1. what a classic rings !!!
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  2. what a classic rings !!!
    very beautiful design. There are so many online sellers who have many websites on which they offer their customers with cheap gold jewelry. There are many website who famous for classic engagement ring. Thanks for sharing such a nice post…

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  5. My wedding band is a simple gold beaded number like the one shown. I’ve loved wearing it – alone and with a my ruby engagement ring, or lately a thin diamond eternity band, since I was married at BargeMusic in Brooklyn almost 20 years ago. :)

    My husband and I bought our bands at the Clay Pot in Brooklyn. I don’t know who designed mine, but I’ve never met someone with the same one.

  6. Anonymous says...

    For your e-ring I always say go outrageous, but wedding bands I like simplicity. My husband sold me on tungsten wedding bands, and they are simple but strong. The way a wedding band should be.

  7. I love the design. Its very simple but catching my eye. Its tiny but is making big impression and that matters a lot. I love this ring so much.I would love to have this one.

  8. Wedding rings signify care, sincerity and love between the couple. It is a symbol of promise and commitment which you make with your partner that you will be with her no matter what happens…cheer up!

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  9. Johanna2010 says...

    This Weddings rings for men is a bit of a complicated subject. Some men choose to get a simple one and some usually go for more elaborate ones. Moreover, a man’s hand with simple rings looks the best. Nothing elaborate for a man is required, he usually just needs a band.

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  10. I like simple rings, too! I was looking for rings, and I’ve been dazzled by those which have a lot of diamonds or gems on it, but I’ve never come across something simple. Thanks for sharing this one! I’m going to look for simple rings here in the jewelry stores in Indianapolis for my sister’s wedding!

  11. so beautiful, love it! i am on the search for a wedding ring. thanks for sharing.

  12. By keeping it simple, you literally have a wedding ring that is timeless. This look never really goes out of style.

  13. Those rings are beautiful rings! I have a soft spot for stackables these days, well all jewelry really ;) I even nominated my mother for JIC’s contest Gems Among Us, where she can win a fabulous trip and I can win a jewelry shopping spree. What’s better?!

  14. Aww, I love simple wedding rings too! These are so beautiful and dainty.


  15. Actually, I’m not married but I was anyway going to plan on getting that beaded ring from Elephantine (an Etsy favourite of mine!). Have a lovely weekend xx

  16. Ann-Cathrine says...

    I love them!!! I too want a wedding ring that I can use everyday withour it popping out. It’s not something for special occassions but a little daily reminder of the man or woman you love.

  17. I always want wedding rings like these, even though I’m still single. I could wear them as a solo artist, right??

  18. less is more!

  19. Beautiful.

    B* a la Moda

  20. I love this style as well! I always just wear my wedding band when I’m at work because it would be too crazy if I wore my actual ring. But I love it, it just is silver with ten tiny diamonds along the top.

  21. very sweet. I love her items on etsy

  22. absolutely beautiful. i love simple wedding rings too and would love something like this! oh, would also love a man to go with it. ;)

  23. oh wow I adore this set. I never though about having ones that are so simplistic. I mean I don’t like big chunky ones either but these are just so delicate and beautiful. I am in love. Thanks so much for sharing!

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  24. I love your wedding ring posts! These are lovely, & I also fell totally in love with Blanca Monros Gomez, thanks to you! (Ring) fingers crossed I get to wear one very, very soon!

  25. I am so smitten with the ultra thin wedding bands! I love the look of the little beaded ring, too!

  26. pws says...

    i also have a very simple wedding ring :) — thin silver band engraved with an art deco type design. it’s simple but still has a little somethin’ somethin’.

  27. Anonymous says...

    i got three for my wedding bands and am in LOVE

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  29. That is so beautiful. My wedding ring is a plain thin gold band and i love it! xx

  30. those are so beautiful. i might have to show the fiance…

  31. love love love em. My engagement ring is 6 itty bitty rings (worn stacked) from Blanca Monros Gomez.

  32. Aww, I love it(:

  33. I adore those ! Very French ;)

  34. i make quite a bit of wide band, chunkier rings but, i confess, i do have a soft spot for the dainty ones as well :)

  35. OOh! And I have a soft spot for that dress she’s wearing! So pretty!

  36. joanna, i think you’d love shana lee’s jewelry (www.shanalee.com). she’s located in NY and custom-made our wedding bands and my engagement ring. everything she does is earthy and simple but edgy at the same time. check her out if you’ve got a second!

  37. I used to love the elaborately decorated engagement rings, but my taste has definitely changed over time. I’m more attracted to simple, minimalist rings now. Funny how things change like that :)

  38. Lovely,the simplicity is equisite!

    Art by Karena

  39. hello jo!

  40. gorgeous! would be perfect for a rustic – chic (or any) wedding style!

  41. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of engagement rings as being so strange, especially since a lot of woman take their engagement rings off eventually and just wear their wedding band. I’m kind of more into the idea of a combined ring, you know? Just a band with little stones or something. Rarely do people stray from the engagement ring tradition.

  42. I agree – absolutely lovely rings, and she is a total sweet heart!


  43. Oh wonderful! thanks for posting. I have been looking for a simple gold ring and I love this one!

  44. my favorite wedding ring is the david yurman roped band. so pretty

  45. omg…loving satomi kawakita’s wedding band collection. i’m emailing her site to my fiance now : )

  46. My husband and I love, love, love simple wedding bands. I’ll have to share these websites with him since our anniversary is coming up ;)

  47. I soooooooooo agree. I love wedding rings that are light and simple, not chunky looking.

  48. GORGEOUS!!!!!!


  49. So gorgeous! It’s so simple with so much charm. Love.

    Great photographs, by the way, do you take them yourself, Joanna?

  50. Love love LOVE Rachel’s line – I have her Koko necklace and I wear it almost every day! I adore the simplicity of these rings and would totally use them for wedding rings! They are at such a great price point!

  51. i couldn’t agree more. these are darling!

  52. I love these simple and delicate rings both as a wedding ring or even just because. I am engaged and highly considering a delicate wedding band…just a little nervous it won’t withstand a lifetime of wear and tear.

  53. i wear a thin gold band now. i just may have to get these and stack ’em. cute!

  54. I really love her work. Simple wedding rings are so chic, I think.

  55. beautiful, your taste is absolutely divine xoxo

  56. I love this so much! Such a simply sweet way to express your love.

  57. Its such a sweet little thing:)
    Kisses, Joanna

  58. how sweet! i always feel like i need a little more substance on my fingers but on other people, i love these delicate rings, so so beautiful!

  59. I heart simple wedding bands as well.. I think it shows the pride of love in a totally different way.. I love them!

  60. beautiful jewelry on her site, thanks for sharing!

  61. I absolutely loooove her rings!! :)

    p.s. i have a soft spot for wedding rings too!

  62. Yes! I have just a simple band of white gold, and I’ve loved it since my mister and I got married– ten years ago!