A Stowaway

My mom just sent over this hilarious photo of our rehearsal. Alex and I were practicing our vows, and we thought we were alone in the room with my uncle, who performed our ceremony. Little did we know that our flower girl, Grace, was lying behind me the whole time! How adorable is that?! She had red hair, spoke with a British accent and was like a little puppy following us around everywhere.

Thank you, Grace, for being our wonderful flower girl!

P.S. Our wedding photos will be coming soon from Max. I’m excited to see them and share them with you. xo

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  6. She looks so adorable looking up at you like that. What a charming photo.

  7. this is too cute!

  8. This is such a happy picture! I love it!

  9. A keeper for sure!

  10. haha omg SO cute!! I love little red headed girls!…although I’m totally biased

  11. adorable! she looks like she adores you guys almost as much as you adore each other <3

  12. I’ve just come across your blog… my word it’s wonderful!!

    This photo must have been the best unexpected treasure when you first saw it!!

    Saskia x

  13. that has to be the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen.

  14. cute! I loved seeing photos (from friends) where there was a spotting of our photographer. we were so caught up in the day, that neither of us saw her the whole night!

  15. Rachel says...

    LOVE the candid snapshopt

    LOVE your polka dots

    LOVE the adorable munchkin.

    …And looking forward to Max’s pics, of course!

    Lots of love

  16. adorable! Lovely photo :-)

  17. Adorable!!!! i love this picture!!

  18. That is so adorable. Love your dress!

  19. you two have such a cute blog! love all the pics :)


  20. this is adorable. look at how happy you are!
    isn’t it fun to imagine what she is thinking.

  21. So cute. Love your dress!

  22. This is soooo beautiful! You look so happy and your little flower girl is the absolute cutes!

  23. I can’t wait to see your wedding photos.

  24. beyond precious. she looks like she wants to be just like you when she grows up!

    can’t wait for the wedding photos! that max wanger is phenomenal.

  25. soooo cute!

  26. She is so adorable and these candid shots are lovely!

  27. Adorable! It’s so unexpected that it almost looks staged, if that makes any sense. Can’t wait to seee the wedding photos!

  28. that is totally sweet! Such a fabulous moment!!

  29. Jo says...

    This may be one of the sweetest moments I’ve seen captured in a photo!

  30. oh that is just beautiful. She is such a little sweetheart. I love her red hair. I cant wait to see your photos from Max.
    x Liss

  31. What a cute photo. I love how attentively she’s looking up at you guys.

  32. ohh my gosh, you guys are so adorable it almost makes me sick :)

    I can just feel the love between you two, it’s really amazing. and this picture is too. freaking. cute.

    I really can’t wait to see your wedding pictures!

  33. ha! that is adorable.

    and i think i’ve said it before… but your uncle is really hot.

  34. That is so cute…I love how little girls always look up to the older gals, I know my sister and I did that when we were little:) And speaking of your baby fever yesterday…doesn’t it make you want a littel girl;)

  35. Oh that is too cute. I love the way she is looking up at you two!

  36. How lovely you are! And could little miss Grace get any sweeter?

    I cannot wait to see more photos!


  37. That’s just adorable!! We barely had a rehearsal… we got everyone there and then they all decided they knew what to do when’s dinner we’re hungry can we eat now come on.

  38. What a doll!

  39. She is so sweet, looking up at you!!

    xo Laura

  40. What a precious picture! I cannot wait to see your wedding:)

  41. i think i took that picture :) grace was sitting, lying, listening, scooting closer and closer to you the whole time! and it was symbiotic — you loved her just as much as she loved you! remember being a little kid and just wanting to be as close as possible to the bride at all times?!

  42. This is adorable!! Candid photos are the best, aren’t they? I am dying to see your wedding pics! Congratulations again! xo

  43. This is perfect!!! You look like you couldn’t be happier, love the expression on your uncle’s face, and the little spectator just looks enthralled!!! So cute!

  44. Oh, this photo of you guys is too adorable! Love candid wedding snapshots!

  45. cute dots. adorable shot!

  46. that is too cute! and i can’t wait to see the photos :)

  47. omg i’ve never been so excited about a stranger’s wedding photos! can’t wait to see them.

  48. LOVE it how perfect with her there looking up!! Awwww

  49. how cute!!

  50. joanna, i’ll be keeping my name, since i use my “byline” for my career. alex was totally fine with it. :)

  51. So cute. and I love your dress.

  52. Adorable! Just now thought to ask if you’re keeping your maiden name or will be changing it. Or have you already answered this question elsewhere?!

  53. how precious!

    i can’t wait to see some of the wedding pictures!!

  54. You guys are so cute!

  55. haha aw that is too precious.
    look at the way you gaze at him, that is darling

  56. Too funny! She is adorable! Oh, and I can’t wait until your wedding photos, I’m sure they will be lovely :)

  57. Redheads unite! :) Seriously, though, Grace is a cutie. And so are you and Alex! :)

  58. beautiful….
    it’s perfection.
    p.s. i’m having a killer giveaway…
    stop by!

  59. how adorable!!! your dress is so cute:)

  60. the candid, unexpected shots are ALWAYS the best :)