Have a Great Weekend.

Joanna Goddard and Lucy Kalanithi

What are you up to this weekend? My twin sister (right) and I are turning 37. Alex and I are going out to dinner twice, and we’re having chocolate cake with the boys on Sunday. (I’m a big believer in stretching your birthday out as long as everyone will let you:) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

This is at the top of my birthday wishlist.

My children are totally into this re-released 1972 book, The Brownstone. So good!

18 slightly moving photographs of Hollywood’s famous faces. (Nick Kroll must have had to stay really still.)

Times my children want to talk to me.” Haha, SO TRUE.

A love of sentences.

Cheese triggers the same part of the brain as hard drugs.

The new show Animals looks hilarious and bizarre.

Would you try these smart bedding sheets?

Depression screenings during and after pregnancy. Two thumbs up.

The best cacio e pepe in New York City.

How to read 100 books a year.

How rad are these workout pants???

This is how I feel about Christmas in California.

(Cheese link via Swissmiss.)

  1. Happy belated birthday to you and your sister <3 Thank you for the "A love of sentences" link…I've been reading it nonstop.

  2. Hey – oh no oh no oh no to those sheets! how can you spring roll, and then free your feet? oh dear, oh how could you sleep?
    Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to you!

  4. you’re right, anton totally looks like your sister when she was younger! so sweet

  5. definitely make it a birthday week! and if it falls during the middle of the week, you get to have both weekends ;)

  6. Happy birthday to you! Cheek stains freak me out, wish I could master the art of them! Hope you ate lots of cake this weekend.

  7. Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a stellar beginning to an amazing year!

  8. shubhnita says...

    A very Happy Birthday to you and your sister, Enjoy!!

  9. AM says...

    OMG I am so excited for Smart Sheets. I need them in my life STAT.

    Also, if you love that lip and cheek stain, you should try Stainiac (one of my favorites!) It’s super vibrant but goes a long way. Always gives me that just bitten/fresh out of the cold look. (Not an ad, I pinky promise.)

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday to you both!

    Wow, Anton looks so much like you sister!

  11. Happy Birthday!! Thanks for the links! xoxo

  12. I particularly liked the ‘How to read 100 books a year’ article link! 4 down… I am convinced now that I can do better! I love to mix up fiction and non-fiction with a particular interest in books about art and culture both of which inspire my art practice hugely. Thanks for sharing, I check your blog weekly and am never disappointed! All the best from Ireland, Els

  13. Angie says...

    Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy birthday! And am I seeing Anton on the right? The genes are definitely running strong! :)

  15. Katie says...

    Happy Birthday!

    That Love of Sentences link is beautiful.

  16. I have meant o say this before, but always felt silly. I really appreciate the way your writing bubbles with a kind of infectious joy, or if not that, then curiosity. It’s lively, if that makes sense and I love it.

    So, thank you. Also, happiest of birthdays.

  17. Kristina says...

    Happy birthday, Joanna and Lucy! You are wonderful. xxx

  18. Jenna says...

    My husband’s family celebrates birthday seasons. I hope yours and your sister’s are good ones:)

  19. Meghan says...

    Happy birthday Joanna! I hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  20. Shannon says...

    Happy Birthday to you and your sister! It’s my birthday tomorrow too! Delighted to share it with both of you! Cheers!

  21. Always blows me away when kids resemble their Aunts/Uncles even more so than their parents sometimes. While Toby is you all over, I totally agree Anton is Lucy! My son is the copy of my brother in law, and my nephew the image of my husband, so weird! Lovely to see how genes run deep through the family tree. Hope you and your sister have a happy happy birthday, and your mom has a special day as well.

  22. Happy Birthday to you & your sister! 37 rocks! I agree on stretching out birthdays as long as possible.

    Great links. I want to try out more fun/bold leggings. I always stick to black or grey, but the funky ones look like so much fun.

    Have fun celebrating!

    xo Lendy

  23. I’ve celebrated nearly every single one of my Christmas’ in California so that video had me cracking up! Another great links list. Happy Birthday to you and Lucy! I hope you enjoy ALL your celebrations! (I stretch my birthday out too. :))

  24. Ryan says...

    We have the same birthday! And I’m also celebrating with my hubby and son today and tomorrow! Cheers!

  25. Julienne says...

    Happy birthday! I love the tips on how to read 100 books a year. That’s one of my goals. Since I’ve had kids, I wasn’t making time to read. I’m making up for it now. I’ve already read 10 books since Christmas so I’m slated to reach that goal if I keep it up. My tip, if you have an eReader is to check out ebooks from your local library. I haven’t paid for a single book and they have mostly everything I’ve been looking for. Makes for easy reading when in nursing the baby to sleep!

  26. Kate says...

    Happy Birthday to you and your sister!

  27. Shelley says...

    This is my favorite blog, and I have a long blog roll. You have inspired me with many of my life struggles and given me much to think about. Thank you. My favorite this weekend was the article on how to read 100 books–great advice! Your sister’s interview with Katie Couric moved me to tears. WHO were your parents?! Enjoy your birthday and may the year ahead be filled with new adventures, great books, good wine, inspiring music and simple moments that bring you joy with your boys and husband!

  28. happy twin birthday to you girls!!! I’m celebrating mine with my twin in March (same age as you guys!!!).
    Have a wonderful weekend and a great year to come!
    #girltwinpower ;)

  29. Happy Many returns!! I turned 37 on Jan 26 🌹🌹🌼🌺 It’s going to be an awsome year!! Much love

    • Awesome ;)

  30. Tara says...

    Happy birthday!!

    Also, I get some weird pop-up SPAM when I click on the 100 books link. Anyone else?

  31. A says...

    How to Read 100 Books a Year: Replace #1 with get a library card. I will definitely read 100 Books this year but I probably wouldn’t if I had to PAY for 100 Books. You can take out 10 Books and read what you’re in the mood for without having to feel guilty if you end up not being into one. Also, most libraries offer free ebooks and eaudio if that’s how you prefer to read (And then you don’t have to go there). Only have a few minutes? Reserve your books online or by phone and pick them up at the desk.

  32. Rebecca says...

    Oh my gosh – Anton looks EXACTLY like Lucy!!! That’s amazing! Hope you and Lucy both have a lovely birthday weekend! xoxo

  33. Carolyn says...

    Anton and Lucy are total twins

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i think the same thing!!!

  34. Theresa says...

    Happy Birthday to you and your sister! Cheers to another wonderful trip around the sun!

  35. Wow I seriously love so many of these links! The celebrity photos were great! As was the love of sentences!

  36. Ashley B says...

    Wait…you are turning THIRTY-SEVEN?? Damn girl. You look good. Also, I have always thought that Toby was your clone but at this age Anton looks EXACTLY like you! HAVE FUN!!!

  37. Must be why cheese gives me weird dreams! Lol!! Anyone else?

    Best not be eaten before bed time.

    Love, Mariam

    • gk says...

      Oh, yes! I’ve had some pretty weird cheese dreams, too! (Like seriously, hallucinogenic weird stuff). It’s a thing. I stopped feeling crazy when I heard a NPR story about it a few years ago. I think it’s worse with the really good ones like brie and stilton :)

  38. Haha, that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend music video was filmed at my hometown’s outdoor mall! Recognized it right away. Too funny.

    Also, I am now craving cacio e pepe and dreaming of going to Lupa!!

    Finally, happy birthday to you and Lucy! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and definitely stretch out the celebrating as long as you can! :)

  39. Lily says...

    Happy birthday!! I appreciate your stretching out your birthday for as long as you can (I’m the exact same way). I saw a card at Paper Source the other day that said, “I love those people who are like, ‘It’s my birthday week.’ Or, ‘It’s my birthday month.’ Even Martin Luther King only gets a day. Calm down, people.” Made me laugh.

  40. Katie H. says...

    Happy birthday to you and your sister! My husband and my mother’s birthdays are on Sunday, so it’s going to be busy birthday weekend!

  41. 🎂♫♪☆Happy Birthday!☆♪♫🎂

  42. Jessica says...

    Happy happy birthday to you and your sister Joanna! I hope you both have fabulous weekends! I also see Anton in your sister but definitely see both Anton and Toby in you!

  43. Caz says...

    Happy birthday! I hope both you and your sister have beautiful days full of love and hugs and good vibes :)

  44. jlhbhat says...

    Happy birthday to you and your sister. I hope the next year is happy and healthy and that the drawn out celebrating is wonderful (I do that too!). Thank you to both of you for enriching our lives.


  45. Glenda says...

    Happy birthday to you and your sis. Celebrate you!!!

  46. Megan says...

    Happy Happy Birthday Joanna!!!

  47. Kate says...

    I was thinking the same thing: how much Anton looks like Lucy! Thank you for introducing us to her, her late husband, his parents, and his book through your blog. Thinking of you all.

  48. Jillian says...

    Happy 37th to you and your sister! I caught the Katie Couric piece earlier this week. Wow, what a beautiful and yet heartbreaking story. Lucy in this photo reminds me of your Anton!

  49. Thanks so much for sharing A Love of Sentences :) And I hope you have the most wonderful birthday weekend!! x

  50. Happy Birthday!

  51. Alexa says...

    Happy birthday to you and your sister! I have never commented before (on any blog actually), but I talk about your blog to family and friends often and have loved it for years! I am moved to comment today though because I just finished your brother in law’s book and was so deeply impacted by his beautiful words and incredible perspective. I read it in two days- to and from a PA school interview. It was perfect timing to read his thoughts on medicine and life and the impact a practioner can have on another life. And what it feels like to be on the other side of that. Thank you for bringing the book to my attention in your post a couple of weeks ago. I hope your sister and neice are doing well and finding peace in the fact that their husband/ father was such an amzing person. Best wishes!

  52. It’s already been noted but Anton and your sister as a baby look identical. So neat!

  53. “The times my children want to talk to me” I have to add one thing – when I’m on the telephone!
    Have a very Happy Birthday

  54. Happy birthday, Joanna! (And to your sister too!) And thank you for your blog, it always keeps me connected to things that I might not have time for and, for sharing your life stories with a bunch of like-minded stranger-friends on the internet. Wishing you many more birthdays and wonderful years!

  55. Jess says...

    How much does your sister look like Anton in that picture?!

  56. Looks just like Anton…crazy!

  57. Maywyn says...

    Happiest Birthday!

  58. Happy birthday! It’s my 37th too and we are taking the kids out. 37 feels like it’s going to be AWESOME. ;)

  59. Mona says...

    wishing you and your sister a very happy birthday…you are both very adorable

  60. M.Y.M. says...

    Happy birthday, Joanna and Lucy!

  61. Happy almost birthday!!! Love that depression article. Thanks for sharing!

  62. Kelsey says...

    I heard the Dior cheek and lip glow is very, very sheer! Not a lot of color payoff. Unless you’ve already swatched it and liked it =) Happy birthday x

  63. Laurie says...

    Love this sweet photo…happy birthday wishes!

  64. Nina says...

    Happy HAPPY birthday Joanna and Lucy! I agree, celebrate you the whole month!

  65. Loesie says...

    Happy birthday to both of you!
    Especially lots of strength for your sister.

    May all your days this coming year be filled with sunshine and laughter.

  66. Always love your recommendations! I’ve noticed you’ve also posted about favorite podcasts, books, movies, etc, so I’d also be interested to see a post about some of your favorite blogs to follow. Just a suggestion!

  67. Darcy says...

    Wishing you and your sister a very happy birthday…dinner out 2x’s AND a chocolate cake = perfect way to celebrate!! ENJOY!

  68. breezy says...

    anton looks just like you and your sister! crazy!

    • Anneke says...


    • Ash says...

      Yes! So (!!) much like Anton.