Jessica’s Grandparents: “Our Secret to a Happy Marriage”

According to my grandmother: “Have your own life. Pursue your dreams and let your husband do the same. Being content with yourself makes you a better wife.”

According to my grandfather: “Any disagreement can be settled with two words: ‘Yes, dear.’ “

— Jessica, Heartthrobs and Villains. (Her grandparents recently celebrated their 60th anniversary.)

  1. I emotionally attached to your blog. Now I’ll be the regular visitor to your blogs. Thanks for sharing fantastic memories!

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  3. What great advice!! I love those pictures….

  4. That is some good advice from both of them. I especially love the “yes, dear” part, haha.

  5. Hey gorgeous!

    How was it? I read about it on Fb, I’m thrilled for you guys. I wish you have a great and loving life together!!!

  6. I absolutely love this post! All of marriage succinctly wrapped in the package of two pieces of essential advice :) Lovely.

  7. LOL! Great advice!

  8. Anonymous says...

    I love the post. Your Grandfather’s advice of “Yes, dear” is international. The same thing was said to my Venezuelan brother-in-law the eve of his wedding.

  9. I agree with your grandmother. So many women give up their dreams and then wonder why they are so miserable. We always try not to go to bed angry.

  10. I think they had gone through a lot of different challenges in their married life which made them wiser. I guess the secret of having a happy marriage is the presence of respect and understanding in both couple and of course the love ahould always there.

  11. I’ve been reading your blog post lately because I always find wonderful advices and tips on how to make a relationship works and to have that cup of joy in my life, I just drop by to say thank you for these wonderful post.

  12. Your grandmother is very astute and your Grand Pa is sensible. They both wonderful couple, you’re so lucky to have a grand parents like them that you can to look up to. Thank you for sharing this to us.

  13. Perfectly put by both! Ah ha

  14. They each have a great sense of humor. It is lovely to be able to look back at their beautiful photos and see their marriage survive all those years with such grace.

  15. wow, sixty years seems like a lifetime!
    gorgeous photos. and the grandfather’s advice seems spot on, hehe.

  16. i love it when people give good, honest advice. it leaves room for the stuff that really matters :)

  17. This makes me miss my grandparents…but I’m smiling, not sad:) Such sweet advice.

  18. These photographs are beautiful! It sounds like your grandparents are beautiful (and wise) people inside as well as out!

  19. Ahhh, I loved this post. Your Grandparents are quite a pair! My Husband and I have been married 27 years and our story is the same as this and Nomadcraftsetc! Wonderful advice. Congratulations to you too!

  20. I LOVE these photos…so sweet<3

  21. I love the grandfather’s advice! Efficient and straight to the point. =P

  22. Look at you taking care of business even while trotting off to Europe as Mrs.Alex!!!
    This guest post inspires me to get cracking on my own happy wedding day. I’m so excited! I hope all went well for you two on Saturday!!! xoxo

  23. wise grandparents!

    great shots :)


  24. I am literally dying over these pics, so adorable! Happy 60th!

  25. Oh my! 60 years is quite an accomplishment. My parents just celebrated 39 years over the weekend (the subject of my post today actually) and I thought that was really something. But 60 years! That’s just amazing.

    The photos are so lovely and sweet.

  26. Great advice! I needed this post today. Thank you. And congratulations on your marriage!!

  27. What brilliant advice…..lovely photo’s x

  28. this is so sweet! my grandparents were married 72 years when my grandma passed away.

  29. Sigh! such nostalgic & beautiful photos, & lovely advice too :o)

  30. What a beautiful story…love the photos too!

  31. Such gorgeous pictures and wonderful advice from both sides! How completely happy!!!


  32. How fabulous! I love these words of wisdom, from both sides.


  33. and another lovely post about marriage! oh it makes me want to get married right away:)

  34. Oh is that simple?:P
    Love the images:D

    There’s one more: “never go to bed angry with each other”

    What do you think of this one?:)

  35. Those pictures look like they were taken yesterday! Gorgeous, and very wise advice.

  36. I have to agree with this set of advice from both grandma and grandpa. Pursuing your own dreams DOES make you a better wife. If only because you make the relationship a partnership and less of a co-dependent thing. You’re both in it to win it. And will be happy companions for life.

    BTW, Joanna, congratulations on your wedding! Saw the announcement in the Times. The Mr. and I have been married for nearly five years now, and we follow this advice regularly.

  37. i love this. these photos looks surprisingly contemporary.

  38. My husband and I are exactly what you wrote. We let ourselves be individuals and that creates a more happy marriage. My hubby and I are best friends before anything else and this also helps. Arguments often last only a couple of minutes because we know there are more important things in life that to argue over petty things. We are a team with parenting, with our business, with school, with everything and yet we are different entities! LOVE this post! The pictures are awesome! Thanks so much!

  39. I think that they are both very wise :) Now, if I could just impart your grandfather’s wisdom to my fiance…

  40. those pictures are so, so gorgeous.

    grace :)