1. Thanks for sharing the article! It’s fun to find out that my current favorites, pale pinks and lavender, are “in” haha…. I must give those metallics a try, though!

  2. gorgey gorgey gorgey



  3. essie in angel food is excellent. LOVE your blog!

  4. Chanel’s Ballerina!
    And also Dior’s Diorlisse.
    Just flawless.

  5. I started swearing by Essie last year. Chinchilly is my favorite color…it’s a muted gray. Versatile, yet chic!

    <3 Madeline

  6. Cute idea for favors at a baby shower!

    My fave for years has been Essie’s Mademoiselle. (another pale pink)

    Love your blog!

  7. Ok, ok, I love these… but friends, nail polish is so bad for you. Joanna, any leads on any chemical free nail polish? Thanks.

  8. I love Essie’s over the edge. It’s my favorite, a deep midnight metallic.

  9. Cute colors! Most of the time I wear red.

  10. My college roommate turned me on to Ballet Slippers. I’m not usually drawn to things that are “dainty” but the name alone is irresistible! My favorite bold color is Dutch Tulips by OPI. I have yet to find a better pinky/red that works for every season.

  11. Essie’s Chinchilly!

  12. I love these colors, I prefer pale colors to bold ones. Hugs and have a great weekend!

  13. I’ve always been an OPI girl but this summer I treated myself to a few Essie colors and I’m loving them. Currently I’m obsessed with ‘turquoise + caicos’ …a tealish seafoam hue that everyone wants to borrow!

  14. I love Essie’s Mod Squad (hot pink!) and short shorts (red-orange!). I also love OPI’s glitter polishes.

  15. blue-away, Sally hansens insta-dry.
    My new favorite shade for spring!

  16. Wearing Essie’s Muchi Muchi at the moment. Love it – its a cotton candy pink. Recently did a blog post on their polish as well.. Pretty colors.

  17. i love essie but also CND :)


  18. It kills me – Essie & OPI polishes are more than twice as expensive over here in Europe. And drugstore polishes are pathetic, compared with what you can get in the states for $5. I’ll be stocking up on all these when I’m back this summer!

    My favorite colors – Revlon Tropical Temptation and Chanel Rouge Noir.

  19. my fave right now is MonSooner or Later by OPI – it´s an orange/red shade and I love it on my toenails with nice nude flipflops on my feet! gorgeous!

  20. I love nude nails! And I also turn to mushroomy colours too pretty often too xxx

  21. I think the best one is warm orange, siena color. like this here: agatamelnykphotos.blogspot.com/2011/05/planning-bologne.html – it’s my post about this color! It’s increadible but it’s siuts to every thing!

  22. OPI Hearts to Tarts. Plus a protecting top coat, also from OPI.

  23. Red. Always red. I only wear this one nail polish that is deep red indoors, and bright perffffffect red in the light. It’s terrible though and I have to coat it.

  24. OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques” is my absolute favorite.

  25. I change it up pretty much all the time, as you can see here:


    and here:


    So, no real favorites to speak of. I love the idea of the palest of pale baby blues. I have one in my collection but it’s brighter and bolder, more robin’s egg. The baby blue feels like a tall glass of ice water for the summer. Love it!


  26. I have found a couple of the new Sally Hansen’s that i love…First Kiss, a pink, and Barracuda a pale turquoise!

    Art by Karena

  27. BLUE! OMG BABAY BLUE LOOKS SO FINE!!! I want it so much xxx

  28. C says...

    toes have been Sally Hansen’s Pat on the Black (dark purple) forever and I do not like them paler anymore…

  29. Orange! I love a sherbert-y orange in the summer…..but lately I’ve been wearing a light turquoise almost seafoam. It looks so nice with my gold sandals and all the coral I’ve been wearing lately :)

  30. You can’t go wrong with Essie! I’m a huge fan of pale pink…definitely my go to!

  31. I love them! I wear a very pretty pink in the winter on my toenails and red in the summer!

  32. I just blogged about essie a few days ago! I have sand tropez! I love it! Its a nude sandy color! I love this brand because not only are the colors beautiful but the wear lasts forever!!! I love it!! Also, I love those two colors!!

  33. That pink is now on my shopping list – thanks joanna!

    Has anyone else had streaking problems with essie’s paler opaque colours? I’m thinking the pink looks sheerish and would be fine but the blue looks a might dangerous to me.

    once burned and all that!

  34. i swear by anything essie! just had my toes done that blue and i love it.

  35. Allison says...

    a few weeks ago i “borrowed” my sister-in-law’s bright teal polish for my toenails… and it’s yet to make it’s way back to her! :) i’m really loving that super-pale pink though, might need to upgrade!


  36. yes, i am loving the baby blue…

  37. french on my toes, always, and pale yellow on my fingers. it’s a great, fun, summer color.

  38. I have that pink polish and it is so subtle and pretty. Right now I’m very inspired by all of the resort collections bright nails so I got a red polish with an orange tint, I’m in love!

  39. I love essie! My bestie got me hooked! I think I’ll have to add the baby blue one to my collection!


  40. cute nailpolish colors perfect for summer

    feel free to see my blog and comment


  41. I love that baby blue! Can’t wait to try out some new colors for the summer. I just got a new lilac color from essie.

  42. I swear by Wicked, Little Brown Dress, Chinchilly, Sugar Daddy, Blushing Bride, and Mademoiselle by Essie. I’m a creature of habit, so I still haven’t quite ventured off to more adventurous colors, but just might take the leap this summer!

  43. essie’s fondola gondola for a punchy pink and chubby cheeks for that perfect coral. unfortunately they were exclusive to j.crew but I am sure you can find an equivalent.

  44. I love the idea of baby blue!

  45. I love essie along with OPI. Those colors are perfect summer colors. Love your blog!


  46. Essie-FIJI

    Lovely pale, milky pink, and it’s not too runny. Go to color!

  47. I love Essie!


  48. I love the color mint!

  49. I love blue nail polish! My fav is the dark blue one from chanel. I love it on my toes all year round.

    I have a giveaway for food bloggers! plate to pixel

  50. love these! I have always likes Ballet SLippers. Its a close second to Essie’s Mademoiselle which is more sheer then this one. And that blue- love it! Wouldn’t that be nice on my toes for my October wedding… just a bit showing through my peep toe shoes. Theres my Something Blue! :)

  51. I’ve been eying that baby blue for our wedding. For the past 10+ years I have only worn white and extremely pale pink nail polishes (weird, I know). This year I’ve totally branched out, bring on the blue!

  52. Always Essie’s Ballet Slippers, unless I do a classic French. The French Mani and Pedi never seems to go out of style here in the South.

  53. i got a super 80’s bubble gum pink. super fun. i normally wear a pale gray called “wet cement” from sally henson. and the mustard color from American Apparel

  54. I love that pale pink- I’m always looking for something pale, pale, pale. Also, don’t you love to think of it as nail “varnish” instead of “polish”? Very Agatha Christie.

  55. i am wearing this exact pink right now!! it’s my go to color for day-to-day, and for fun lately i’ve been mixing it up with a gorgeous bluish dark gray, and for a pop of color i love to swipe on a shimmery orange called “crushed” – it makes me feel energized & summery!

  56. I usually go for a pale pink, but would love to try the pale blue ~ fun and different!

  57. Ah, what a beautiful colour for a wedding! Barry M have similar shades for summer. I’ve already bought the blue but I’m dying to go get the pink; the fact that it’s called ‘peach melba’ makes it all the more irresistible to me! lol xxx


  58. Without a doubt my best summer shade is YSL Orange Flamboyant. Amazeballs with a tan.

  59. My absolute favorite color is this ancient Sally Hansen bottle I have that is called Two-Timer. It is a soft shimmery blue/green that looks one color in one light and the other in another light. I love it! And it’s pretty sheer, so I can do one coat for a little or a bunch for an all over strong color.

  60. i have worn OPI Got the Blues for Red for soo long now. like 4 years i would guess. my new fav. though is Essie Cute as a Button. I love this pale pink by essie though!

  61. Essie chips off so quickly for me! Even when I do a top clear coat. ): I don’t care for it. The colors are so pretty it’s disappointing that it’s such a terrible polish

  62. Racy Rouge! perfect for summer

  63. I’m almost always an Essie girl (I wore Ballet Slippers at my wedding too and am wearing Trophy Wife right now because its screams fun holiday weekend) but OPI’s Cajun Shrimp is my summer favorite!


  64. although i mostly wear essie and OPI i swear, by ulta brand ‘vintage violet’. i get so many compliments on it, it’s insane!

  65. I LOVE the baby blue! I love wearing nail polish on short nails in the summer. I think it’s because I need to accessorize without wearing more clothes! Right now I am rocking China Glaze “for audrey” on my toes and Essie “tart deco” on my fingernails! :)

  66. I’m a nail polish junkie. The more colors, the better! Right now my toes are sparkly blue and my fingernails are pink. I’m really feeling orange for this summer, too. So glad we’re back to sandal season!

  67. yes! i just scored a bottle of essie’s ballet slippers for TWO dollars in a sale bin. i was shocked and delighted :)

  68. I’m wearing the same pink at our wedding in 2 weeks!!!

  69. Yes….OPI red!!! Love it! :-]

  70. I’m not really a waitress by opi though they “improved” their formula and it doesn’t last long anymore at all. also this gorgeous gold glitter by china glaze – medallion I think its called.

  71. OPI’s I’ve Got the Blues for Red in my toes. It’s a gorgeous deep shade of red. On my hands I like OPI’s What’s a Tire Jack, a nice shiny black.

  72. Anonymous says...

    OPI-loyal over here, and my go-to faves are My Daddy’s the King (neutral peachy-pink), Lincoln Park After Dark (the.best.dark.brown.), and I’m Not Really a Waitress (perfect red).

  73. I have just recently been won over by Essie. I love it! I am normally a bright pink, red, and bright coral type of girl, but these pale pinks and nudes are calling my name! I might have to go pick a few up.

  74. I ♥ me some butter london! I’m currently in love with Hoorah Henri, Bumster and Rosie Lee

  75. I do love Essie. Ballet Slipper and Geranium are my faves!

  76. Love these colors!

  77. I’m definitely going to have to try that baby blue! My nails are neon pink right now. It’ll be a nice switch up.

  78. Essie’s Sugar Daddy – the palest sheer pink – is on my nails. And their Nice is Nice – an opaque pale lavender – on my toes. Lovely!

    Also Bubble Bath by OPI – the original pale pink version.

  79. i’ve been wearing “butter” polish…blue on my toes right now!

  80. I’m currently in love with Essie’s Chinchilly gray color. Way fab.

  81. I love the pale blue- I rocked that one last summer! This summer I would love to have mint green piggies;)
    Essie and OPI are my faves- OPI’s I’m Not Really a Waitress and You don’t know Jaques are always in frequent rotation.

  82. I love coral in the summer, on toes and fingernails.

  83. This photo is the perfect birth announcement if you had boy & girl twins!

  84. Joanna, it’s so funny – when you posted about maxi skirts I had bought one the same day, then you posted on stripes I think and I was wearing a striped top – not that unusual really – and I just bought an Essie polish in Mint Candy Apple! (the colour of a Tiffany box)

  85. colorama’s absento! it’s kind of minty, the way I wear it, and people always grab my hand and say “whay a beautiful polish!”
    I wouldn’t have paid for it, though.. it’s my roomate’s

  86. i’m an essie geranium girl as well!!

    best color eva!

  87. MG says...

    Keys to My Karma, OPI.

  88. Looks like a boy or girl blog post? :D

  89. OPI ” I Pink I Love You”
    You can wear it translucent or opaque – it is THE BEST.

  90. I love pail pink polish, but to me, blue polish makes people look as if they must be very, very cold!

  91. OPI’s “Paint My Mojitos” is my fav-fav summer color for fingers AND toes. It’s the perfect shade of coral, not too red and not too orange. Plus, it’s surprisingly neutral.

  92. That was random that Amanda and I posted at the same time about the same line of polish. Weird.

  93. Essie and OPI really have the best quality nail polishes out there! But Claire’s has got some pretty cool colors that can do the job if you want to experiment with different shades.

    I’m obsessed with glitter and orange nail polishes at the moment.


  94. Anonymous says...

    I would love to try the blue!

  95. I’m usually pretty loyal to Essie, but I’ve been really liking American Apparel’s new line of polish. My current favorites by them are “poppy,” it’s orangish in color and awesome for summer and “rosebowl,” is a really pretty rose color that’s awesome for any time :)

  96. Giada DeLaurentis wears Bubble Bath by OPI and I have looked for it everywhere but cannot find it. Her nails are always so pretty. I love light colors like these for hands and a beautiful deep red for toes.

  97. I went on a real pastel nail color kick way back when i was in high school, so I doubt I could have my nails laquered pastel without bringing back bad fashion memories!
    Today, I’m pretty strict about my nails: my fingernails are always nude or coated in clear. Only! My toes are more fun– at the moment they are red, but I just picked up a robin’s egg blue that I will wear this weekend.

  98. LOVE Essie and lovelovelove blue nail polish this season! I just bought their Coat Azure a few weeks ago and totally fell in love. It’s such a calm, happy blue. I almost bought a pale peachy pink yesterday, now I’m totally rethinking my decision to not get it.

  99. used to be an only OPI girl but ever since I saw Emily wearing “Fiji” by Essie on the Bachelor I cannot get enough of it. Obsessed. Even blogged about it.


  100. I usually go for red but I really want my toes to be baby blue for summer…That is such a pretty colour and I adore Essie:) Kisses

  101. OPI in Cajun Shrimp, a great bright pink/orange-ish that’s perfect for the summer!

  102. Essie French Affair. LOVE

  103. essie’s geranium! it’s the perfect red – not too blood red. i call it “tomato soup red” because it’s got a hint of orange in there. it’s my standard go-to.

  104. Love the pale pinks. I just bought my very first Essie color – geranium, and I absolutely adore it! It’s so spunky on my toes and I only needed one coat. I don’t think I can go back to any other brand. :)

  105. for a fun but discreet colour, i also love particuliere by chanel!

    awesome! love following your blog joanna, congrats!

    xx joana

  106. And… just loved your post and the links! Pale pink and blue… great minds…

  107. Essie! Its my favorite. It never fails. The colors are awesome and it truly lasts. I blog about them each Monday… I’m addicted!