1. Have you posted your wedding photographs yet!

  2. I also know those gals from back in the day (well, the older one… haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the lil’ one yet). L- you look beautiful and that munchkin is delish!
    Jane (Abs’ sister)

  3. What a cutie! You must have had a great time!

  4. omg, Honora – i had no idea you read jo’s blog! so funny . . . xo

  5. Eek! What a cutie!

  6. I’m glad someone brought up the wedding photos! I’ve been waiting to see them! :)

  7. Small world. I had the lovely experience of going to high school with Lina and Jo. Edie is adorable, for sure!

  8. Rachel says...

    Sounds like a completely delightful afternoon – just look at her!!!

    Love English Rach


  9. that is the sweetest little photo. max is simply amazing. can’t wait to see the pictures from the wedding.

  10. Oh my gosh, what a little MUNCHKIN!!

  11. The Wanderers’ Daughter, well said :) and wedding photos are coming soon! xo

  12. If that photo is any indication of how beautiful your afternoon was together, it must have been splendid! Thanks for sharing!

  13. That picture is so enchanting – what an adorable baby; reminds me of a little chipmunk with those cheeks! :)

  14. So cute…what an awesome day for you! Biking to Brooklyn sounds wonderful!

  15. Such a great picture! That’s a pretty cute little lady :)

  16. Biking to Brooklyn to play with friends. Sounds perfect.

  17. That is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen! :)

  18. this is such an adorable pictures! those eyes!

    does this mean you have wedding photos back?! can’t wait to see!

  19. Oohh how beautiful! More wedding pictures, please!

  20. fi says...

    what a bonny baby :)

  21. i can’t remember the last time i played hookie for such a fun cause.

  22. holy crow! those cheeks!

    great photo.

  23. Anonymous says...

    awww, lucky little girl. you can tell how much her mama loves her. ;-)

  24. That is a really sweet picture!
    Max Wanger is incredibly talented!

  25. hee hee, so cute Joanna, I LOVE the little hat. Good on you for for taking an afternoon off too :)

  26. you just want to ** squeeze **
    those cheeks :)

    xo Laura

  27. A timeless photo, Jo. Very painterly.
    Creatively yours,

  28. katie says...

    THEY ARE BOTH SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. What a fantastic photo!