chic this is! I would love to see a tutorial sometime on how to wear a scarf in my hair. I never quite pin them right or something – or maybe I have a funny head (ha :) but they typically slip off. I adore the look though.

  94. I think I need that head scarf :)

    xx fallon

  95. All I wear during summer are dresses so I keep nice and cool… well that’s the idea anyway hehe

  96. oops, the comments weren’t working–now they are! :)