1. *Unexpected gifts (of chocolate)
    *Spontaneous adventures (or road trips!)
    *Crisp fall weather (mmmm and Chai)

    (The *pee shivers* one was hilarious!)

  2. Ok, so 3 (only?) things that make me happy:
    1. Perfumes
    2. My daughters , Oana and Lina
    3. My grand daughter Ayana Marie
    Inspired by your blog, I made a list …I am currently at 234 things that make me happy…and counting….I guess I am the happiest person alive, or I am a person that gets happy very easily…..Indeed, I am 49 years young and counting my blessings!
    Be happy, ya all !!!!

  3. Anonymous says...

    tea olive, fires in the fireplace (real logs), and anything pumpkin!

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  5. When I wake up early in the morning and the sun is just rising and the sky is grey and misty and it smells so crisp and clean, I sip a steaming cup of tea and revel in the fact that I am alive.

  6. Right now, this is it: magazines, a lot of them, baking deserts, and my new Canon camera.

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  8. old friends
    reading inside with a mug of coffee and a blanket on a rainy day

  9. dogs, fresh fruit, sunshine, kisses

  10. I love this idea! Agatha Christie movies (love Hitchcock, too), Sunday morning breakfast at Patsios, All of the Christmas decorations that are starting to go up. They make me smile and put me in a festive mood.

  11. my husband’s new found mission to take care of himself
    my daughter’s gorgeous, old man laugh
    walking long distances through these last few rainy days in NYC

  12. early morning runs, capers, and french braids.

  13. 1. Laughing
    2. My nephew (see #1)
    3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

    LOTS MORE! It’s hard to write just three.

  14. 1) The changing of seasons
    2) Making chocolate
    3) Coming home from work

  15. 1. Sarees
    2. Heart-shaped things
    3. Strawberry tease-cake

  16. ooooo those three sound terrif jo! at the moment i’m really digging grilled cheese sandwiches, charlie kaufman films, and exercise – especially running – its soo freeeing


  17. You’re so cute, Jo:) My three are my daughter, watching my favorite TV shows on DVR ad infinitum, and taking walks with Paul, the dogs, and Devon around our town, pumpkin spice lattes in hand.

  18. 1. having enough time to do whatever
    2. knowing there’s somebody out there who cares
    3. sunshine

  19. Laughing
    Unexpected gifts – particularly of the musical variety
    Mail via post

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  21. 1. Cuddling with my boyfriend while watching tv
    2. …while munching on something yummy from our pantry
    3. pampering myself (facials, manicures)

    I am in definite cocooning-mode and loving it!

  22. spooning with my husband, watching my dog chase the crunchy leaves, and completing to-do lists!

  23. Sherrilyn Kenyon books
    anything that has to do with him
    and Alicia[laughing]

  24. Pomegranate wine, bubble baths, and a good book…all together!

  25. Mac and Cheese, Ben and Jerry’s and books!

  26. hearing god’s voice
    cuddling with my husband

  27. The view of the sky through tree branches, nightly phone calls from my new beau, and Lush bath bombs!

  28. Today:
    1.Reed’s Ginger Candy Chews
    3.Driving with the sunroof open

  29. sewing, quality time with friends, coffee

  30. My boyfriend when he calls me papi.
    talking to my mom on the phone and hearing her laugh when I make a joke. When my train on the way to work isnt crowded. ice cream with a warm baked goodie. Reading my old x-men comics. findind money on the street.


    I love posts like these.

  31. What makes me happy this week:

    1. Scrabble
    2. Homemade gingersnap cookies & apple cider
    3. Watching reruns of 50 Rock curled up on the couch with my husband.
    4. reading on the train.

    On the topics of happiness and French things…Have you seen the film Chronicle of a Summer (Chronique D’Un Été, 1961)? Part of the film is people going out on the streets of Paris asking passersby if they’re happy.

  32. Top 3 at the moment:

    -Making my favorite foods at home.
    -My “Things to do before I turn 30” list.
    -Not only just having a job, but having a job that I really enjoy.

    And my honorable mention:

    -Yellow leaves.

  33. A warm fire
    Knowing my children are safe and sound
    Wonderful memories
    A positive outlook for my future
    Oil painting
    reading this blog post!!

  34. so many things these days…
    wearing thick socks for winter around the apartment, having a good hair day, butternut squash, feeling inspired, reading blogs, having an organized closet. rubbing my constantly cold feet against my husband’s warm ones in bed.

  35. Its so hard to limit it to three!

    1. A really good homemade Sunday roast
    2. Sitting in the old town in Nice sipping strong black coffee with my mum
    3. Making afternoon tea for my friends and family :)

  36. 1. Fresh Squuezed Orange Juice ( so good. Try it!)

    2. Cork. I just recently made an art piece in the shape of a deer out of cork. + Plus I use it to keep things from falling off my shelving and kitchen drawers.

    3. Holga camera. Take it everywhere you go!

  37. Lighting candles, buying fluffy blankets, wearing my sheepskin mittens, reading good books. Autumn truly is my favorite time of the year!

  38. Blood orange soda, I’ve been taste testing them everytime I find one I haven’t had at a store.
    Sundays with my boyfriend, lounging around.
    Actually sleeping until the alarm goes off, not waking up 10 minutes before.

  39. A rainy day with absolutly nothing to do…no meetings, no appointments- just a day to do what I want around the house They come few and far between.

  40. Ivory soap, pretty stationary, open windows and cell phone free Saturdays.

  41. My dog, lazy Saturdays, wildflowers.

  42. i just finished clicking through the parisian style post and realized you also know about the joys of cafe con leche… i have my puerto rican grandmother to thank for that.

  43. getting stamps in my passport
    arizona sunsets
    cafe con leche
    hugs from toddlers
    giving presents
    salsa dancing
    being married

  44. passing by bakerys, when you can smell the fresh bread, moleskines and making a lot of plans

  45. Hitchcock films are the best. I’ve seen them all at least ten times!. Wish I had a DVD player these days so I could rent some.

    Smart Puffs, a snack food, is my fav. Although just about any type of potato chip puts a smile on my face.

    Ghost Hunters on TV Wednesday nights. And of course a bag of snacks to eat while viewing!

  46. seeing my husband at the end of a long work day.

    getting into my warm, cozy bed and reading.

    now that it’s fall, i’m kinda obsessed with cooking my favorite hot comfort dishes.

  47. Hitchcock’s at the top of mine too (specifically involving Jimmy Stewart!).

    Then, I would say sleeping in (a fluffy bed with fresh sheets), and chocolate. :)

  48. vintage slips. mashed potatoes. and my guilty pleasure…gossip girl.

  49. bogart movies, eggs for breakfast and hitchcock’s blondes!

  50. haha! that PICTURE made me happy. (though The Birds scared me to death!)

  51. Finding simple pleasures in life, in the complex world that we now live in.

  52. xEat when I’m hungry
    xMy boyfriend’s kisses and hugs
    xTime for to rest (with some good books)


  53. 1) dreams. both day and night.

    2) water. i’ve been so thirsty since i have started running a lot again!

    3) christmas scents. peppermint, vanilla/caramel, pine, cranberry spice, i love it all. i am so happy that the christmas season is just about here!

    also.. good lighting, stationary/cards, bookstores, blogs, roberto cavalli, hummus, magazines, sushi! oh and good pens make me very happy as well.

  54. Anonymous says...

    I love reading everyones answers!
    My three things (at the moment)..

    1)Winter sunshine-when its really cold but really clear and bright
    2)Melted cheese on to toast with Lea and Perrins sauce
    3)The Coca Cola ‘Holidays are Coming’ advert

    (i also love your blog!) Ella x

  55. the beach, painting, and being with my family :) and, oh yeah… coffee!

  56. I love live concerts. I’m going to hear Chris Botti this evening. Music makes me really happy.

  57. Beaches, balloons & kittens!

  58. -Jack Lemmon or Woody Allen films, under the blankets on Sundays.

    -Snuggling with my kittens

    -Swimming in lakes and ponds. (Preferably when it’s warm!)

    -Sitting down to eat my favourite meal, with other people who will enjoy it too


  59. andrea nicole says...

    Although these aren’t my top three (obviously) they are three that come to mind:

    -tumultuous, blustery, tea-requiring days
    -thrift stores(!)…dressing whimsically for cheap
    -taking the kids i babysit on adventures and watching their eyes grow wide with delight

  60. my kid’s laugh
    when my husband makes me laugh
    watching my favorites series
    reading my favorites blogs…
    making my staff!!!
    talking with my parents…
    a shinny day…
    so many things… in general every little thing that makes life almost perfect!!

  61. 1. falling alseep on the sofa 2. finding chestnuts 3. spending a lot of time on a nice dinner.

    love from sweden!

  62. 1) A good book

    2) Sunday morning coffee

    3) committing random acts of kindness.

  63. Dimples says...

    1) Walking with my arm around my husband’s shoulder
    2) Hearing about my friends that are going to have babies
    3) Getting my dance on
    Bonus: The feeling I have when I break out into a skip while taking a walk with my husband

    At the moment, these 3 things make me happy.

  64. 1. Dressing up fancy as if I live in NYC or Paris even though I live in Ohio

    2. Finding the perfect Christmas gift for someone.

    3. Planning time into my day to do absolutely nothing.

  65. oh I love this, wish I had the time to read all the answers here! It’s so hard to choose just 3 things, but my favourite 3 of the moment are…

    -hot baths by candle light
    -lying poolside with my book
    -chicken tika curry :)

  66. -The Anticipation of Christmas
    -Starbucks Caramel Brulee latte
    -Perusing bookstores on a rainy day (we get a lot of them this time of year in Vancouver) and then spending the rest of the day cuddled up on the couch reading. -I don’t get to do this very often, but when I get the odd day off it is oh so enjoyable :)

    Great post and so many wonderful answers!

  67. Anonymous says...

    What makes me happy:
    500 days of summer
    working out
    peanut butter

  68. -spotting a real live mullet haircut
    -outlandish mustaches
    -vintage teacups

  69. falling asleep with little arms around my neck, the sound of my husband pulling in to the garage and anything with pumpkin and chocolate chips in it!

  70. huckleberries, scrabble & new snow