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  14. Oh my goodness, I need to make these. Going out right now for the ingredients. I recently made salted better caramel macarons…I just love sweet and salty things! xxx

  15. ohhh girl you do speak my language on this one. don’t you love how popular sea salt is now with sweet treats? Yes indeed.
    and i thought i got a ton of crazy spam. look at that one from (above) dinoibo. it’s like what the heck? dude needs to learn how to market lol

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  17. Good grief. Would it be horrible to eat a brownie now, even though it’s only 11 in the morning!?

  18. It looks absolutely heavenly! Cramel brownie… a true taste of paradise… I love eating and talking about food. It’s the only pleasure that you are never too tired for ;)

  19. These sounds so wonderful.. chocolate, sea salt and caramel… my three fav things!

  20. Oh My God, they look sooo delicious! I love brownies but the ones on your photo makes me crazy! I wanna make them as soon as possible.

  21. I am making these tonight!

  22. I want. I want. I want!!! Being 4 months pregnant does not help fight this chocolate craving. I might have to send my husband out to Whole Foods….

  23. i have been wanting to try these for a while! they look so amazing! i love salty pretzels with chocolate, i am sure i would love these too. i will have to make them soon!

  24. Sweet and salty has been my obsession for years! I used to get weird looks at the movies when I would shove a handful of buttery popcorn and some m&ms in my mouth at the same time, but you guys would understand.

  25. These look insanely good. I must have one as soon as possible. Salty + chocolate is my dream come true.

  26. I made the sea salt brownie recipe last night– delicious! (I used Fleur du Sel.)

  27. Oh goodness I WANT ONE! Wow! Yummmmmyyy

  28. umm…yes! i have become quite addicted to the sea salt/ chocolate combo. i think i might have to try out this recipe. asap.

  29. Sweet and salty, mmmmm. Such a good combo. (peanut butter and chocoloate are my FAVORITE!)

  30. This is torture! I so want one

  31. Mmm….yummy…more chocolate goodies after Easter…what could be better?

  32. Anonymous says...

    These look amazing!

  33. Can’t visit the store for these as I live in London, but have made them and they’re every bit as fantastic at they look here!!!

  34. So glad the commenting is done in writing.. I am drooling too much to say anything! :)

    x Charlotta

  35. Yes! Salt and chocolate are the perfect combo. A bit of caramel in that mix doesn’t go astray either.

  36. Oh my gosh that looks so tasty. Sea salt definitely makes everything better. I have to make these this week.

  37. Anonymous says...

    Looks super yummy – but I am on a very low sodium diet – not by choice :(

  38. Definitely a pregnant woman posting here, but yes it does sound delish!

  39. I honestly thought I had found the best brownie recipe and would never sway but this might make me change my mind. I love sea salt and chocolate together. I’ll have to give the Food and Wine recipe a try.

  40. Ahhhh that picture looks SO good. It’s true–salt brings out the sweetness in desserts! The best chefs know that you have to add a pinch of salt to everything you make sweet :)

  41. smitten kitchen has a rice krispie recipe with salt. they were amazing!! sea salt makes everything even better!!

  42. I have sea salt on the brain today, too. A nutritionist I was interviewing had recommended baking Brussels sprouts with a sprinkling of salt (first you spritz them with an oil mister), and my mouth’s been watering for them all day long!

  43. yes! completely agree — adore sea salt with dessert-y things, especially chocolate or caramel

    hope you’re having a lovely week :)


  44. I will absolutely never tire of this taste combination!

  45. I completely agree. I had salted caramels for the first time ever last summer at the beach and have never been the same. So, salted brownies sounds like something else in that kind of category to me!

  46. evil evil woman ;)

    Sea salt indeed makes everything divine!

  47. holy crap, those look good!

  48. Oh my Its breakfast time here in the land of OZ I am 34 weeks pregnant and now I want some for breakfast…my muesli just isn’t cutting it…these are mouth watering!

  49. sea salt and caramel make everything more delicious.

    have you tried the fleur de sel caramel ice cream from haagen-dazs? it’s to die for!

  50. i am sitting in bed eating a bag of chocolate chips thanks to the chocolate craving this post gave me. so while i love you…i am very upset with you. xo.

  51. ZOMG, I am going to try an veganize this!

  52. Yum! And WOW…congrats on the 10k followers! Lol..I can only dream of the day I get there…slowly, but surely ;)

  53. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate … magic word, no doubt! Kisses

  54. mmmm i’ve seen these!!! yum! i love your blog!

  55. YUM. Sea salt and chocolate are a winning combo, I eat a little bit of Lindt’s Salt Chocolate every night after dinner while I’m doing the dishes!

  56. I am sooooooo making these!!! It ok – I just joined the gym. Ha ha. Will let you know if I do end up making them! Thanks for sharing.

  57. Oh. My.

  58. aw, thank you, claudia! you are so sweet.

  59. That looks amazing! Miiiiight just have to try this recipe!

  60. wow just love your blog, i could spend hours reading, congrats you are amazing!!

  61. I love salt, I love caramel, I love chocolate … and that all in one? Gimmy gimmy!!! ….

  62. claudia says...

    Hi Joanna,
    Iam from Brazil,sorry about my english.. I have to say that I LOVE your blog ,its the best!!
    I would like to wish you happy days with your new baby !!
    Congratulations!! Claudia.

  63. I need to catch my breath! OMG!

  64. Those look amazing! I’ve never ordered baked goods online, but this might be my first.

  65. looks delish!

  66. *drool*…you’re killing me!!

  67. how unfair of you to post something that looks this good!

  68. wow. these look like heaven on a plate. i’d like to eat all three:)

  69. Dancing Branflake, no but that sounds amazing!!

  70. The Jamie Oliver post and then brownies is funny. But hey, they say everything in moderation, right? And geez, these look amazing!

  71. yay Mari’s New York! She’s super nice and so is her husband. Great brownies even though they seem like weird combos.

  72. Oh my gawd that all sounds divine!

    I bought a box of sea salted caramels from William Sonoma this Christmas and practically inhaled that whole box in a day

  73. Yum! These remind me of the sea salt caramels we got at Zingerman’s (in ann arbor). They were seriously little bites of absolute heaven. Except we only bought two which was extremely sad. But also good since I would have definitely finished an entire bag in one day. By myself.

  74. Ohmygoodness this looks heavenly. Have you ever had caramel sea salt ice cream?

  75. That looks incredible! I put sea salt in my rice krispie treats and it makes them outstanding!

  76. I recently had one of these for the first time, they are soooo OMG yummy!!!

  77. Wow! That does look divine! Considering I haven’t had a yummy dessert in a while!:)

  78. Irony is where it’s at. I was reading a book about the macrobiotic diet while eating a pizza.

    These brownies…wow.

  79. K says...

    One of my favorite flavor profiles. Sea Salt and caramel ice cream is to die for. And Vanilla ice cream with sea salt also blows me away.

  80. Those look delish! No, wait, super delish! Oh my.

  81. It really does, someone told me recently that if you put salt on dessert it will taste a hundred times better, and it really does.

  82. that food & wine recipe is great – it’s the only brownie recipe i use. everybody loves them. do feel free to increase the sea salt a bit!

  83. Oh yummy!!!

  84. omg, yum! I’ll take caramel with sea salt any day.

  85. Ooo…whenever I see a sweet/salty dessert combo it literally makes my mouth water. So good.

  86. i also realize the irony of posting about jamie oliver’s food revolution and then, two posts later, carmel brownies. :)

  87. Wow, I’ve never tried those – sounds like very tasty… My grandpa loved to sprinkle salt on watermelon during hot summer days – good memories:)

    After having two babies, I totally have turned into a chocolate lover..

  88. mmmmm… SO delicious!

  89. I think Sea Salt makes just about everything take better! Marija

  90. Have you ever tried the salted caramel or salted chocolate from Fran’s? To die for! Even Martha thinks so! franschocolates.com

  91. Agreed! Those look divine!

  92. Nora – I agree, the fleur de sel caramels in the Ferry Building in SF are amazing.

    I LOVE salty sweet combos. For Passover I made chocolate toffee matzo with sea salt…yum!


    Thanks for the other links..I think I will be trying both the brownies and the rice crispie things…yum.

  93. I’ve never had this delicious treat…but now I absolutely need to!

  94. I love salty and sweet and these look oh-so-tempting!

  95. Sweet and salty is better than either taste alone :) These look like perfection!

  96. Oh yes. I’d give my right arm for one right about now!

  97. oh, yes, chocolate covered pretzels!! the original salty + sweet!

  98. y-u-m. don’t mind if i do! : )

  99. I love sea-salt anything … well not anything, but sea-salt caramels, sea-salt chocolate. The best sea-salt caramels I’ve ever had were from Cacao in Portland, Oregon. Divine.

  100. omg, harmonie park, THANK YOU for the link!!

  101. i like to sprinkle some fleur de sel on my vanilla ice cream. to. die. for. :)

  102. YES I DEFINITELY AGREE. From chocolate covered pretzels to those fleur de sel caramels in the Ferry Building in San Fran…salty + sweet is the best ever.

  103. Oh dear. That looks divine! Must resist. I have so much time to bake.