Sweet Crib Sheets

Winter Water Factory crib sheets

After six years of having at least one child in a crib, we gave our crib away this weekend! Both boys are sleeping in regular beds now, and it feels like the end of an era. Maybe that’s why I’m swooning so much over Winter Water Factory’s new collection of crib sheets. Don’t you love their sweet patterns? Here are a few, plus some other crib sheets we like…

Do you have a baby in your household? What crib sheets do you use? (Target also has cute ones.)

P.S. Children’s books with female heroines, and a lovely nursery.


18 Surprising Things About Parenting In Thailand

eks hometown

Today we are excited to begin the fourth year of our Motherhood Around The World series! To kick things off, we’re heading to Thailand. Ciana Hardwick lives in Phuket with her husband, Ek, and their adorable two-year-old daughter, Aerina — and they’re expecting daughter number two any day now. Here, Ciana shares 18 surprising things about living in Thailand, including how people hold babies differently and the importance of showing respect for elders…

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Have a Lovely Weekend.

Beyonce and Jay Z in the Louvre

What are you up to this weekend? After all the heartbreak and upset in the news lately, I hope you’re hanging in there. It’s disorienting. Hug your loved ones extra tightly this weekend. We’re heading to the beach to visit some friends, and I want to just soak up the boys and watch them play in the sand. Meanwhile, if you’re in a blog-reading mood, here are a few fun links from around the web…

Funny flowcharts.

Ha! Love this fun fact about The Graduate.

An awesome approach to allowance. (What cool parents.)

Fourth of July pie.

NYC will provide free tampons and pads in public schools, prisons and shelters. Bravo.

I’m not an alcoholic.”

For better salads, the key is a bigger bowl.

The most adorable summer ritual!

How rad is this guy’s resume? No wonder he got the internship without even an interview.

What a pretty summer shirt.

TV critics’ first impressions of 9 legendary TV comedies.

Can’t wait to read this new book, which is getting insane reviews.

And great news: Loeffler Randall is having a 50% off sale (!!) on their shoes and bags.

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo of Beyonce and Jay Z’s private tour of the Louvre.)


A Funny Way to Fall Asleep


For the past five years, I’ve had bouts of insomnia. Once I lie down in bed, so many thoughts start running through my head that sleep doesn’t have a chance. I’ve tried breathing techniques and guided meditations (and a couple glasses of wine sometimes does the trick), but nothing is guaranteed to work during those frustrating phases.

Then someone told me about the podcast Sleep With Me, where a guy actually sets out to bore people to sleep with his slow-paced, meandering stories. Have you heard of it? I laughed at first, but was intrigued. Drew Ackerman, who has a day job at a Bay Area library, records three podcasts a week. He’ll discuss whatever pops into his head (Is skim milk just regular milk mixed with water? for example), as well as bigger topics like the latest Game of Thrones episode or his recent trip to Trader Joe’s. Ackerman describes his show as a “lulling, soothing, dull podcast,” which has now found itself in the top 50 at iTunes.

“In fifth grade, I was scared of going to school and would overthink it at night,” he told me. “I’ll never forget being swept away and distracted by the radio show Dr. Demento. That’s a key element of my podcast: Let me just take your mind off what you’re thinking about — I’m going tell you a story, and be as friendly as I can, and a little bit goofy — to distract you long enough for the natural process, the magical process, of drifting off to sleep to take over.”

And that is exactly what his podcast did for me. With my head on my pillow and Ackerman’s deep voice in my headphones, I found myself laughing a few times as it got going, but soon all thoughts were cleared from my mind. I wasn’t worrying about work, or family, or that random thing I said at a party; there was just the drone of his voice — and then it was morning.

Would you ever try this podcast? Do you have any other tricks for falling asleep?

P.S. 8 awesome podcasts, and a five-second way to relax.

(Photo by Alyssa Jiosa.)