Matchbook Magazine

Have you seen the new Matchbook Magazine? The first issue launched yesterday and features a bunch of awesome people, including Haley Boyd, the Brooklyn designer behind Marais shoes. Isn’t she cute? I love her little black shorts and how she leaned silhouette art on her radiator. Double thumbs up!

See the full Matchbook issue here. Congrats, ladies!

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  2. I just discovered Matchbook today. Such a fun magazine. And I was thrilled to find a product from my client, Sturbridge Yankee Workshop — Westie Bookends [pg. 14].

  3. Tessa says...

    Yikes! What do they mean “vintage” denim BR vest? I owned one of those vests when I was 30. I’m only 47 now. That’s not vintage and I’m not that old.

  4. So excited for another glossy e magazine!

  5. ooo… you’re just feeding my magazine addiction…

  6. adorable. how ever do i write for them? love the first issue lotss and lots. if only!

  7. I have been waiting ALL DAY to read this!!! So excited it is finally here :)

  8. wowza! this just accidentally extended my lunch hour by 30 minutes.


  9. d says...

    just becauce in one of your posts you’ve mentioned marais usa shoes, i’ve became addicted to nearly all of the models they’ve created, and now i own a pair (chelsea/sierra) and i love them, and i’m very much thankful to you dear joanna.

  10. Like it a lot! Wanna make me wear me jeans asap.

  11. Great pictures and so excited about this new mag!

  12. Joanna! Isn’t Matchbook a delight? I was so excited to be included and am majorly obsessing over pretty much every page in the issue. Thanks so much for posting, xx

  13. super cute! And I wish I could pull off a Mia Farrow pixie cut too!

  14. would kill to be able to pull off the shorts!

  15. such a great on-line magazine! i love the way they (the contributors/editors) introduce themselves in the beginning! so charming.

  16. Very cute! Looking forward to checking it out.

  17. gab says...

    I just read Matchbook this morning, and I loved it! I am excited to keep reading it in the coming months.

  18. fabulous concept, but I will not be sad the day the phrase “it girl” becomes a thing of the past! xx

  19. Oh My!!!!! I Love this Magazine!! I thought that the articles were great (loved the Mr. Boddington Studio article). I thought that the editor picks were perfect. Love the story about the Brooklyn designer (Haley). Brooklyn is so laid back:) Great mag!!!

  20. francesca says...

    JO! did you hear about vivian maier?!
    you have to check those links, this is one of the weirdest story I have ever heard! probably one of the best street photographers ever who was a nanny and never showed her pictures to anyone, and now she died and someone found them…

    isn’t this story awsome and incredible?!
    her pictures are soooo good!

    … one of your italian daily readers … never left a comment before … I feel strange about it.. we don’t know each other but I immediatly thought about you when I read about this story.. blogland is weird

  21. What a great looking magazine! I really should read more of those!

    p.s. I’m hosting a giveaway on my page this week, just in case you were interested in entering!

    Vintage Heart Stamped Fork Set


  22. She is too cute! I was so honored to be featured with such lovely ladies! Funny that two of the three features are named Haley! Although mine is spelled Haleigh is said the same! Love you blog…now we share a matchbook love in common too!

    xoxo Haleigh @ Making Magique

  23. I can’t wait to devour the premiere issue over my lunch break!

  24. Oh, I love it! She looks like she has a wonderful space, and cute style, too.

  25. Anonymous says...

    loving the first outfit.

  26. It really is fabulous – they did great!

  27. love, love, loving the first outfit. not loving the 2nd outfit. i’m fine with boyfriend jeans. but not mom jeans…sorry haley.

  28. The first image is so striking and sweet! I love the shorts with the opaque tights, against the white background. The silhouette art is the perfect touch. I will definitely have to check out the magazine; you’ve piqued my interest!

  29. I am so excited! She is absolutely wonderful! Can I be a Matchbook It girl? Haha

  30. Ooh, this looks so fun! I know what I’ll be reading during my lunch break today. :-)

  31. Hooray for matchbook! I’ve already poured over the entire issue, and I can’t wait to go back and read it again!

  32. Pas mal

  33. I love Marais Shoes. This mag looks awesome.

  34. read the whole issue yesterday and loved it!

  35. KC says...

    yet another fabulous online mag to start reading!

  36. Wasn’t the magazine positively beautiful?? I simply swooned over the Peru shots (and Haley’s adorable bun!).


  37. Something about the way those bed linens are ruffled makes me want to crawl in (or jump for joy on the bed like she is) :)

  38. Pinching myself! Thank you, Joanna! Haley is sweet as pie and it was such an honor to have her in our issue!

    xoxoxo Katie

  39. I love their first issue and Haley is totally adorable:) I think I need to get a cute pair of shorts:) Kisses, Joanna

  40. She looks super-cute! I love how casual the second photo is

  41. I LOVE the feature on Anna & Nathan Bond! How cute and talented are they?! xo.

  42. adorbs!!!

  43. She’s adorable!

  44. I was counting down the minutes til it went live — so excited!

  45. maybe i should stop trying to hide the radiator… it’s so ugly though!!!