Deer Beds

This is a beautiful concept: Katherine Wolkoff followed deer trails in Block Island and photographed deer beds. Apparently, deer press down the vegetation to make a sleeping place where predators won’t see them. They never use the same bed twice, but the imprints can last for a few days. Katherine told James Danziger that the experience was incredibly emotional, and she chose to make the prints 40×50 inches, almost life size. Wouldn’t these be stunning to see in person?
(Via the inspiring Year in Pictures)

  1. Do you know if it is possible to get prints?

  2. I love those photos of the deer beds! We currently live on a little over 8 acres of mostly wooded land, and we have a lot of deer on our property. From time to time I happen upon these.

    I love the fact that she made the prints almost life-size!

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  5. These are beautiful. I spent my childhood summers in rural Michigan and these were an amazing part of those nights. Love it.

  6. Sorry, I like a lot of her work very much and I think the idea behind this is really beautiful etc. but to be honest the prints as seen at NY Photo Fest are boring.

  7. I LOVE this. I grew up in VT and we used to find this in the back yard all the time (yes, we weren’t so good at mowing).

  8. Anonymous says...

    ugh as much as i want to like katherine’s work…i can’t. she claims to be environmentally aware yet she has said again and again how she loves foie gras. why celebrate deer beds when she would probably murder the deers herself? i don’t support her at all.

  9. been there, done that. we have more deer around here than anyone’s garden wants to admit. it’s more cool to see the deer themselves.

  10. these are so haunting and beautiful.

    we are so lucky to have our very own katherine wolkoff!…one of her incredible silhouette portraits: Untitled (Anna 2)

    she’s clearly not just a photographer…but an artist who uses the camera to express her brilliance.

  11. oh wow how smart are those animals! and pretty finicky about where they sleep from what i can see! i am surprised they haven’t camped out a four seasons!

  12. It is a beautiful concept! I never knew deer made these beds.. I’d love to see those..

  13. Absolutely gorgeous!

  14. I’m so telling my husband about these “deer beds” just to see if he knows about them. He’s the nature boy and I’ve never heard him mention them. Thx for sharing such a cool thing.

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  15. thanks, jo, for posting this picture. it is just stunning! have a great weekend!

  16. oh! be still my heart…

  17. little bird, i read lots of gallery websites and also love the site The Year in Pictures ( who posts AMAZING stuff.

  18. she IS stunning. and I love her tattoo.

  19. I love these… you always link to the most talented artists. How do you find them?

  20. P says...

    Lovely. Reminds me of that line from Yeats:

    “The mountain grass cannot but keep the for where the mountain hare has lain.”

  21. how beautiful! it’s like we’re in on a secret.

  22. Lovely idea – thanks again for your comment on the Living post. Your job sounds so interesting!

  23. I love this concept and would love to see them so large in scale!

  24. kate says...

    so sweet.

  25. jo says...

    oh sweet, sweet deers!!!