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  2. L. says...

    wow, she looks absolutely gorgeous!

    L x

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  5. j~ says...

    you look bttr than me non-pregnant! you’re gorgeous!! ^__^

  6. Emma says...

    check out pink sugar photography. this woman does the most GORGEOUS photo shoots i have seen, ever. she’d make anyone feel fabulous, especially when they’re preggers!

  7. I am 38 weeks pregnant and I definitely feel most beautiful in my bikini! when i get home i tend to take off all my clothes and change into my bikini! i have been wishing it was july instead of february her in nyc. x

  8. i can’t belive the mama she’s charming so …. what the amazing process of pregnant i thinks that love ; )

  9. I hate to say I told you so : )

  10. I agree she does look beautiful in this bikini showing her beautiful baby bump! You should do this if you feel comfortable. ;)

  11. honey, showing your belly during pregnancy is one of the most freeing experiences ever! I love to show off my belly. It was a fantastic feeling to be able to bare all and not have an ounce of self consciousness. People always said nice things, if anything at all. Relish in it!

  12. In Brazil my mother says that women wear bikini when there pregnant like it’s nothing. Thought were not in brazil you shouldn’t be shy. Your going through something beautiful. You would look beautiful in a bikini and baby belly

  13. so inspiring! i just don’t think i could do it. its not that i’m insecure, but i am! ha! i just don’t feel “pretty” or “sexy” being pregnant! too much cellulite :)

  14. love it! so inspiring!

  15. I’ve always wore a bikini and loved the feeling. just be sure you protect your skin.
    have a great weekend!

  16. She looks gorgeous!
    Happy weekend,

  17. Embrace your baby bump, you won’t have it forever!

  18. Oh you have to! There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman. Get that belly out!

  19. How adorable is this little belly?! I say: rock it! (and take photos)!

  20. I think the baby belly + bikini combo is so adorable, you should totally rock it!

  21. these are beautiful. i aspire to have that much confidence when i am pregnant!! i think you should totally embrace the bikini :)

  22. I used to show my pregpant belly in bikini and loved it!! I think pregnant women are just beautiful – period!!!


  23. Rocking the swimsuit while pregnant is probably the hottest things to do! As one of your fellow bloggers wrote, its the time when no one cares about your size, because you have something so special inside! Flaunt it while you can hunny! :) Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  24. i hope i look like that when im pregerrs! adorable!


  25. joanna don’t be shy, you’d be gorgeous pregnant and in a bikini. go, go, go!

  26. Joanna: awesome. you’re the woman. look forward to the post!

  27. I’m not pregnant but it’s still very inspiring! Gorgeous :) Go Anna!

  28. rafaela says...

    EXACTLY! i think is so beautifull to see a pregnant woman showing her belly… i live in Brazil, and there was a woman back in the ’60s who made sort of a revolution by showing her belly in a bikini. Her name is Leila Diniz and her image became a symbol of this chapter in women liberation here…

    go for it, girl!

  29. I think it is a great idea.. When I was pregnant it was so much easier to wear a bikini- besides I had to buy a much larger top which made it even more fun!

  30. She pulls it off, and Im sure you would to! But pregnancy doesnt look good on EVERYONE I’ve seen some pregnant women in bikinis that should have probably waited til after the baby was born…eeek!

  31. You look great pregnant! So show off that belly :)

  32. There is something so fab about being preggers and wearing a bikini… pure freedom …. Go for it!
    x Trina

  33. bigbang, there’s one planned for tomorrow, thank you!

  34. Oooh what a lovely surprise to be on your blog Joanna! I think you would look adorable in a bikini. Go for it! I’ve never felt happier with my body so it feels so lovely to go to the beach with the belly out in all its glory. Look forward to seeing your baby bump grow over the coming weeks :)
    Anna x

    PS. Thank you for all the lovely comments too!

  35. She really does look great! Congrats on the baby, didn’t know you were expecting.

  36. go for it! but i recommend wearing EXTRA-super high power sunscreen on that belly. …and maybe then some self-tanning lotion.

  37. That is a great and inspiring shot. There is nothing to be ashamed of sporting a pregnant belly in a bikini. It’s beautiful and hopefully more women feel liberated and confident to wear what they want as a result of the post.

  38. I love it. I think you should go for it!

  39. I hope to be pregnant soon…
    And í´m sooo nervous about my body…and that pictures inspire me to!

  40. Beautiful!

  41. redfrizzz says...


  42. Joanna, two things:
    1) yes, you can def rock the bikini-bump look.

    2) you have such a massive readership, it would be killer if you made a little plug for some haiti relief effort opportunities. this one is so easy:

    Text “HAITI” to “90999” to make a $10 donation to American Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti.

    Cheers! lily @ bigBANG

  43. Everytime I’m on vacation there are pregnant women in bikinis…go for it! I did when I was pregnant and felt sexier than I ever have.

  44. I was at a resort laying in the lazy river with my bikini on the weekend before I gave birth. It’s awesome.

  45. That’s so cute! When I was pregnant that was the ONLY time in my life that I felt really comfortable in a bikini. Everyone was so in love with my belly that I didn’t feel self conscious at all!

    Go for it! I bet you will look every bit as amazing as this beautiful woman :)

  46. I know you can pull it off! You will look fab, Joanna!

  47. she’s gorgeous, as most pregnant women are! you should be proud of your pregnant tummy too!

  48. wearing a bikini while you’re pregnant is a must!

  49. oh, yes, T, i loved the high-waisted suit for post-pregnancy. i agree, it would never work with a giant belly! :)

  50. I can’t say I would be that confident, but knowing my build, I will probably swell all over.
    Go for it! You have an adorable, pregnant body.

  51. That’s funny because these shots were posted on another blog MINUTES before I read your post about covering up with a tank top. She looks awesome! You could totally rock the bump! And as for the sun…it’s all about sunscreen. People will have all kinds of things to say to scare you. (P.S. Yes, you can still eat goat cheese.)

  52. Pregnant women are the most beautiful creatures. There is nothing more gorgeous than baking a wee little bubba.

    Wear your bikini. You know you want to. xx

  53. She looks amazing as I am sure you do as well!!!

  54. You should totally rock the bare belly look!

    That said, make sure you slather yourself with a high SPF sunscreen, especially on the belly. Trust me, I know from experience … you DO NOT want a sunburn on a baby bump. It hurts and itches more than I can explain.

    The bikini is the way to go, though … it’ll keep you from feeling like you’re wearing a tent all the time. :o)

  55. Agreed!

  56. t says...

    There is no reason to feel shy! When you’re pregnant is one of the only times you can truly get away with wearing a bikini and letting a big belly hang out! Do it! You’re having a baby- its exciting and wonderful not something to feel awkward about.
    I used to work for a high end swim wear company and loved when pregnant gals came into the shop- we’d always convince them to forgo the one piece for a bikini and they always looked SO CUTE!
    Though I would think twice about high waisted- its just going to hit the bump awkwardly rather than a low rider which could go more under bump. High waisted can be more unforgiving than skimpier bottoms.

  57. ha, kristi, i know exactly what you mean! :)

  58. Kristi says...

    Rock the bump! I must say, though, that the boobs are what kept me out of a bikini – I was a small B that expanded to a healthy C and was so accustomed to being small on top that the added boobs felt a little obscene!

  59. aww don’t be shy too show off your belly :] i think pregnant women are gorgeous when they show their beautiful pregnant belly!!!

  60. I say go for it – i think it’s an adorable look!

  61. Pregnant women in bikinis are sososoo adorable! These photos are gorgeous! Go for it!! xx

  62. i loved wearing a bikini at the pool while pregnant. one year later, i’m feeling much more shy–i miss the belly!

  63. Darlin’ …just let it all hang out!

    The low rise bikini is the only thing that will offer you comfort. Work with the new body, not against.

  64. Anonymous says...

    I think it is cute, and those pics are great. But, my sister’s doc said too much direct sun exposure isn’t good for the baby, so I would just check that out if I were you. love the high waisted though!

  65. Jo says...

    Wow….she looks amazing!!
    I’m sure you look gorgeous!! Show it off, lady!!

  66. I definitely think you need to show it off! You are teensy and adorable and I think you’ll look back on the photos with such fondness. DO IT!

  67. Wow 5 comments since I last posted! We are all addicted to this blog.

    Joanna, Thanks on liking Julia’s prego pics!!!! water + baby belly = magic.

  68. Beautiful pictures! If you can flaunt it girl, do it! It makes me miss my baby belly :]

  69. Yes, you should just do it! Since we’re talking about bare-skinned baby bumps, I used Vita-K lotion on my belly twice a day, and it helped with stretchmarks, if you are afraid you might get them. My husband loved rubbing it on my belly for me – since I was due around Thanksgiving, he used to check my “turkey timer” (aka belly button) to see if it had popped and that little turkey was done cooking. Does Alex talk to the baby and ask “hey, who’s in there,” like my hubby did? That’s the best part!

  70. if anyone can pull of a bikini while preggers, it’s you! can’t wait to see what you pick!

  71. simply adorable! you rock your belly, joanna i’m sure you’ll be just smashing in a bikini

  72. i don’t know–it still seems a little bit too much for me!
    Maybe it has something to do with the intimacy of pregnancy…

  73. aw jo! you should totally rock your belly every chance you get! I mean how often do you get to be in a bathing suit with an awesome baby belly? not very often :) do it girl…

  74. what an inspiration! i have no doubts that you will look beautiful in a baby bump bikini!

  75. maggie says...

    she looks fabulouso!

  76. nothing wrong with being proud of the bump! :) however, i *did* hear that exposing your pregnant belly to the cold air is not healthy…? i don’t know if it’s an old wives’ tale or if there’s some merit in it…

  77. I hope to be pregnant soon, and so fabulous too!

  78. Go for it girl! She looks amazing and I’m sure you will too..Embrace the BELLY!!

  79. kgr, that is awesome advice. and lovelymorning, good for you!!! xoxo

  80. You have to show off your belly. Pregnant bodies are so beautiful!

    I’m still rocking the workout bikini at the pool at 35 weeks. People seem to love it. :)

  81. DO IT! you’re teeny-tiny and can totally pull it off.


  82. I was going to comment the other day but then I didn’t have time. Wearing a bikini when I was pregnant was one of the best parts of being pregnant because it’s the only time in your life that no one can say anything about how enormous your stomach is. It was so much fun to flaunt.

    Read this too, although I would go for the actual bikini. http://www.designmom.com/2009/10/laura-mayes-thoughts-on-being-two.html

    I would also invest in a really good pair of maternity jeans that don’t fall down.

  83. so cute. i love the shot taken over her shoulder!

  84. That shot from above is FABULOUS. Go, Anna!

  85. Do not be ashamed of your belly! I miss being pregnant and loved having my belly!

    I’m sure you’ll look just as amazing as the pics you posted!