Have a Fun Weekend.

Have a Fun Weekend

What are you up to this weekend? I’m thinking about taking the boys to Beauty & the Beast, which they’ve been begging to see. Have you seen it? Did you love it? (Also, do you think it would be too intense for two slightly-easy-to-scare little guys?) Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

How to pack for a trip. (Busted.)

This lovely film about a young girls’ questions made me smile, but this film about her little brother made my heart split open.

Whoa, a house completely covered in ice.

Friend idea: A nap hangout.

So, don’t kill the messenger, but… scrunchies are coming back.

Career questions from Friends, Jane Austen and Gilmore Girls.

Would LOVE to try this eucalyptus scent.

The surprising secret weapon of the best basketball players.

Scary things often don’t turn out to be that scary.

A secret to a happy relationship: Reinvent date night.

Digging this rug.

Plus, two great reader comments:

Says Emily on a very easy dinner party: “Anything looks fancy once you put it on a platter. I have a friend that sliced a Snickers bar and laid the small squares out on a silver plate – everyone went nuts for it.”

Says Katie on describing your family: “Jaclyn, I’m so glad you commented about your divorce – you are not alone, even though it might feel like it sometimes. I’m so sorry you’re going through this right now. My parents got divorced when I was 17, and it was very hard. We go through it, though, and I am happy to say 20 years later that my parents are happier apart and I am so close to each of them individually. That’s why I defined my family growing up with the words ‘passionate and perseverance.’ Surviving a divorce is no small feat, and hugely rewarding, sooner or later. Keep reaching out and staying kind to yourself. It’s okay to feel raw and tender. Sending you a big hug and lots of love from Oregon.”

(Photo by Jenna Park. Scary link via Swissmiss. Ice house via Girl of a Certain Age.)


A Week of Outfits: Rachael Bedard

A Week of Outfits: Rachael Bedard

Rachael Bedard is a palliative care and geriatrics doctor, but although she wears a white coat to work, she loves the fashion underneath. “Clothes can be a great form of self-expression,” she says. Rachael lives with her husband and their daughter, Ophelia, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Here, she shows us what she wears to work, weddings and on weekends…

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Four Fun Things

Hiplet Ballet

Have you heard of hiplet (pronounced “hip-lay”)? I can’t stop watching this combo of hip-hop and ballet, created by Homer Hans Bryant, the founder of the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center. Although the moves can look untraditional, Bryant noted, “I love awkward… It’s probably making a lot of teachers cringe… [But] we’re keeping it relevant and getting kids excited. Some people didn’t like Picasso either. He painted funny.”

Julia, Sesame Street character with autism

The new Sesame Street character, Julia, has autism. This makes me happier than words can say. She meets Big Bird and friends, and they welcome her into the fold. The team was incredibly thoughtful about creating her persona: for example, her outfit is loose and doesn’t have buttons, tags or ribbons (which can bother kids with sensory issues). “Her eyes had to be a certain way because she has to have an intense look, but she has to look friendly,” says puppet designer Rollie Krewson. Krewson actually created two sets of eyes — a half-closed version and a fully closed version — so that if Julia gets overwhelmed by something, she can squeeze them shut. (This article is 1000% worth reading.)

Best White Jeans

Really feeling white pants for spring — or anytime of year, really. They’d look great paired with a grey tee or chambray shirt. Three standouts: natural, boyfriend, cropped.

S-Town Podcast with Brian Reed and Julie Snyder

Podcast lovers, mark your calendars for March 28th: S-Town, a new true crime podcast from the producers of This American Life and Serial, will drop all seven episodes at once. The narrative includes a “nasty feud and a hunt for hidden treasure”; and Ira Glass notes, “the story has this feeling and mood that’s different from anything else we’ve done.” If you have trouble getting a hold of us next Tuesday, you know why.

P.S. More fun things, and brilliant magazine covers.

(Hiplet photos by Whitten Sabbatini for the NYTimes. White jeans photo via Madewell/Instagram.)


What Food Geniuses Eat for Lunch

What Food Geniuses Eat for Lunch

I worked at a tiny Italian restaurant during college, and every Friday, for four years, the owner would make the same lunch: a lightly-dressed spinach salad, with four grilled shrimp and two tomato slices — as long as the tomato was “bright red and soft, not mushy.” And every Friday, for four years, I was puzzled. It wasn’t until after I left that I understood her reasoning: It took 30 seconds to throw together and she never had to devote brainpower to choosing her meal. So, in the spirit of no-brainer lunches, we asked 15 culinary experts to share what they reach for when lunchtime rolls around…

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Spring Trend: Woven Pieces

This spring, we’ve noticed a wide new assortment of beautiful woven pieces to wear or use at home. Some are made of rattan, the natural fiber that was popular in midcentury design (like Franco Albini’s classic rattan ottoman, designed in 1951), and some are seagrass, wicker or even brass — with a look that feels fresh and pretty. Take a look…

Thoughts? Favorites?

P.S. Jollifiers for the home, and 18 pretty pieces for spring.

(Top photo of this handwoven Moroccan basket by James Ransom for Food52.)