1. WOW…!! nyc hair style. really I am interested about this new style.. Thanks for great instruction.

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  3. Ok, so I’m with Dawnica… is there a couple steps missing? I don’t see how the other hair was pulled back after the twist to the side. Bunched and pinned? Rolled into buns and pinned?
    Can someone advise?

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  9. I love all of your hair tutorials! I’ve successfully used many of them… all received with kind compliments! Please post more! :)

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  11. So beautiful. I love your hair.

  12. This one just speaks to me. Probably because of the RED :) but I LoVE it. Will have to try it out this weekend. Perfect romantic do for Valentines! Thanks for sharing.

  13. So gorgeous! I will definitely be trying this out SOON!!!

  14. Anonymous says...

    Love this hair-do so much that I used it for my own wedding! Printed all the photos out and took it to my hair dresser in the Riviera Maya. It was great that I had photos since I barely speak Spanish and she didn’t speak a lick of English! It turned out beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Just WOW!

  16. Gorgeous,but what a stunning girl with that red hair and fair skin.

  17. Hi Jo. Love your blog. That Chignon picture is the exact one that I took to my hairdresser for my wedding hair. Isn’t it amazing. So simple, and elegant. If you are interested in how it translated in real life, my wedding pics are up on my blog right now. I got tons of compliments on the ‘do and a month later, my husband’s cousin had almost identical hair at her wedding. Coincidence…;)

  18. this is perfect.

  19. Ohhhhh that looks beautiful – i really want to try that :-) Thank you x x

  20. Absolutely stunning. I must do this sometime, even if I just lay around the house. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Very, very cute! I also love this look, it’s classic.

    Katie for Ouidad

  22. Wow! Gorgeous hair and style. Must try soon. I, like many other commenters have a lucky red-haired friend who is unfortunately not appreciative enough of her luck. She dyes it brown in the winter and doesn’t generally like it. I will have to show her this post to prove to her how beautiful and rare red hair really is. Thanks for sharing the tutorial, Joanna!


  23. I want that hair colour…why does my hair grow so fast? I’ll have my dark auburn hair growing 1.5/2 cm per month.. :(

  24. simply stunning. I so wish I could pull on red hair, this makes me want to try it again!

  25. LOVE THIS! Thank you for the picture tutorial! I’m so going to try this.

  26. This reminds me: 1) I love red hair and wish I had it and 2) I really, really need to get a curling iron!

    Love this side chignon!

  27. So impressive! Ok well I have red hair (maybe not as fiery!), and will have to try this. Thanks girl!

  28. SO gorgeous!!!


  29. ya know, I had found this picture set awhile ago & took it to a hairstylist for inspiration for a wedding I was in—unfortunately, it did not turn out like this lol. Maybe I’d have better lucky trying it myself? It’s just too darn gorgeous!

  30. kater, i’m so impressed! and Dawnica, haha, your comment was so cute :)

  31. the style is super cute, but her hair color is A-MAZ-ING!!! I have been trying to get that color for the longest time…I get close but never all the way there.

  32. Holiday party hair…check. Thanks! I love this ‘do.


  34. this is AMAZING! What a lovely post :)

  35. I tried to do this hair do for the weekend, and my hair is too thick. Maybe I’m doing it wrong :( I wish my skin tone could pull of that red hair too

  36. beautiful :) i love the red xx

  37. jen says...


  38. that. is. breathtaking.

  39. That is gorgeous!! Stunning hairstyle and that colour… sigh. I might just take this photo into my hairdresser and go ‘THIS GIVE ME THIS.’ Love.

  40. Ooh I wish I had long hair! Love this hair design!



  41. She got a nice hair. A lovey hair design.

  42. Classy! Will definitely have to give this one a try for Christmas. A brunette version though :)

  43. wow I love this and that there are instructions! thanks for posting x

  44. I also had to do a repost! Love love love this look!! and that red hair is fantastic..I might just have to go dye my hair :) thanks for posting!!


  45. Wow, red hair against her skin is a statement look in itself. But I must say the style is pretty glam.

  46. they make me wanna dye my hair red too! AND i LOVE the red lips WITH the red hair! perfection! thanks for sharing!! xxxxx

  47. So lovely. Between this photo and Christina Hendricks’ fiery locks, I’m considering becoming a ginger :)

  48. LOVE this! I will be asking my wonderful fairy god mother of a stylist to add a little more auburn to my brown color the next time in honor of this post! (ok, I was already considering it as I always do for Christmas but this sealed the deal!) Thanks for the awesome post!

  49. Gorgeous– and a black turtleneck and jeans is my favorite “uniform”.

  50. this hairstyle is adorable!!! i love it!!

    have a lovely weekend!! xoxo ♥

  51. Stunning! Thank you for sharing… I`ll do tomorrow :)

  52. such a great diy hair do! thank you for sharing!

  53. Amazing – thank you so much for reposting! I will definitely be trying it out.

    I love the definition that red hair gives intricate styles like that – you can see every curl and twist so clearly!

  54. WHOA!

    I had the same reaction. What a beauty, and gorgeous hair. I have to try this.

    Though without that bangin’ hair, don’t think it will have the same effect. ;0

  55. amanda@seegirlcook.com says...

    such fun hair for a holiday party! that girl looks gorgeous with her red hair, fair skin and red lips. so classy.

  56. My hair is that exact shade of red right now. I have to try that ‘do (and that lipstick!)

  57. love this i have my sisters wedding in 3 weeks and could think how to have my hair you have so helped me out thank you although might hair isnt that beautiful colour i hope it still looks as good

  58. So beautiful! I would looove to wear my hair like that dressed in jeans, a white t-shirt and killer high-heels. :)

  59. this is the EXACT hairstyle I’m wearing in my wedding 2 weeks from today! i saw it in the magazine ages ago, found instructions online and can’t wait to see how it turns out on my not-quite-so-red hair!

  60. i’m swooning over this style and hair color. perfection.

  61. How beautiful! Wish my hair behaved that well.

  62. This is really pretty, both color and style♥ I’m not sure if I could pull it off tho since I’ve got curly hair from the roots

    Love your blog :D


  63. So pretty! I want red hair now. Wonder how it would look in black? I just dyed mine. And why is that I am completely unable to resist a good red lipstick? I have plenty already, but I kind of want that Clinique one now!

  64. ah! and she makes it look so easy and effortless. and it doesn’t hurt that she looks a bit like joan too. stunning.

    p.s. dawnica’s comment is so funny! so sweet that she tried it already. that will be me at about half past eleven.

  65. all right, i’ve never been more frustrated. just gave up after 35 minutes of trying to do it. maybe it’s just me but i’m pretty sure the how-to is USELESS?!?! maybe my hair is just too long… i have sore arms and a grumpy face. help?

  66. whoa that is gorgeous!! i’m definitely going to try it. too bad i don’t have her hair color!

  67. After I saw this last night I tried it this morning for work! It was so easy and I got sooo many compliments on it! It’s going to be my new go-to hair for work days (I work at a pastry shop and have to keep my hair up!).

  68. Gorgeous and very useful, tomorrow I have a party and I would try this, hope I can pull it off!

  69. So pretty! And I’m totally jealous of her beautiful hair colour! And the ability to find a red lipstick that suits.

    Lucky girl :)

  70. can’t remember where i first saw this, (maybe martha stewart mag) but i instantly fell in love. her color is so stunning! but i’m such a goof, i’d prbly have a hard time getting my hair to do that, and it’s def long enough.

  71. this is super cute (: i love it! cute blog !

  72. ohhh, i am SO trying this! i even have the fiery locks to match. :)

  73. This is blimming gorgeous! Makes me want to be a sultry redhead.

  74. I wonder how this would work with curly hair. May just have to have a go!

  75. it’s times like these that make me want my hair to grow out even faster. i LOVE this style!!!

  76. im so glad i have red hair so that i dont have to try and fake it! i’m definitely going to try this next time i go out, its gorgeous!

  77. I love the red lipstick. I think it’s time to update my old red lipstick with this new one from Clinique.

  78. what an absolutely stunning look!!

  79. pretty perfect. Off to grow my hair now!

  80. So stunning, but mostly I think it’s because the model is gorgeous!

  81. Yummy, the whole look ! And I love the whole Joan-from-MadMen redhead/red lips thing. Reminds me of an ad from a Holiday issue of Life magazine circe 1963 or so.

  82. My heart goes bumpity bump for red heads. I love the sexy swoop and the overall unforced, whimsical look of this hairstyle.

  83. i might try & mimic this. This is way too cute to pass!

  84. beautiful! not sure I can pull it off, I’m kind of challenged when it comes to any kind of hair styling, but it is so gorgeous I’d want to try! and I love love love her red hair. I’ve been contemplating going red and every time I see a pretty red head, it makes my heart swell! haha.

  85. absolutely stunning!!

  86. Wow, that’s so beautiful…
    How she did this so fast? ;)

  87. This is beautiful! Perfect for a bride on a budget- and it looks simple to do! I just wish I could pull off that red lipstick…

  88. This DIY style is just what I needed for the Marine Corps Ball tomorrow. It’s perfection! Here’s hoping I can actually pull it off…

  89. I’m with you! I think I WILL run to the drugstore and dye my hair red. Looks perfect for the holiday season and I could use a change!

  90. so stunning! i have a feeling i wouldn’t be able to do this ‘do on my own.

  91. I love this…I posted it a while ago and it made me dream of having red hair. I guess I’ll be a blonde for ever, but at least I can dream. I tried going red once…big disaster.

  92. That is way cute, I am definitely saving this so I can give it a go!

  93. Gorgeous!
    I will have to throw a party over the holidays just so I can wear my hair like this!

  94. So Gorgeous. This makes me happy I’m growing out my bangs, but it would work with long, sideswept bangs too.

  95. Cute!

    Bookmarking this for holiday parties. :)

  96. I posted on that today too! So beautiful

  97. while it looks easy enough, i’m sure i could muddle it. when it comes to creating pretty things i’m awkward as heck. lol. but it’s dream hair of mine…

  98. Makes me wish I was a redhead going out for a night on the town. Perfection!

  99. I love that. Though being a redhead, I’m a bit bias! :)

  100. beautiful!!!!!

  101. I LOVE that hair style. I have a serious bobby pin problem, and they are scattered around my apartment at all times. It is super easy to pull off – I just did a rough version without a mirror.

    Thanks for sharing, doll!

  102. That’s so impressive! I will ponder in front of the mirror for a while tomorrow and see if I’m up for the challenge… Hmm.

  103. Ohh I feel the same, Joanna…Im in love with her hair colour! She looks so elegant!
    Wish you a great weekend

  104. this makes me want to grow my hair out longer! she’s beautiful and i ditto the red-hair love in the other comments.

  105. thank you so much for posting – i LOVE this!


  106. Joanna, you read my mind! I saw this yesterday and I loved her lipstick. I have the same skin tone and a similar hair color to the model so I think it might be perfect for me. Now I know what it is, thanks!

  107. I think I’m going to try this for christmas! it’s so gorgeous.

  108. christina says...

    wow, that is so chic.

  109. That is mega-fancy!!! Love it!

  110. Wow, she has the most gorgeous hair! I often consider going red, this puts me in that mood once again :-)

  111. my (gorgeous) red-headed friend was just lamenting to me the other day how she was afraid to wear red lipstick. pshaw! I’m showing her these asap. red heads + red lips= total knockout

  112. Gorgeous!!!

  113. okay so then its not just me! I have seen such beautiful redheads all over the place: magazines, street style blogs and the other day when I literally stopped on the street to stare at a woman with the most beautiful red hair I’ve ever seen. Her confident stride was pretty impressive too.

    Though I normally wear my hair down, I’m dying to try some dramatic updo. I was thinking maybe something a little Bridget Bardot, but this side chignon is quite glamorous ….now I just need somewhere to wear it!

  114. gab says...

    This is so pretty! I love her hair color too.

  115. seriously, these photos make me want to run to the drugstore and get a box of bright red dye!!

  116. Love this! Gee, I wish I were brave enough to go red!

  117. I think her beautiful hair color is part of what makes this so classy and beautiful!