Have a Sweet Weekend.


What are you up to this weekend? I’ve felt like a mama bear watching Toby walk into kindergarten every morning. I hadn’t expected it to be so emotional! It’s such a big school. It gets easier right?! Anyway, this weekend, we’re heading to Connecticut for my cousin’s wedding, and we’re staying in a rambling rental house with our relatives. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

A pick-me-up on rainy days.

The right way to microwave leftover pasta.

14 psychology tips that everyone should know. (“When laughter breaks out in a group of people, each one will instinctively glance at whichever other individual they feel closest to in that group. This is a good way of spotting who is secretly sleeping together at work.”)

How to do a ballet bun.

The myth of quality time. This essay made my heart swell.

Behind-the-scenes of designing a book cover.

Found! The best polish for toes: the most beautiful sheer (Allure).

Muffin tin tapas.

Are you guilty of writing this horrifying email?

Loving this ballerina’s Instagram account.

Did you ever see the great movie Something’s Gotta Give? These women had a bachelorette party with that as the theme — turtlenecks, glasses and roast chicken in the Hamptons. So funny.

And, most of all, a double rainbow on the eve of 9/11.

(Photo of Tilvie the bunny by Katia Carletti)

  1. Hi Joanna,
    Thank you for always posting interesting links. “The myth of quality time” just came at the right moment for me and it made me cry. All the best for you and your family!

  2. Susan M. says...

    Wow, that Frank Bruni piece. Thanks!

  3. Leslie says...

    Oh wow, I’m horrified that that Onion article could be about me…I guess I’m not the only one! haha

  4. Thanks for sharing these links! Love the adorable picture of the bunny and the article – “Behind-the-scenes of designing a book cover”.

    Hope you had a great weekend too! :)


  5. If I was getting married again, I’d want that bachelorette party (Hamptons & all)! It made me laugh at loud & then I thought I want in! Haha!

    The Friday link genius strikes again! I enjoyed them all! I would love to be in the room when you first discover some of these links! ;)

  6. Thanks for sharing the links. I enjoyed reading them. I love the pic of the bunny :)

  7. Heather H says...

    I look forward to this post every week!

  8. Kim says...

    that bunny is awesome!

  9. Thank you thank you for showing Courtney Lavine’s Instagram account. She is such a beautiful dancer and beautiful woman and people often forget she is in ABT and she is a beautiful dancer of color. Most of the press is going to Misty Copeland and no one is featuring other dancers of color. Than are many beautiful ballet dancers of color and they are often not featured. Thank you thank you for featuring Courtney!

  10. E E Faris says...

    It is so hard to see our little lambs go off to school.
    When my eldest was in first grade he came home one day and told me about two bigger boys who came up to him and demanded his school cafeteria chicken nuggets at lunch time. It was all I could do to stuff down my horror and listen to him. ( I thought I appeared neutral while he talked to me.) I asked him what he did. He said he just pretended he didn’t understand them, and kept asking questions, and they got tired of that and wandered off. Then he looked at me and said, “Mom, I can take care of myself.”
    After that I didn’t worry so much. And also learned I wasn’t as good at hiding my concern as I thought.

  11. Linda says...

    Wow Toby is going to Kindergarden already?! I can still remember you wrote on the blog you were pregnant, and then when he was born… That was so special but faraway for me I thought back then and now I have a little girl of my own! So I can imagine this school-thing being a major step for you as mamma… But for sure you’ll be fine Joanna, as always ;) Have a great weekend. Love from The Netherlands

  12. GoldenMoon says...

    That sweet bunny pic just made my day!

  13. Agreeing with others how much I look forward to your Friday posts.

    Regarding Psychology tips article: I agree. Whenever we laughed at work I would always look at my co-worker. He and I have known each other for 26 years. We have worked together twice (13 out of the 26 years). While never a sexual relationship, we know each other very well, and I trust him both personally and professionally.

  14. Love the ballerina’s instagram account! I took ballet classes for several years and have not done a ballet bun in a long time. I’ll follow the steps to do the perfect bun! Have a nice weekend!

  15. Lauren E. says...

    That Frank Bruni article is incredible. I sent it to my mom and I’m sure she’ll tear up just like I did. Thanks for posting :)

  16. Kim says...

    That NYT piece made my heart hurt. I can’t be the only one.

    Last weekend the BF was in a wedding–the FULL weekend–and it was lovely, but it is so hard to be part of a group for so long. I leave parties early as a rule–I get too drunk less often and usually manage to be fairly charming until the end. I know I miss out, but the alternative is much worse.

    It’s hard to be near people. It’s been a rough week. Thanks as always for the links!

  17. Katie says...

    I look forward to these posts every week! I’m curious though…were you a former ballerina? I love the ballerina links, but I’m curious to know the background behind your fascination!

  18. I love how you often have ballet-related links…and I just wanted to say thank you for mentioning “Astonish Me” (can’t remember when/how you did) because I just finished it and LOVED it. Best novel I’ve read in a long time–why is the ballet world so fascinating?!

    • I second this. I LOVED the book too. It’s been lingering in my head for several weeks now. That’s always a sign of a really great book.

      Have you ever considered starting a Cup of Jo book club?

  19. Cynthia says...

    I love the bunny in the photograph! We have wild rabbits in our neighborhood and they are often in our yard. I guess I was not terribly motherly, but I was ready for my children to start kindergarten. My oldest walked in, head held high, no tears, ready for school. When my youngest started kindergarten, we were both ready, and I also went back to teaching part-time. I had been at home for nine years. My youngest has a late October birthday, so she stayed home another year. Have fun at the wedding!

  20. Laura C says...

    Love the tips and that GORGEOUS umbrella!! Will you get one, Joanna?
    Have fun this weekend!

  21. Oops! I hit post by accident. Anyway, the relationship with both my kids grows richer every year :)

  22. Yes, it does get (a little) easier. My kids are 8 & 5 and it’s actually cool to have bigger kids. There’s so much more my husband and I can do with them now. I do sometimes long for those baby days, but with each passing year our rekationship

  23. Leah Phillips says...

    One of my PhD supervisors just (accidentally, she’s the loveliest person) did the horrifying email to me: “various things…” I was having heart palpitations as I opened it: What did I forget? Did she hate that writing I sent? Is she leaving the uni? Yup, heart palpitations, even just thinking about!

  24. Deanne says...

    I wanted to let you know that I have come to look forward to your weekend posts on Friday, the same way I look forward to the New York Times on Sunday. I know I will find something that I overlooked or even knew existed. Of course, I read it at my standing desk in between emails, phone calls and meetings, instead of on my couch with a cup of coffee, but the overall impact it the same – sometimes even better.

    Have a great weekend yourself!

  25. Samantha says...

    Chuckling so much from that bachelorette party!! What a RIOT!

  26. Those psychology tips are SO interesting. Definitely sitting next to every client I have in every meeting from this point forward. The laughter thing is really interesting too.

  27. I heard about that double rainbow and my heart aches that I was not home in NYC to see it. But so happy and touched that it even occurred :)

  28. Ellen Ezell says...

    That quality time essay was so sweet!

  29. Amy says...

    That article (the myth about quality time) produced a major lump in my throat.
    It was one of those moments where you were reading a truth you kind of knew deep down but the light was shone on it more clearly than before.
    I’m a mom of two (5&3) and work full time and my husband works part time and then a bit on weekends on a side business. I constantly feel the push and pull of the time we have/don’t have with our kids. Luckily, they are babysat by grandparents twice a week while we work, and then are with their dad or me. So I’m grateful that they have time with family like that.
    But as for extended periods of just being with our immediate and extended family, I always have a longing for more and it feels like it slips away when we have work, school, personal commitments and so does everyone else. This is a period of my life where it’s about a busy schedule and I want to make this time count and carve out that intentional time with people.
    Thank you for sharing that today. That article will stay with me for a long time..

  30. Jeanne says...

    Kindergarten is such a big step! Congrats! And yes it does get easier over time……that is, until they are ready to get behind the wheel or ride with their friends. Yeah, going through that right now.

  31. Always love your link lists. Have a lovely weekend <3

  32. LC says...

    Guilty as charged.

  33. Thanks for all the ballet links. My daughter starts ballet this Saturday. And we will definitely try the bun! And I loved the essay as well. I worked through most of my son’s first year vs staying at home for my daughter’s. Now that he’s a year old, I feel like it’s gone in a whirlwind. There’s nothing like presence and eye contact and being there for one’s family.

    Analog House