1. When you tow a trailer, remember that you’ll need longer distances for braking and accelerating…Tandem Trailers

  2. I simply must own this shirt! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Anonymous says...

    That’s a sweet t-shirt. I’m a huge fan of Urban T-shirts. That red looks great on your pale skin :)

  5. aww! cute shirt. I don’t know if I would wear it. Not a fan of red shirts but it is so cute.

  6. Super cute.
    And as for the red, anybody can wear the right shade, just got to own it!

  7. LOL @lalala a vampire with freckles. Awesome visual.

    As for the shirt, I would totally rock it with my fiancee.

  8. I am SO pale (think vampire but with freckles) and I wear red all the time… You just have to find the right tone!

  9. Anonymous says...


  10. My grandma owns a vintage tandem bike that I have to convince my relatives to ride with me every time we go to her house. I might consider buying this for her :)

  11. my brother is a pretty serious cyclist… so i think i should get this t-shirt for his sweet girlfriend to wear to his races!

  12. I have a tandem bike & I might have to purchase this shirt to wear while riding. Thanks for sharing!

  13. FYI – I’m pale and British (okay, Scottish) and I can wear red and knock it out of the ballpark. I’m guessing you can too ;)

  14. This is too cool! I love it!

  15. my hubby is so going to love this. thank you for always posting the best of the best. enjoy the last moments of pregnancy. the best is about to come! best wishes to you.

  16. I will take one for the team and get it.

  17. love love love!

  18. My boyfriend and always laugh at tandem bicycle riders just because it looks so funny, but this tee is very cute :)

  19. Oh my goodness, I love it! I think you could pull it off, tan or no tan : )
    XO Katie

  20. Very cute!! I’d love to get a tandem bike with my husband, I think we’d be a great pedaling team!!

  21. stephanie says...

    Thats so funny! I just ordered this shirt yesterday!!! My boyfriend and I have a tandem that we go evvvverywhere on! Amazing choice

  22. hehe- i love it! i’ve been trying to convince my boyfriend that tandem bikes are cool and super fun… perhaps this will do the trick. thanks for sharing :)

  23. I bought my hubs an amazing vintage t-shirt from a thrift shop that says, “Virginia is for lovers.”
    I happen to like any t-shirt that says, “_____ is for lovers.”
    So funny!

  24. Susan says...

    Same color. I do not wear red as a main course, either. Though red w/blue in it is OK, I prefer to use it in accessories (a lot). BUT those who say wear it may not understand why not. Eek. It’s a matter also of how much attention does one really want…having red hair is enough of a problem (yes, a problem. I color it to be more brown)

  25. Dear shirt, be mine. Thanks, Lauren

  26. I think if miss queen of pale, Meg White of the Whitestripes can wear red a lot, then you surely can. It’d look great!

  27. Really? You don’t wear red? I’ll definitely buy one thanks to my Japanese heritage. I can’t wear yellow though!

  28. If they make that shirt in blue, I will totally wear it. On the other hand, I’ve never ridden a tandem bike, and I think it looks a little scary.

  29. Have you seen the cute bicycle tees that Urban Outfitters has lately? They’re wonderful!

  30. That is so cute! I can’t wear red, either. Who in the world can wear red if neither of us can? I have dark skin and it still looks bad on me.

  31. oh my goodness, I love the entire “animals on bikes” section of that shop!

  32. i polished all the chrome and reupholstered the seats on my parents Minitwin Schwinn last summer. It was like heaven to ride around the back streets of the city.

  33. Love it, and don’t you always think it is adorable to see couples biking in tandem!?

    Art by Karena

    Giveaway is up on my site, come and join in!

  34. What a great T shirt and so true! My wife and I took a vintage tandem bike to Jones Beach last summer. One of the best parts was seeing others’ reactions to us riding… it seemed to make them smile!

  35. adorbs.

  36. maggie says...


  37. Love the shirt! I’ve always wanted a tandem bike.