We’re having a stoop sale!

My darlings, this Saturday, Alex and I will be having a stoop sale. We’re clearing out our apartment to make room for the baby, and we’ll be selling books, cookbooks, home decor, lamps, pretty clothes, shoes, artwork, and more.

Saturday, March 6th
10:30am to 3pm (or thereabouts)
The corner of Bleecker St. and Grove St., in Manhattan’s West Village.

Please come say hello, if you’d like! It would be really nice to meet you!

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  2. so sad i’m just reading about your sale on sunday – bet you had some fabulous things! hope it went well.

  3. By any chance …do you have any old buttons….I could use them for a class project….thanks Sally

  4. I’m going to vote “Aye” for stuff on Ebay, just because I will be working tomorrow and REALLY wish I could go!!

    Either way hope the sale goes very well and congrats on expecting!

  5. i second the motion to put some stuff on ebay…for those of us far away :-)
    (japan in my case)
    are you feeling more creative?during my pregnany I got some real whopper ideas that I’ve since made a biz out of..!I’ve heard it happens to a lot of ladies…I wonder if it’d the hormones or vibes from the actual babe…. ;-)
    best wishes ,enjoy every day..
    Ruth & hugo (nearly 3)

  6. Yes! I’m totally coming. both because I love a good sale, and I would love to meet you.

  7. Jo! How awesome would that be! I wish I’d be in America x

  8. How far are you from Turlock California?

  9. Ohhh I just moved to New York and I was roaming around the village last weekend and fell MADLY IN LOVE with Grove street. I’m seething with envy! What a beautiful place to live!!


  10. Nice! I’m having brunch at 1:00 with a friend in town. We just might have to swing by! :D

  11. Oh, cute! I bet your stoop sale items will be tres chic. Wish I could make it!

  12. you guys are so sweet! we aren’t selling online because we’re trying to sell quickly and easily (and ebay and etsy take ages, especially with shipping) but thanks so much for asking. can’t wait to see some of you on saturday!! xoxoxo

  13. cait, we didn’t post the house number! :)

  14. oh i so wish i could just hop a plane to nyc for this!

  15. Hey girl! I just stumbled up your blog after reading Ryan’s latest (from the panic room). I’m lovin’ your pics and sassy commentary. Thanks for being you. I’ll stay tuned! ;)

  16. Like so many others, I live too far away (Phoenix). Just ANOTHER reason I wish I lived there.

  17. if i would live in ny i would drop by..well have fun! xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  18. What a lovely idea! Unfortunately I live way too far from NYC to stop by and say hi, otherwise I would have certainly do so!

    Hope you have some great weather, spring is just around the corner.

    Good luck!

  19. This sounds like a lot of fun – a few weeks ago I’d have been there in a flash!

  20. Claudia (Lisbon) says...

    I wish I could but that would require jumping on a plane and crossing over the atlantic :p

    Good Luck!

  21. Ah – if only I lived in NY! x

  22. I hate to say it, but are you sure you want to publicize your address to the big wide internet? You’re such a lovely couple and I got worried when I saw you’d posted the house number!

    99.9% of people are lovely enough, but .1% is enough to be nervous about!

  23. what a beautiful place your are living in… I’ve really appreciated this part of NYC when I’ve discovered your city!
    good luck! (and make a beautiful place for your little angel!)

  24. oh rats! i wish you were doing your stoop sale online! i can’t fly across the pacific and the rest of the states by saturday! :(

  25. L says...

    what’s your shoe size?!
    i’ll be in the hood, may stop by!

  26. oh to live in NY! can you sell some things on ebay again soon please? ;)

  27. Oh how I wished I lived there and could just swing by to meet you. I would love that!

  28. ash says...

    bummer! i’m secretly hoping for rain so you’ll reschedule for a weekend i’m in town. :)

    good luck, sell lots!

  29. yay! i have filled bags sitting in every corner of my house right now…trying to get ready for my “driveway” sale…no garage, no stoop.

  30. Oh I wish I could be there! I would like to see what books and pretty clothes you are passing on!

  31. Anonymous says...

    UGH! I wish I was in New York! Maybe you should post stuff online for us folks outside the state. Like on Etsy or something. I’d totally buy one thing or ten :) You’ve got great taste!


  32. Love a good old-fashioned stoop sale.

  33. haha i love that picture of people hanging out on the porch!! good luck with your sale!

  34. I remember growing up how big the town wide yard sale was. My brother, sister, and I always had our own table of toys to sell. We got to keep any money we made. One year I made $20 and I thought I was rich, ha! Good luck!

  35. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather take a road trip to Texas and do it from here??? Good luck, although I’m sure it will be extremely successful!!


  36. Augh I missed it. I don’t live in NYC yet. Soon though… or rather next year. I’m excited! :)

  37. Oh my. I am so glad I just got a job. There go my week’s earnings!

  38. Aw nuts! There’s just too many reasons to live in New York – stoop sales are one of them. Having an actual stoop is another one.

  39. *sigh*
    1. I wish I still lived in the city
    2. My dream is to live in the West Village

    Congrats on the baby and spring cleaning!

  40. wish i could be there to get some hand me downs! i’m sure your stoop sale will bring much success… : )

    have a great day!

  41. I’ve just discovered your blog thanks to a friend of mine (went straight to the wedding bit!) and yes, we’ll be coming on Saturday! Can’t wait to help you get rid of stuff!

  42. can we buy some books online??
    please!! please!! pleaseee!!!

  43. I’m seriously thinking about taking the bus from Boston to come to your sale, just so I can meet you =)

  44. Those are some might FIIINE stoops! :) Wish I lived in or near NY! :)

  45. Oh I love a good NY stoop sale! My fiance and I joined some friends for their stoop sale last summer and we raked in about 500 dollars (and got rid of TONS of stuff). It was fantastic. Out with the old and in with the new!

  46. If only I lived in New York! Good luck! I hope you have good weather for it!

  47. I would love to come & meet you Joanna you seem to be a very nice person. Only if I lived in New York. Maybe have a online sale, just a thought. I’m sure you would do well.
    Have fun & lots of sales.

    Mary xo

  48. Ooh, I wish I were in New York!! I bet there are lots of treasures that’ll be on your stoop :)

  49. i love this idea…

    perhaps when i live in nyc. one day, i’ll do the same!

    enjoy the nesting!


  50. Ah! So excited! My friend and I will be there bright and (not-so) early! :)

  51. If i only lived in/near NY!

  52. I wish I lived in New York! Good luck with the sale!

  53. How fun! Too bad I live on California. Otherwise I would totally take a look at all your awesome books.

  54. I’m excited to stop by, you have amazing taste! Curious, what is the price range?

  55. If only I lived in NYC! :)

    – another Jo

  56. oh how i wish i could come!!!! ahhhh, why must the world be so big & why must i live so far away!!

  57. Might be in NY for work. If so I will definitely stop by to say hello.

  58. Sounds so fun! Wish I could come by!

  59. Awww.. If I didn’t live thousands of miles away.. I’d be there!! I hope you have fun and sell everything!! I love that you call it s stoop sale!!! Have fun Joanna.

    Take care!
    xx Love & Aloha

  60. Cookbooks?!?! Darn it, I wish I lived in NY!

  61. I wish I lived in NY!!!

    Also saw in the comments that you are due June 2….my son, Micah was due June 2, but born June 9 (stinker!) Yay for summer babies!!!

  62. lindsay, thanks for your note, we’re selling lots of great little things, but no big furniture or anything, so maybe wouldn’t be worth a train trip!

  63. haha, mosey, it was just a half-hour ride, unfortunately! :)

  64. ohhhh, fun fun fun!! good luck with the sale! if i lived closer, i’d come by with lemonade.

  65. For sure! How fun, we share the same block! I had no idea… See you Saturday then.

  66. Hey, did you go for your bike ride? That’s two posts since you announced you were heading out…. Get away from the keyboard! ;)

  67. This sounds so exciting, because I’m sure you have fabulous things. I must know, though, are you keeping all of the great stuff, or would it be worth driving from Philadelphia on a Saturday morning to come check it out?

  68. You are going to have the most successful stoop sale ever!

  69. Anonymous says...

    Thats awesome! My twin sister is starring in the Bleeker St Opera production of Rigoletto. I didn’t know you lived over there. I wish I could stop by, I totally would.

    Frequent “Smitten” Commenter


  70. OH NO!! I wish I was in NYC – I would have looooved to see you:( Do you have anything stored in FL – maybe your mom can have a stoop sale???


  71. Ooh, I’ve just moved in with my boyfriend + we need all sorts of apartment odds + ends. I’d love to come stoop it up with you guys! Hopefully we’ll be round to see you there.


  72. I don’t know what excites me more…the idea of a stoop sale or the photo at bottom…I want to hang out with those people right now! Who are they and why are they so freakin’ fabulous?!

    In any event, good luck on the sale:) xo

  73. Where you live is my dream! I wish I could drop by!

  74. Oh! I am so going to drop by! This is going to be so fun. :)

  75. Are you selling those kitchen magnets I LOVE so much??? You wouldn’t want the baby eating them by accident.

  76. Ah, I wish I lived in NYC!

  77. Gah! Would love to come. Bit far from old London town. Take pictures! Hope it goes well! X

  78. ooo exciting! I’ve got some brunch plans scheduled, but may have to wake up extra early to head over to the West side!

  79. Oh I wish I could but I’ve got a prior engagement on Saturday! Boo! I hope you guys have fun and sell lots :)

  80. If I lived in NYC I would sooo be there! Good luck with the sale! :)

  81. i hope you sell lots! wish i could be there to meet you. one of the downfalls of living in alaska :(

  82. Would be there if I could. Hope it’s a success.

  83. I will totally be there – so exciting

  84. oh, cara, will be so fun to have you in the city!!! :) our due date is june 2nd :)

  85. I wish I could come and say hello!

    Maybe you could have another one in April when I’ll be your neighbour for a month? Or maybe you’ll be busy giving birth?!

  86. I agree with all of the above :) Perhaps you should move your stoop sale to ebay? :)

  87. that’s such a cute idea! I’m having a garage sale for my wedding! so its kinda the same thing;)

  88. If only I lived in New York!! I’d be there in a hot minute.

  89. I wish I was still in New York. You have such amazing taste!

  90. i wish i lived in new york so I could come and say hello. ill keep my fingers crossed for the weather.