1. Oh my gosh, those are the most incredible photo’s! I absolutely love them. Thank you for posting.

  2. these are great pics and beautiful, all the colors in a rainbow.

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  8. OMG! These series of shots are awesome! I’ve seen the same bubble burst in motion on tv before, but I never thought it can be captured on photos! So cool!

  9. The bubble doesn’t quite just pop.
    It rips/tears/shreds.
    It violently dies.
    With the other end at eternal bliss.
    to Felicity’s impending demise.

  10. Amaaazziiiing

  11. oh wow! that is amazing! i’m going to link my fiance to this!

  12. Wow, what fantastic photos. The colors on the first photo are stunning and I can not believe how well you caught the last bubble popping.

  13. This is beautiful and amazing. Thank-you for sharing. I re-posted on my blog (www.JenRem.com) and linked back to your blog. I hope this is okay.

  14. Neat photos. :) It amazes me how a photographer can actually capture something as temporary as that.

    It just shows that no matter how trifling the little things are, those few moments are timeless.

    Hope you can drop by my blog sometime soon. :)


  15. saweet!! those pictures are too cool.

  16. Stunning photos. Very beautifuly shot… loved these pics. I’d sure try to do something like this…. I’m completely amazed.

  17. VERY cool! I’m forwarding this link to my father in law–he’s an engineer and gets off on this sort of thing just a little more than is healthy!

  18. I just LOVE these!!!

  19. these photos are beautiful!

  20. wowowwooww! i need me a camera that can do this!

  21. oh my goodness! this is amazing!!

  22. these are so cool!

  23. gorgeous…this is yet another thing that I love about photography…capturing these little moments and learning something new!

  24. it’s just amazing!

  25. Oh my goodness! These are so rad! I will have to see if I can capture the ripping of the bubbles myself. I bet I can’t like these!

  26. These photographs are absolutely GREAT!

  27. WOW! What a trip… Those photos are fantastic.

  28. Anonymous says...

    this is awesome!

  29. Anonymous says...

    Oh, I love this!

  30. I would love to add these to a nursery decor!

  31. Wow! These pictures are absolutely amazing!!!

  32. Joanna-

    Those are seriously an amazing find. I am amazed. The idea itself is genious, and he absolutely captures the essence of it perfectly. Great find.

  33. Breathtaking photography!

  34. I love those pictures they are awesome

  35. amazing! Try blowing bubbles with hookah smoke and popping them, they hold them in like floating crystal balls than *poof*

  36. These pics are absolutely wonderful. *-*

  37. Oh!
    That really impressed me!

  38. Cool! How did he capture this?

  39. oh woah! that’s so cool!

  40. Those pictures are so cool! Very fun

  41. that last shot is awesome.

  42. wow how cool! neat photos!

  43. These photos are beyond amazing!

  44. these are crazy!

  45. wow! fantastic pictures!

  46. Those are incredible!

  47. Who knew? Super cool.

  48. Oh how beautiful. It is so weird. I didn’t know they broke like that. It’s amazing what a digital camera can capture.

  49. wooooooah. wildly awesome.

  50. very cool

  51. fascinating!

  52. awesome!

  53. What a great way to start the week. Pop the magic bubble of the holiday weekend and now, GET TO WORK for me!

  54. That must be one darn amazing camera!

  55. I love these, so unexpected and beautiful:)

  56. Hah! I never would’ve guessed. These images are astonishing.

  57. what an incredible sequence of photos! wow!! thanks for sharing.

  58. beautiful! what a creative idea

  59. crazy!

  60. wow.. I have never seen an image quite like that before! amazing…

  61. Amazing that he took something so fleeting & gave it an extended life & story.

  62. How amazing are these shots? I love how these bubbles “tearing” are captured in time. Awesome! So delicate and temporary.