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  4. awwwwwwww and he got her expression n answer captured too

  5. That is such a wicked cool idea! I’ve often wished that we had documentation of my proposal. He did it while I was taking a bubble bath. No cameras allowed. Ah ha.

  6. hands down best proposal i have ever heard of. pure genius. love it!

  7. oh my goodness! i love it. I love photobooths….SO GREAT!

  8. Hooray! Thanks for the shout-out, Joanna – and thanks everyone for the lovely words!

  9. Sweetness!

  10. how adorable :-)


  12. What a great idea! I love photo booth photos AND engagement stories. Two in one. xo — Sandy/rhubarb reign

  13. aww such a happy moment – captured forever!!

  14. Aww that is like the cutest thing ever!
    Such a cool post!
    Great blog!

  15. what a cute story! love the photobooth pictures.

  16. love this story! i also love the one about the guy who proposed to his long lost childhood friend on a mountain spot overlooking Boulder CO, oh wait, that was me and my husband ;)

  17. So awesome.. I LOVE the creativity!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  18. oh wait, that last comment was from me–joanna! :) i was signed in as alex (whose first name is stephen)

  19. oh yes, abbie, i’ll try to do a new york guide soon!

  20. So smart! Such a good planner that guy is…he’s a keep-ah!

  21. people are so creative!! love it :)

  22. What a neat idea. So simple and sweet.

    But now I have a question for you. I will be visiting the state of New York in a months time and I was wondering what are the best places to check out. I know all the touristy places but I want the unique, New Yorkers favourite places to go. I don’t remember if you’ve done a post on something like this but if you have any suggestions that would be lovely.

    All the best.

  23. Probably the most clever way to propose, EVER!

    Hope you had a lovely day :)

  24. people are just so clever!

  25. This is seriously the cutest thing I heard today. Aw how exciting for the both of you! Congrats big time!!!!

  26. brillant idea and all captured on film….perfection!

  27. so cute! and fun:) I live in st. louis and LOVE the city museum. very cool!

  28. Ahhh LOVE THIS!!

    your blog is such a happy place. :)

  29. whoa that is one great way to propose. props to him.

  30. Brilliant!

  31. That is really sweet. I love proposals that are creative and unique!

  32. My heart just skipped a beat. Super cute idea.

  33. that is the sweetest! i love those original proposals!

  34. i love this…there’s always been this fantastical air around photo booths to me…from the wirlwind of the county fair as a child and taking them with my dad, to first kisses as a teenager, to xmas cards as an adult with my love. Such a good idea…i hope they integrate photo booth photos into their wedding invites and maybe even have a photo booth at the wedding as people’s favors to take home!

  35. This is just adorable!


  36. so cute…love the genuine surprise in the third photo.

  37. Ah, to find a guy with cute ideas as romantic as this one! :)

  38. How utterly darling!

  39. That boyfriend, ahem, fiance deserves a prize for creativity! Oh right, he get’s a wife soon :-)

  40. Hey, thank you. I dug out my old photo~booth photos from high school. I can not believe I kept them. The hairstyles…Lol.

    Thanks again for the laugh and smile. ~ Zoé

  41. Super cute, but you’re right, time would be of the essence. She looked happy enough, so it must have worked out just fine.

  42. sigh. this is perfect.

  43. CUTE! tears CUTE more tears… I am such a sucker!

  44. That is such a cute idea! I absolutely love that. Everyone wishes they could capture their engagement photos and this is genius.