Sneak Peek: Wedding Line From Anthropologie!

Remember how the people behind Anthropologie announced they were going to start a bridal line? Well, the time has come! BHLDN (pronounced “Beholden”) launches their online shop on Valentine’s Day (this Monday!) with wedding gowns, party dresses, shoes and accessories. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to go to Philadelphia, along with a small group of lovely bloggers, to see a little sneak peek, and everything was stunning. The dresses in the debut collection range from $1000 to $4000; they have the same feminine and whimsical feel of Anthropologie, with lots of beautiful details. I’d love to share my three favorites, above and below…

Aren’t they exquisite? The little number above is my favorite; it would be perfect for an outdoor wedding.

They have adorable shoes, too!

And then we were able to try on some of the dresses. Here I am with the lovely Joy and Emily. It was such a fun, girly day, and I can’t wait to see everything at Bhldn on February 14th.

What do you think, my darlings? Do you like these dresses? If you’re engaged, would you consider one of them for your big day? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

(Last photo from Emily)

  1. love the short cocktail looking wedding dress so pretty and simple !

  2. i am designing my sisters dress right now and a good friend of mine will saw it! ;D

  3. ooh in love with that third dress. elegant yet so young. (if only affordable) hmm:D

  4. Susan says...

    I’d never buy a thing from a company owned by Richard Hayne. Ugh.

  5. Anonymous says...

    It’s a great photo of you, Joanna! You are so beautifull!

  6. Adore those dresses! Not something I would personally wear for my own wedding but I’d wear for a formal occasion!
    Hope you can stop by and check out my blog!


  7. Wow! I’m blown away (not that I would expect anything less from Anthro)! Wonder if it’s appropriate to plan a second wedding to my husband just so I can wear one of these…

  8. i want to renew my vows just so i can get one of those dresses! more realistically, i’m trying to convince my sis-in-law to consider the bridesmaid dresses for those of us that are attendants in her wedding this summer:)

  9. Great article, great pictures.

  10. These dresses make me WANT to get engaged. Gorgeous.

  11. Hmmm – not a fan. The first one reminds me of a skin disease or something (ew!).

    I’m engaged, but would not wear any of these dresses. :/

  12. The wedding dresses are neither flattering nor feminine unfortunately.

    However, I do love your dress and the lady in the middle(I’m assuming she is Emily?)Your dresses turned out to be nicer than the wedding ones :(

  13. I don’t think I like them; they’re a bit ratty looking and not that flattering. Not to mention, as with most Anthropologie clothing, it seems like the price does not reflect the quality of the garment.

    Then again, I bought my wedding dress at Saks for $300.

  14. Where did you get your shoes? I LOVE them.

  15. DAMN! another reason i want to talk my husband into re-doing our wedding. I would love to wear the first one you have pictured.

  16. Love the 2nd dress!! And….. The shoes!!!

  17. I am waiting on the edge of my seat to open up my email on Monday morning and check out the collection. I was set on J Crew bridesmaid dresses for my event in September, but now I don’t know…

  18. Joanna, I think my friend, Kerrie Balma, is selling her gorgeous vintage silverware garden/cheese markers at Anthropologie Weddings. I’m so excited to check it out on Monday to see if the ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ spoons are there. (she’s at if you want a sneak peek).

    Warmly, kathy

  19. Though these dresses are uber trendy, they are so beautiful that I they will stand the test of time.

  20. I am getting married in Northern California in October and I would TOTALLY consider one of those dresses! I cant wait to try some of them on. I love the one Emily is wearing, although Im not a huge fan of strapless- i fear i will be tugging the dress sup the whole wedding.
    Thank you for sharing!! Cant wait until Monday (wow- dont say that too often :)

  21. You look so pretty! I would have to say these are not my style as far as wedding dresses, but I definitely appreciate the design and quality of them. They are very pretty.

  22. I just love it! But I am bias as my bub works for Urban Inc. Hope you enjoyed Philly and the navy yard.

  23. I adore what I’ve seen from the line so far. I wish I could remarry my husband. But, I’ll just wait and see what their special occassion dresses look like and get my fill that way!

  24. Those are pretty slingbacks with the floral adornment, and your pink nails match perfectly.

  25. no. the short one is the best but would not suit me (as most things at anthropologie are lovely they are more suited to long and lean looks imo) though I do not like the black belt. the top one blech…I seriously thought it was a joke when I first saw it…and the second looks kinda rumpled and if it looks like that in a photo shoot, imagine a day of wearing it.

    the shoes are divine.

    the dresses you all are wearing are just okay. the one with the yellow ribbon is best and love how that matches the yellow shoes but the placement of the ribbon is not my favorite, and not very flattering to anyone unless you are a three year old. it makes everyone’s chest look lower than it is, and having a larger chest, really avoid things that do that!

  26. I love the first one…

  27. absolutely beautiful!! makes me want to get married again!

  28. Joanna! I can’t wait for February 14th to have all these kinds of beautiful dresses in BHLDN’s web. Do you know if they have other shop in USA, or they are only in Philadelphia? I’m engaged and my wedding is next year.

  29. OMG! That first dress is gorgeous, wow.
    I love it, totally and completely, it’s so, so pretty. I love the lavender.

  30. Brittany says...

    OMG! You’re like a celeb!
    Almost straight after having a baby, you look fab again! It’s like you were never pregnant!

    You look fab and the dress looks awesome too. :)

  31. you look amazing!

  32. I love the top one, reminds me of birds, don’t like the other two wedding dresses though, or the styling. You look trés chic and Joy’s dress and shoes are fab!

  33. Thanks for the sneak peek Joanna! I can’t wait for the line to debut. I’ve been holding out on wedding dress shopping because I am so overwhelmed by the thought of having to pick out only one dress. Haha. xoxo

  34. August29Also says...

    You look gorgeous, and happy! My theory about wedding dresses is that there are two kinds: ones that are more wedding cake than wedding dress, and ones that are more wedding dress than wedding cake. Usually girls like the first kind and guys like the second kind. I don’t know why that is so but it just is. These are the first kind. I think they’ll appeal to people who are having party/non-traditional celebrations, but I wonder if they’ll be flattering on different body types?

  35. swoon! i just got engaged 2 weeks ago and heard about BHLDN 2 days before I was engaged. i think it’s fate… no?

    by the way, Joanna you look gorgeous! Motherhood looks beautiful on you! :)