Baby Food

Now that Toby is eight months old, he has been eating more solid foods. We’ve given him pretty basic foods so far (carrots, bananas), and I’m not loving the baby-food jars. Then yesterday I flipped through this inspiring book, which encouraged a surprisingly wide range of real foods for young babies, including pork chops to teeth on and egg yolks with salt.

Fellow mamas, I’d love to ask you: What did you feed your babies? I would be so grateful for tips!

(Clip-on high chair by Phil & Teds; kerchief bib from Bink & Boo)

  1. Very nice post. I not only discovered your blog, I feel like I ‘got to know you’. Good luck in the challenge.


  2. It seems like most people are making their own foods, so add that to my guilt as a working mom with little time. My husband and I are not cooking as much nowadays so mashing up our meals probably won’t work.

    I think many organic brands like Earth’s Best, Sprout, Plum’s and even Gerber organics is very good. I remember that a few of the jars were simply carrot and water, or apple and water. I try to do a little of both – mainly jarred but we also cook different types of squashes, pumpkins, and mash up avocados and bananas. The easy stuff! I read that you can steam chicken and puree it but I haven’t tried that yet although my 8 month old has eatened jarred pureed meats mixed with veggies.

  3. Super Baby Food is a great book on making your own baby food. It’s really simple and good for them. My two kiddos are great eaters and I honestly think it has to do with them trying a wide variety of fresh foods!

  4. Hi Joanna! Nigella Lawson’s book ‘How to Eat’ (which I have found very useful and really love) has a great section on food for babies and children. Worth a look.

  5. Toby is so gorgeous! I’d love to take photos of him :D

  6. i have a 10 month old and we follow a strict food introduction schedule from her pediatrician. Its makes for one happy and healthy baby. I’d love to share if you are interested.
    Its worth not feeding her convenient “scraps”, which is what some parents start doing at this age. She’ll have the rest of her life to eat junk if she wants to; but we’re hoping to set her up for a healthy diet and life!

  7. sorry for commenting so late, but i have a ten month old & if you want to go for simple things, mashed avocado was a hit & mashed bananas. i honestly feed whatever we eat, from oatmeal (w ground flax seed) to salmon. you can puree some chicken noodle soup. that’s always something i love doing because i cook w my mama. warm baby cereal w apple sauce is amelie’s favorite, too & my quick breakfast if i don’t have time to cook something.

    hope this helps. :)

  8. Well being a mom in Italy I wanted to share my experince (Stella is just over 2 years old today and eats basically everything with few exceptions…) Our pediatrician basically said to go ahead and feed her what ever we were having, without salt though. I started slowly though with potatoes, and veggies to slowly intrduce boiled fish and meat. I used to boil like chicken breast, potatoes and carrots and then throw them in the mixer… a little bit of olive oil.

    And keep trying, if he refuses it once offer it again, maybe cooked differently… Oh and it Italy mums make their own broth (starting slowly with just veggies and then slowly introducing meat and fish) then you boil mini pasta in the broth, put a small piece of soft chees and of you go… Stella loved it. And she really eats almost everything. We would often take her out with us to lunch, just choosing whatever on the menu that she would be able to eat and it has worked great! Sorry for the long post. ( he looks absolutely adorable)

  9. Suzanne (HipKid) says...

    Here in Quebec we have a lovely food called Mere Poule (Mother Hen) that is just real food puree. No additives. My son loved the mango puree the best. I actually liked it too.

  10. hey!!

    very nice boy
    I also have 8month old son
    here is his photo

  11. Super cute pics! Try Baby Led Weaning! We let BiP eat table food from 6 months – she had no teeth yet managed a chicken drumstick … only rule is NO salt and nothing processed! It is so much fun and SO easy! BiP is 9ms now and she eats everything! When we go to a restaurant she eats half my meal!

  12. I suggest skipping the snacky products like puffs and crackers, they just teach them to eat chips and cookies. My babies loved sweet potato, banana, avocado, oatmeal,fruits and all sorts of other table foods. The jar foods tasted gross to me so we never used them. Now my preschooler has a great palate and will eat just about anything!

  13. I always gave my babies real food. Egg yolk with Celtic sea salt was their first food. They pretty much ate whatever we did. I also love Ella’s Kitchen Organic baby food pouches when we are out and about. I review baby products for a living and they are one of my favorite baby food companies. Toby is darling in his Lobster chair. :)

  14. i think many have already said, but mashed avodados = yum and mashed sweet potatoes!!!! toby is so so cute!

  15. i made a lot of my son’s baby food at home. i started out with simple purees first and then gradually moved on to combos and “recipes.” my favorite resource was a book called Cooking for Baby that i think my mom got at williams sonoma? great recipes with little how-tos that were helpful when i didn’t really know what i was doing haha!

  16. Lucia is a little younger than Toby (older man alert!) and I’ve been giving her solids since about 18 weeks. I was kind of against jarred foods too but to be honest, earth’s best and plum’s is pretty great. they are organic and I trust them. That being said, I only give her fruits and veggies and no animal proteins from the jar.

    I basically take whatever I make for us and put it in our food processer and voila! dinner for the babes! the other day I roasted a chicken (organic) with carrots, bok choy, onions, garlic (all fresh and mostly organic) and salt to taste. I blended all that good stuff up (light on the onion and garlic) and she ate it up! I add a little bit of the jarred carrots or anything else if it’s too pasty – Lucia prefers things really pureed. I can’t even explain how much she loved it. I also make mashed potatoes with a little bit of cheese and add chicken to that too or chopped meat mixed with homemade tomato sauce which I make with carrots too. I also make vegetable soup with all sorts of goodies and blend it all up for her.

    I read in a recipe book too that babies can pretty much eat anything so I go for it.

    I would totally steam and feed her fresh fruits but I just don’t have the time to do it all and this is a great alternative for me. I do however mash up bananas and blend them with some of her formula (I stopped nursing last week) and throw in some mango and papaya (she LOVES this) and give her like a smoothie. The girl does not reject anything. I mean, I gave her butternut squash soup at the central park boathouse cafe once and other time I mixed carrots and blueberries and she was pumped. I’m all about having her try stuff that she can have now with the doc’s ok and expanding her palette with the hopes that she won’t be picky later on. let’s see how it works out but so far, so good.

    oh and for her cereal which she gets in the morning with some fruit before her first nap I give her the baby bellies multi-grain or oatmeal or the earth’s best rice cereal. she LOVES all of them. :)

  17. I have a 9 month old and instead of steaming the veggies I roast them. That way its not your typical soggy steamed baby puree it has roasted flavor. We have also begun to add herbs and spices like cumin, parsley, rosemary. For larger herbs I puree them before adding the cooked veggies. I also recommned “baby cube” you can find them on amazon, great storage for homemade baby food. Last tip- its not that hard to make baby food it takes me about an hour and a half from start to finish to make almost two weeks worth of food.

  18. Trine says...

    Hi! I live in Denmark – and here it is recommended that children don’t get any salt the first year…. nice blog – and very nice little boy ….

  19. As a grandmother to our first grandchild, Zachary 18 months and five teeth, eating can be scary and challenging. I cut up apples and pears and cook with a little water (sugar on the apples) and get them nice and soft. He LOVES them. Also found that Earth’s Best Baby Food has a great flavor over the Gerber’s etc. He eats their turkey and vegetable mixture where he won’t touch others.
    Have fun..Toby is a d o r a b l e!

  20. is a good website. I would also recommend getting a food mill, they’re wonderful.

  21. so cute! check out Annabel Karmel’s baby and toddler meal planner. she has helpful advice and great recipes from weaning to toddling. it’s like the baby food bible here in england :)

  22. Adorable! Congrats to the mom…

  23. Just feed him whatever you are eating. It’s super easy. Just smash up your meal. My mother raised ten on that method.

  24. my little lady loves avocado and sweet potatoes…he is such a cutie and looks like he loves it!

  25. dear joanna
    my name is paula and i’m from portugal.
    i’ve been following your blog for quite sometyme,and i have to tell you that it is very inspiring.
    i especiality adore your post’s about toby, since i allso have a small child – isabel, with 7 months.
    we are allso starting to feed her solid foods, like soup with meet or fruits.
    i heard that frozen bananas or cucumber sticks are great to relief the pain from new teths.

  26. Don’t feed babies salt it really is not good for them, it is hard for them to process, infact I am not sure they can (it is not good for adults either). We had a hard time finding jarred food without salt so we made our own mushed up carrots, peas, beans, potato, sweet potato. Basically fruit and veg. Hard to mush up meet, but at this age they are learning to eat so stick to healthy non-salted food.

  27. I read through the first page of comments and I’m really interested to read everyone’s suggestions. My son will be six months old next week. We’re still exclusively breastfeeding but we’ll be starting solids soon I think. I have a friend who’s a nutritionist and she strongly believes that kids should get used to whatever everyone else is eating as early as possible. She suggests not mushing things up too much because otherwise kids won’t learn how to handle a variety of textures. Food definitely doesn’t need to be pureed (especially since Toby has teeth!) And her daughter who is 2 1/2 will eat ANYTHING so I feel like the theory works.

  28. oh my gosh, you’ve gotten so many amazing and helpful comments already! i will just chime in to say that my 19 month old started on purees that i made, but quickly showed me that he’d much rather be eating what we were eating. he first surprised us by downing spicy collards at enid’s! now he’ll eat just about anything and even demands, “MORE CHARD!” when he runs out of his favorite red stems :)

    re: raw milk…it’s kind of a big thing in my brooklyn mama group. we (not the babe just yet) are trying our first batch tonight. a little scary, but after doing some research i think it’s probably just as safe as any other animal product (or, jeez…even vegetables these days) that can be bought. wish us luck!

  29. I didn’t do baby food per say…but lot’s of food that made sense, like they were soft already :) Avocado is a perfect whole food but so good for them & easy too, bananas, applesauce, frozen peas when teething. I’m nursing so the 1st year is SO easy, anything other than nursing is just bonus. I didn’t do meat until the appropriate teeth for meat were in…I figure their meat teeth would come when there bodies and bellies were ready for it. what a doll, enjoy every second!

  30. Isn’t figuring this stuff out hard? So many conflicting practices and ideas about what to give and when. I think this new ‘baby led weaning’ thing is really interesting, and I’m open to the idea, but I also want to be practical and aware that sometimes people jump on new fads or trends in baby feeding too quickly, before much research has been done.

    I’m a big advocate for giving my son (he’s almost 7 months) fresh homemade food, including mashed vegetables and fruits (he loves avocado and pears), but honestly, the thought of giving him big chunks of food freaks me out – what if he chokes!? Ok, I’ve heard that this is unlikely because of some gag reflex they have, but still, it concerns me. Here is a link to a site that encourages baby led weaning: So I guess I find myself somewhere in the middle (go figure – I’m never one for extremes:).

    We have an appointment with our pediatrician on Friday and I’m going to get his opinion on it.

    BTW – your son is a real cutie pie!

  31. I have a 10 month old daughter who loves to eat! We’ve been doing baby-led weaning with her and it is wonderful. I love that she eats what we eat and that she feeds herself. My friends who feed their babies purees are astonished when they see her eat ‘big girl food’ as they call it.
    Have fun! I really enjoy watching her explore the world of food.

  32. I can’t believe Toby is 8 months old! Time flies! xxx

  33. We started out simple. You have to be careful with what you feed them when they’re so small. Pork chops…makes me kind of nervous but I guess they’re teethers.
    We started with Sweet Potatoes which are incredibly nutritious and tasty all by themselves.
    Avocado is also really good since it has such good fats that help nourish their brains.
    Israel loved bananas a lot too. We tried to introduce 3 days at a time to watch for allergies and I didn’t give him dairy milk until after a year.
    He also liked cheese.

    Oh, I don’t know if that was much help but I’m sure you’ll do just what’s right for little Toby, you’re a great mom!!


  34. i loved making my own baby food.. the book: baby bistro was a favorite.

    i posted on my blog about it here:

    and always a joyababy bib for catching the crumbs, mess while still being soft and stylish!

    love your pics of toby! esp those two teeth front and center-so cute. xo

  35. I purred all of my sons food which I loved because I could mix carrots with pears and put a half a banana in there if i wanted with some breast milk to make it thinner if it was lumpy.

    I got to taste everything before I gave it to him and if i liked it, i knew he’d like it! The jared food tastes like a penny.

    Pear sauce was my favorite. I’d eat half of it before I’d even get done making it! Conrad’s favorite though were avacados.

  36. That list pic just melted my heart…SO CUTE!!!

    I don’t have kiddos yet, but one of my fave kid-friendly foods are frozen chopped bananas that are whipped together in the food processor. It tastes like banana gelato, and it is a one ingredient wonder. Here’s a how to:

    Have you also seen that baby food maker thing from Williams Sonoma? It steams and purees in the same far.

  37. Oh and I want to add that my youngest, she is 16 months now, eats everything we give her, but her big love in life is CHEESE. The mouldier the better. We give her parmesan, gorgonzola, brie, you name it, and she just lights up and stuffs her face full of it, saying “mmmm” and reaching out for more. :D

  38. I have always given my kids the same food I eat myself, except for the no honey or spinach before 1 year rule. I guess I started with vegetable and fruit purees, but very soon they wanted to eat whatever I was eating and I let them do that. I figure, the human race has survived so far, so it probably won’t kill them to eat real food. :) They are all strong and healthy now, with no allergies or stomach problems.

  39. I’m probably not the first to say this, but you should look into buying the Beaba Baby Cook. It steams and purees in the same machine. It was the only sort of un-necessary gadget I bought when my first was a baby (there are so many silly things you can buy!)… and for all three babies it was the one thing I used everyday. (Beaba also makes the best baby spoons!)

  40. Toby is a beautiful baby. I have 2 girls who both loved avacados. I have also heard that ground up pumpkin seeds are good for babies and have just as much iron as the cereal but with more fiber-I just never tried it for my girls.

  41. I made baby food using the book “Mommy & Me, and Daddy Too”. It was easy, healthy and fun!!

  42. Anonymous says...

    oh yeah – and scrambled eggs and pancakes. especially w/ blueberries in them. big hit.

  43. Anonymous says...

    favourite portable lunch: avocado mashed with banana. other firm faves: baked sweet potato, fish pie, pasta (spirals or shells) with tomato sauce, my 1 year old loved dahl from 6 months old. give them what you have – just no salt or sugar – risotto, gnocchi all please everyone. it’s way less work, and the cleaning is work enough! and when in doubt: yogurt.

  44. thanks for these amaaaaaaaazing tips!!! i am so inspired!!!

  45. My little girl loved avocados and bananas. Her first foods were those along with sweet potatos and butternut squash. She then moved to pureed broccoli and cauliflower, peas and carrots. I didn’t try protein until almost a year. I am such an advocate for feeding your child fresh food not from a jar. They really tend to be better eaters in the long run. Good luck!!

  46. i’m not a mom, but whenever i become one, i probably won’t use jar baby food either, unless it’s organic. i know my mom feed my sister and me avocados when we were little and we loved them.

  47. AVACADOS. they became my best friend. So easy to bring with you, and so simple to mash up.

    happy eating!

  48. Anonymous says...

    With my daughter Lina 6 months old I started with carrots purred. Then potatoes and now we mix it. She really like it. And then you can try other veggies, like cucumber, pumkin…
    Great blog!
    Lovely greets from Germany

  49. Anonymous says...

    You HAVE to get an Annabel Karmel book – she is the only person who knows anything about baby food.. Google her, check out her website or buy one of her baby puree books. the Baby and Toddler Complete Meal Planner was my bible for both my girls. Good Luck and have fun X

  50. My “baby” is now 7, but back in the day, I only used jar food as back-up. She ate and loved – avocado, banana, natural unsweetened applesauce, plain yogurt, tiny pieces of watermelon, cheerios, oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs, I would steam a pea or green beans or broccoli throw them in a blender with some of the veg water and puree, and then freeze them in little reusable .25 c – this “homemade” baby food was remarkably easy. I’m often complimented these days for were mature palate – she loves so much.

  51. Joanna, I was just about to ask about his food! And here you have it!!!!
    I’ve been reading for my 6 mo baby girl Coco: “Baby Led Weaning” by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett — it’s the best because it’s all about offering food (not giving) to babies (starting at 6 months) and allowing them to discover and eat what they want. Starter food are bigger, like you say porkchops, and egg, broccoli have built in handles! It’s also based on the idea that as long as the cute little baby can hold the food in their hand – it’s safe for them to put into their mouth.
    lots of love from sunny vancouver island xoxooxox

  52. Mine were Gerber babies, but my sister puree’s all the food for her little girl. Everything fresh! I wish I had done it that way.

  53. My girl loved sweet potatoes, squash and advocados.
    You don’t have to put these in the blender or food processor. Bake (the sweet potatoes and squash) and then just mash them up with a fork.

  54. It’s not necessarily true that giving your baby a broad range of tastes will make them less picky as they get older. With lots of kids you have to keep it up well into adolescence. (My 2nd went from a champion eater to Mr. Pickypants overnight when he hit 2.) But it is good training for you as a parent – get used to remembering to eat right yourself and offer lots of healthy options and the whole family will benefit.

  55. Finn loved mashed up bananas in full fat Greek yogurt, to begin with. I started off making him everything myself, and have continued. I have fed him baby food from jars a grand total of twice – once when we were traveling and once when we were moving into a new house, and he refused to eat it!

    I have some pretty great recipe books, and I cannot recommend this one author highly enough: Annabel Karmel. She has a great web site too, with recipes that are so delicious I often make enough for Finn, and my husband and me as well.

    Good luck!

  56. AVOCADO! It was my daughters very first food and she LOVED it! She’s almost 4 now and she still loves it.

  57. Andrea says...

    I didn’t read through all the comments (sorry!) so this may have already been mentioned, but mashed up sweet potatoes were a favorite of both my kids. I would mix in unsweetened applesauce to make it creamier, especially when they were brand new to solid foods.

  58. Just start out slowly, as you are already doing. I didn’t find any need for using jarred baby food with either one of my children. My only mistakes with child #1 were introducing wheat and tomato a bit early (she got a rash with both). Otherwise, it was pretty simple.

  59. I made all of my son’s baby foods- steamed and pureed veggies and fruits at first (one at a time at first), eventually building up to chunks of cheese or chicken, soft pieces of sweet potato, etc. He used to go crazy for avocados, and gum the peels open himself if he saw one in my grocery bag. At 11 years old, he still loves fruits and veggies!

  60. My little one is nine months old and is nuts for spaghetti and peas. We just pop it in the food mill and she eats to her little hearts content. But eggs are so easy and wonderful too.

  61. zannelaw says...

    I fed my daughter everything! I cooked it all homemade–no jars. So simple. Just pureed. And the good thing is that at that age they usually like it all.

  62. Meghan says...

    My daughter loved avocado and pears. She still does at 2!

  63. RD says...

    organic soft tofu with the best organic applesauce mixed together–she loved it! (Please don’t feed Toby pork chops to teeth on!)

  64. I would follow Nina Planck’s advice for sure!! real, nutrient dense, food is best. egg yolks are a cheap and an amazing source of nutrition for little ones, little chunks of grass-fed butter (I love Kerry gold from Ireland, but I’m sure there are a lot of local, grass fed delicious dairy products in NYC). Hunks of cheddar, pureed ground beef, broths… think waaay beyond the gerber jar! lol

    he sure looks like he is enjoying himself…. so cute. :)

  65. When I was a baby my mom just blended up whatever she cooked my dad and her for dinner. I ate it just fine and never got sick and still never do, so I think she did good!

  66. My baby is only 4 weeks old so she’s not eating solid foods yet, but I have been doing some research cause I’m not loving the baby-food jars either.. I’m thinking about buying a Baeba babycook that will steam and puree the food, easy-peasy!

    And I love this blog post:

  67. I’m not a mama yet, but there are some amazing baby pics of my rolly-polly baby self sitting up (asleep) in my high-chair. Before me, is a tray covered with cherrios. I must have fallen asleep mid-snack. Toby’s so cute!!

  68. mn says...

    have you tried a Beaba babycook machine? It steams vegetables or fruits, then purees them in the same container. Easy.
    And as others have said: sweet potatoes- I don’t know a baby who doesn’t love them.

  69. I am late to respond and you are most likely overwhelmed but….
    I did not like the store bought baby food either. Tot was breastfeed for 6 months. At 5 months, I gave him a little cereal. But after turning my nose up at the baby food in stores, I started pureeing my own. However, I found that he could eat a lot of things that most people would never consider. I gave him warmed up masked sweet potatoes and potatoes. He loved chopped VERY ripe tomatoes. I had also read that avocados werethe best food to feed little ones and he LOVED them. He enjoyed chewing on bits of crusty bread. Creamy soups were always good. I was careful with things like cheese and small bits of fruit…etc. I was also careful with too much spice. But really? Not for long. At about 8 months, he could handle just about anything.
    I am the proud mama of a VERY good eater. He is 3 and he eats what we eat. Always.
    good luck!

  70. Toby is SO cute! My son Will is eight months also and I’ve been making baby food – and it is really fun! I swear I’m not one of those supermom types; I just thought it might be fun, so I tried it and it was. Will especially loves butternut squash, peas and basically all fruits. We even did an apple/walnut puree, which he loves. No allergic reactions and the walnuts have a lot of “good fat” for brain development :) I’d recommend a babyfood cookbook to get you started if you’re interested!

    FWIW, I posted about my experience here:

  71. Anonymous says...

    My daughter always LOVED avacados. She was also a big fan of blueberries and prunes. (Just buy stock in stain removal!)

  72. So cute! I love all his pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  73. Anonymous says...

    Hi, I’ve never left you a comment before but enjoy your blog regularly. I never fed my baby packaged, jar or bought frozen food. Open one of those jars and taste it yourself, guaranteed you’ll never feed it to your baby. Although I’m sure some taste better than others.
    Avocado mashed with fresh ricotta was a long time fave, along with mashed sweet potato. I would boil the potato with raw ginger and then use the water to assist with mashing. Don’t mash the ginger…. Stay away from acidic foods, I found tomatoes hurt her on the way out, if you know what I mean. Good luck you’ll work it out and then he’ll change his taste..

  74. Shannon says...

    I swore by the books Super Baby Foods (I forget who writes it) and First Foods by Annabel Karmel. Both really helped me to successfully introduce foods to my daughter and to keep her interested in trying new foods- which is super important as we are now dealing with a 2 year old! Good luck!

  75. Love the blog, your son is so cute!

    I have a 6 mo so all these ideas are great! Here in Spain, solid food is introduced gradually:

    At 6 months, fruit and cereal (but no strawberries, kiwies, etc)

    At 7 months, pureed vegetables (potatoes and carrots as a base, then add leeks, courgettes, pumpkin, etc) cooked with no salt, and add raw olive oil in the end.

    At 8 monts, meat and fish are added to the puree.

    After that I am not sure, I am focusing on the fruit stage right now!

  76. PLEASE be careful with the carrots (if you are serving them raw), as well as apple pieces. My niece choked on a tiny piece of apple and it was so scary.

  77. your baby is so cute! he should be in a commercial, seriously. and i wanted to say, your blog gets me through some pretty bad times. thanks :)

  78. Anonymous says...

    Oops, I just read your first sentence about Toby being 8 months, aah I must be getting tired…

  79. Anonymous says...

    As a nutritionist, mother and Eastern Medicine practitioner I am very passionate about this subject. :) A Babies digestive system is so new and is SO important to feed your baby certain foods, as you probably know… Foods to avoid for first few years- wheat/gluten, cows milk dairy (except goat products), soy and of course sugar. These are all too hard on their little bodies to breakdown and have the potential to cause allergies in the future, digestive issues, and more.
    Squashes are a great food full of nutrients and easy on the digestive system, fruit smoothies with spirulina added and some flax oil, my son loved banana and tahini mashed together (seeds can be eaten at 8 months.) Cucumber and apple mixed together is tasty too! I also used a hand mixer called kidco. When I ate soup or whatever I was eating as long as it was approptiate for his age, I would put the food in there and mix it up, so easy. I can’t remember how old Toby is? But I hope this helps! Thanks for your great blog!

  80. such a happy baby! and i love the high chair kinda thingy you’ve got there.

  81. Oh Toby, why are you the cutest baby ever? So sweet.
    Joanna, my friend used to give her babe smoothies. Then you could both have a delicious healthy snack. he went nuts for them. :)

  82. Gosh, he’s getting cuter and cuter!

  83. We never really gave our daughter ‘baby food’. By one year old she was eating almost everything we were eating. You might be surprised what you can feed a baby… meaning, try anything!

  84. i feel you about the baby food jars. i didn’t give my Byrd on single one.

    in he beginning, and still to this day, she loved avocado.

  85. Merrilyn says...

    I didn’t have time to read all the comments, but I can highly recommend the book Super Baby Food. It is a wonderful resource! I would also recommend ditching the jarred baby food and making your own (which the book is wonderful for!).

    It’s so easy…just steam, puree, and freeze in ice cube trays. Then you can just defrost a cube or two as needed. You don’t need any fancy equipment, just a pan, a blender or food processor and ice cube trays.

    Just don’t freak out if he rejects a food initially. Just calmly offer it again another time. My almost 6 year old is an awesome eater, and my almost 3 year old does just fine, too. I attribute it to the fact that they ate real, non-processed food from the beginning and learned to appreciate the real flavors.

  86. My son, Alex, is a few days shy of 7 months and we are also doing Baby Led Weaning from the book by Gill Rapley. Alex LOVES strips of thinly sliced steak (good for teething) and oven baked sweet potato “fries.” We are introducing new things very slowly because of allergies in our family, but the approach really works. He has developed so much hand-eye coordination by playing with his food instead of being force-fed mush. He loves mealtime.
    Toby is so adorable and I love following him since Alex is right behind him. It’s so fun seeing what we have to look forward to!

  87. He’s just the cutest baby!!! Good luck with the baby food. Wish I had some advice.

  88. Anonymous says...

    I made my own baby food for my son, he is now 21 months old and continues to eat whole foods. I followed the Super Baby Foods book by Ruth Yaron, loved it and would highly recommend this to you. For example, I made my own oatmeal by grinding the oats in a coffee grinder. Also, pureed a ton of food, pears, avocado, peaches, mango, bananas, butternut squash, sweeet potatoes and slowly introduced more foods depending on what was suggested in the book. Eventually added flax seed, tofu, and other foods I wouldn’t have thought of trying with him. He is a super healthy kid! Hope this helps, Jennifer

  89. I’m not a mama, but I’m a speech therapist who works with littles ages 0-3 and feeding is my love. Alot of the comments above were just wonderful suggestions for new eaters. I personally love this book:

    It’s really well written and gives ways to create mealtime experiences where baby gets to eat what mama and dad are eating. They also talk a bit about adding spices to baby’s foods, not salt but encouraging their palate from a young age.

    My top foods for new baby foods:
    soft steamed carrots, sweet potatoes, squash.
    smashed avocado, bananas, boiled pears and apples.
    when he’s a little older and getting munching down a bit-veggies sticks (consistency of cheetos but better, melts in the mouth), soft crackers to gnaw on.

    And you are on the right track with letting him teeth on tasty things he can’t get a bite off, lets him develop chewing skills and gets tastes, but no choking (beef jerkey, pork chops, HARD licorice, big carrot sticks-obviously under supervision.

    Stay away from peanut butter, honey and eggs under age one, one word. allergies.

    Biggest thing is follow your gut with you babe, you know him best and just trust what you feel safe giving him and what HE can handle, all babies are different and you’re his mama.

    Also, remember it takes up to 10 times for a little to try a food before they might like it. Goes back to our instinct. And if he sees YOU eat it, he’ll want it. Another instinct. “If mama eats it, it must not be poison….”

    Have fun with feeding, it creates a lifetime love of food and mealtimes, which we are wired to do. Look how much of our culture revolves around food and meals.

    Megan :)

  90. j. says...

    I’m not sure if this was mentioned but I bought the Beabacook / baby cook (sp?) – they sell it at Williams-Sonoma. Anyway, I use it to make all of my 11 mos. old food and have been since she was 6 mos. It’s SUPER easy (this is coming from a 40+ hour working full time mom) plus you save so much money too. Seriously it’s worth the money and it makes it so, so, simple to make the food. I use it at least twice a day and have yet to buy a single jar of baby food (honest). Best of luck!

  91. EIGHT months?!? Toby is growing up so fast! I can’t imagine how exciting it must be to watch his development as his mom and dad. (And that last photo is too precious!)

  92. anything and everything! i never bothered with babyfood or the ‘introducing one at a time’ seems odd to presuppose that there might be food allergies. i also made a point to not be bland. all three kids are very adventurous and hearty eaters. good luck!

  93. Though I’m not an 8 month baby…but pork chops and egg yolks with salt sounds DELISH! Toby is growing up so fast!!! He’ adorable :)

  94. I fed bear everything that we ate with less seasonings, worked out great… he LOVES all sorts of food and has super mature taste buds, different cheeses and veggies…

  95. As soon as we had tested all the major food categories (one by one) and made sure there weren’t allergy problems we gave our boys minced up bits of whatever we were having. I used a cafeteria tray with the little compartments and made sure to supply 2 healthy choices I knew they liked (i.e. cottage cheese and applesauce) and then little portions of everything else. If they didn’t at least eat the familiar items, I figured they weren’t hungry. They NEVER saw me get up and fix them a special meal and now at 8 and 11 they’ll eat ANYTHING. Seriously: fish egg sushi? Snails? raw oysters? beets? bring it on. One of them even asks for seconds of salad. Feeding them at home is a pleasure and traveling is even better.

  96. Anonymous says...

    For my firstborn, I would steam every vegetable I could get my hands on! The more variety, the better. Also, steamed is better than boiled because it preserves the majority of the nutrients in the foods. There’s been studies that have shown that a baby needs to try a certain food at least 15 times before he/she can come to accept it. So, don’t give up letting him experiment with certain tastes if he rejects them at first. You can also make soups for the family and puree some of it for the baby, as long as its not something spicy. Great pictures of your baby boy, by the way! He is so adorable! I love his eyes!

  97. Mashed avocado mixed with cottage cheese. They love it!!

  98. What a cutie! I did jarred, organic food with my son who is now 4 years-old and wasn’t real thrilled, but my kitchen wasn’t the most functional (inefficient counter space) and therefore I didn’t feel like venturing into homemade baby food. This time around, we are in a better house, so when Baby Boy #2 gets into solids we will be purchasing a Beaba Babycook and will be cooking up vegetables from our garden. We’ll also be doing mashed bananas (I wish I could say why I didn’t do that with #1), which most of my friends say their babies love mixed with a little brown rice cereal and breast milk. Things like couscous and edemame are good too (we actually did do the edemame with #1, which he loved until he started preschool). Good luck! This is such a fun time with babies!

  99. Hi! We have an 8 month-old named Willa and she is in love with avocado, blueberries, squash, green beans, peas, and bannanas, etc. Cantaloupe is great too because you can smush it up and it doesn’t require cooking. A mini food mill is a great purchase too. It is an easy way to mash things up!

  100. Rylee hated raw foods that we started with (avacado, banana) The first thing she loved was refried beans (haha healthy) she also loves sweet potatos (just boil then blend) and sweet potatos with apples (same prep) another strange thing she loved was the middle part of a deviled egg!

    I think there will be conflicting ideas about baby food (about baby everything!) everywhere you turn lots of advice is good, but not all suits you. Go with you God given mommy instincts!!!

    Toby is so handsome :)


  101. I have fed Devon everything and anything, though I try to make sure it’s all organic. The biggest hits have consistently been cucumbers and green beans, prunes, cut up green grapes, scrambled eggs, pasta, fruit or veggie smoothies, and these Stonyfield yogurts that you can freeze, so babies can eat them like push pops. If he’s teething, that could be a great option for him because the yogurts are cold on their gums and filled with good stuff! xo

  102. sardines! and lasagna!

  103. Jo, as I mentioned in dirt&sunshine, it’s really cool to make vegetables in organic chicken broth then drizzle olive oil and crack black pepper on it. I think it’s important that vegetables NOT taste sweet, otherwise babies will not get used to them the way they really are! And I recommend not mixing in fruits to sweeten vegetables; it can be a trap that can be hard to get out of when kids are older!

  104. My 9-month old loves bananas and avocados, yogurt, hummus, cottage cheese and we give her bites of whatever we’ve cooked for ourselves. is a great resource.

  105. Hi Joanna,
    My sister was fed eggs as a baby and she now has a life threatening egg allergy. Her allergist believes that being fed egg at such a young age contributed to this. You may wish to check with your doctor that it is okay to feed adorable little Toby egg (and peanuts. :)

  106. Have you heard of the book by Karin Knight called The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet? Might be something to check out :)

  107. What a cutie pie! Love that last pic:-)

  108. Yes! Nina Planck’s book is great! It is a must read.

  109. I’m not a mama but when I was a baby my mama and papa fed me everything they ate— they just put it in the blender!

  110. I used a mini food processor (about a 1 cup capacity) and used it to puree a small amount of whatever the rest of the family was eating. I would do it with pasta dishes, soups, beans & rice, practically anything.

  111. i like making things that we can all eat, steel cut oats, kale soup (italian sausage, carrots, onions, celery, kale, and orzo) simmered in chicken broth, miso soup with small bits of silken or medium tofu, avocado, little bits of buttered wheat toast, apples, curried lentil soups…

  112. I know my cousin makes her own fruit and veggie purees and freezes them in ice cube trays. Then she just stores them in plastic bags in her freezer and can just thaw the amount that she needs.

  113. right now my 8mth old is on squash, mixed vegetables basically all baby food, except for the ones with cheese. I don’t want to introduce him to cheese yet. I’ve been reading the comments and I’m going to have to try that avocado!

  114. Hooray for Toby! My daughter, who is now 15 months, at his age, loved yogurt, sweet potatoes, avocados, pork, soup (!!!), goldfish crackers, blueberries, tuna fish sandwiches, peaches, rice cereal. Soup was by far her favorite, everything from chicken&stars to miso soup with tofu and seaweed and eggflower soup.

  115. I’m not a mom, but when I nannied, I prepared a lot of lunches for one PICKY eater. I fed that kid anything and everything I could get him to eat: pancakes, scrambled eggs with chopped up spinach, butternut squash, and oh so much more. The parents weren’t big meat eaters, but my nephew who was the same age loved chicken and beef. I also am a big believer in putting some spices in food. Nothing crazy, but a little ginger or even curry powder in butternut squash (if you already know they like and react well to butternut squash, that is) is so yummy! Just remember to introduce one food at a time and go nuts!

  116. look how many tips you are getting! oh goodness. i get so excited when i see toby posts. he just looks too cute to be real!

  117. Anonymous says...

    we did “baby led weaning” and it is amazing the stuff our little lola will eat! i totally recommend checking that out too.
    all the best,
    jo in oz

  118. i made my daughter’s food. started with the basics: bananas, carrots, pears, peaches, squash, avocado… you name it! i would steam and blend, then freeze them in an ice cube tray. i would pop a few “cubes” out at a time, allow them to defrost in the fridge and serve it up! it was a lot of fun too! there is a great book called super baby food – it’s a great resource! of course, my claire is almost 10 now, so there are probably lots of new material on the subject ;)

  119. trez says...

    We gave our baby everything we were eating, just mashed up. Now he eats anything and everything. Loves all veggies and is eager to try things. Ohhhh 8 months, so soo fun, but here’s a great secret…the next 3 months are even funner. :) Toby is so cute – enjoy every minute!!

  120. I remember my dad feeding me poached eggs as a baby with all it’s runny goodness on the inside. To this very day, it is my favorite style of eating eggs whether poached or fried…My husband thinks I’m a freak for loving almost raw eggs.