Paul Turns 30!

My new brother-in-law Paul turns thirty this weekend, which is very fitting for family week (thanks, Paul!). To celebrate his old age, we went to the Drambuie Den on 14th Street, where we drank tons and then lit the drinks on fire.
Paul makes Lucy laugh a lot. Sometimes she laughs until she cries!
Ryan lights up the Drambuie, just the way Paul taught him.
Every time I hang out with Paul and Lucy a drink is somehow spilled on my foot.
Robin and Paul heart each other.
Last September, Paul also married my sister.

I love you, Paul! I am so happy you are in our family!

  1. Summer says...

    Just read Paul’s book over the weekend, and remembered this post. I’ll be thinking of yall during his 40th this year. xxxx

  2. every second is a moment. picture can remain everything what had happened in the past. hope you always happy with your family.

  3. Jo I always run across your blog unintentionally when searching for something and always love it (sorry I don’t really “follow” it, or any for that matter) but just picked up Paul’s book and did a little pre-research and I can’t believe here you are again, in his family. Nice to know he was nice to know. And I’m sure you are too. I’m convinced someday we will randomly meet on the street. :) 6 degrees away, :) Kerri

  4. Hey Joanna, I was browsing some old posts and came across this one… I hope this is a sweet reminder of the love Paul and Lucy shared. xoxo

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  6. so happy you are in our family

  7. So far 30 is going much like 29. Further bulletins as events warrant.

  8. Anonymous says...

    Happy Birthday Paul!