1. i visited your site n was good enough then othere site that i visited last month

    study abroad

  2. Thank you so much to all of you for such encouraging comments!
    It’s just the beginning but I already have other ideas to improve the concept…
    And of course Amsterdam is truly a great destination! The best way to visit the city is to get a bike and wander aimlessly through the canals and parks…

  3. I’m actually moving there permanently next year! I go all the time. I find the general dutch style to be VERY different.

    Tis all.

  4. you should come… it’s a nice place… I’ve lived there for 5 years… and still miss it… though it’s only a 1 hour drive!


  5. Yeah come see us Dutchies in Amsterdam! You’ll love it!

  6. love her hair xo

  7. Anonymous says...

    loved memory!

  8. Amsterdam…must go. :)

  9. mm, i actually think cities have VERY distinct styles–paris, LA, new york, berlin…they are all so different. maybe it’s just not showing up in the photos. don’t you think it’s so different when you’re actually there? xo

  10. LOVE it. so cute. and yes, would love to go to amsterdam!

  11. I loved Amsterdam!! I visited it with my mom and brother when I was 14, drank my first beer and drove my first car. Somewhere in between we went on boats, saw many tulips and took photos of my 11 year old brother pointing and giggling at the scantily clad ladies in the windows of the Red Light District!

  12. Jo – you read my mind. I’m off to Amsterdam in 2 weeks and was just wondering what people are wearing there. They always seem to have their own unique style.

  13. amsterdam is amazing! i did a summer study abroad in the netherlands…

    my favorite part was all the little house boats and bikes! and how each house has an outside roof hook for hoisting things up to the second floor because their stairwells are too teeny! adorable and ingenious!

  14. aha! fun post :)

  15. i love their style, so casual chic :) it’ll be a dream come true for me to visit amsterdam :)

  16. Love the shoes! And Amsterdam is so beautiful..the canals, the art, the people. You must go.

  17. I love the look of the knee socks and strappy shoes. Tried to pull that look off once — but it never made it past my closet. Love it on her, though!

  18. Ahhhh Memory…now there’s a game I miss!

  19. i went to amsterdam 2 years ago… but i actually don’t remember anyone being quite this awesomely fashionable, haha

  20. Why, Yes!..why don’t we have a fashion-match-game to play.

    That could be a train ride of fun.

  21. How funny! It is really killing me that you can’t drag the pictures around to mix and match, haha.

  22. super cute!

    i have a Starbucks Card GIVEAWAY on my blog … check it out if you want a chance to win free coffee!


  23. Number two is effortless and lovely. I think I need to take a trip to Amsterdam…if only to admire the fashions! :)

  24. I LOVE the game Memory! I didn’t make the connection till I read the end of your post, but it’s so true. I think it’s the rounded corners that bring it all together!

  25. They look like such hipsters and I love it! ;)

  26. i have been there a few times and the people watching is the best! (among the other great things to do in the city) i cant tell you how many girls rides bikes with dresses and heels, men in full suits. so cool!

  27. such a fun concept, breaking up people into 2 parts. very clever indeed! :)

  28. I lived in Amsterdam for six months and I miss it so much!

  29. What a fun take on street style. And yes, have ALWAYS wanted to visit Amsterdam …

  30. amsterdam is one of my favorite places on earth. everyone there is tall and gorgeous.

  31. Is it me or is the globalization and homogenization of fashion bothering you, too? Those pictures could have been taken anywhere. I miss when each city had a unique aesthetic. Not that these people aren’t stylish, but they could be anywhere. I want to see more new and different.

  32. The navy stockings with the nude shoes look surprisingly good! Love that color combo,

  33. hejhej. i am going to amsterdam with my boy next saturday. i’m so excited and it’s good to know what to expect. fashionwise. thanks for the link. greetings from berlin, máni.

  34. Just had a look at that website it is really cool! Love the individual pics of top and bottom halves! Amsterdam is definately somewhere i would love to visit.

  35. love your idea for the memory game!! these folks are the cutest!! wow funky styles they have. would love to go one day!! thanks for your visit to osh!! what a treat.

  36. I’ve also always wanted to go there! B. has been before and has no desire to go back, so I may be trekking out on my own for that trip though.

  37. It definitely reminds me of Memory, and Guess Who? too!

    Actually, you are gettin be thinkin. Wat if you made a personal Guess Who? game and made the pictures your friends and family? That would be hilarious and awesome.

  38. awesome and yes! always wanted to visit amsterdam.


  39. Oooh I love those over the knee socks. I really wish I could pull this look off.

  40. So cool! I love taking pictures of street fashion.

  41. Amsterdam’s pretty awesome. Of course, I’ve only been in the dead of winter, so none of us looked quite as cute as these lovely people :)

  42. cool! let’s go to amsterdam!

  43. amsterdam is gorgeous. I love these style picks–very irreverent and casually chic!

  44. everyone is so trendy here in amsterdam, i’m so glad someone decided to start up a street style blog…you could literally photograph thousands of stylish locals every.single.day.

  45. I loved the game Memory as a child! :) Love the guy in the hat!

  46. Very cool.

  47. i love the pictures of the legs…especially when they have adorable high socks with open-toed sandals!

  48. kate says...

    the first guy is so cute!

  49. i love those t-straps!