Berry Milk

Berry Milk

Did you ever drink flavored milk growing up? We’re getting back into it as adults. It’s delicious when you want something cold and creamy but lighter than a milkshake. So, as the final post in our month of berry desserts, we’re sharing a recipe for strawberry or blueberry milk. Here’s how to do it…

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Learning Fun Things


In New York, we’re in the middle of the first big heat wave of the summer. All we want to do is drink rosé, sit next to the a/c and stream stuff (like Stranger Things) on our computers. We’ve also been catching up on Skillshare, the online learning community we joined this year. Becoming a member of Skillshare lets you stream more than 6,600 different classes on topics such as design, photography and food that are taught by masters of their crafts. In January, we wrote about the first four classes we took, and here’s an update on what we’ve learned lately while escaping the heat…

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Every Vote Counts

Michelle Obama's DNC Speech

Michelle Obama's DNC Speech

Michelle Obama brought down the house with her speech last night at the Democratic National Convention. Twelve hours later, it’s still giving us goosebumps. Did you watch? What an inspiration to hear the first lady speak eloquently, strongly and, most of all, optimistically, about our country and the presidency. Here are a few memorable quotes:

“When someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don’t stoop to their level. No, our motto is, ‘When they go low, we go high.’ ”

“I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. And I watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent, black young women, playing with their dogs on the White House lawn. And because of Hillary Clinton, my daughters and all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the United States.”

“When you have the nuclear codes at you fingertips and military at your command, you can’t make snap decisions. You can’t have thin skin or a tendency to lash out. You need to be steady and well-informed. I want a president with a record of public service, someone whose life work shows our children we don’t chase fame and fortune for ourselves.”

“In this election, we cannot sit back and hope that everything works out for the best. We cannot afford to be tired or frustrated or cynical. No, hear me. Between now and November, we need to do what we did eight years ago and four years ago. We need to knock on every door, we need to get out every vote, we need to pour every last ounce of our passion and our strength and our love for this country into electing Hillary Clinton as president of the United States of America!”

You can watch her speech here. Also, here’s the amazing story behind Michelle’s convention dress.

We don’t often cover news directly on Cup of Jo, but this election is so important, and the outcome is not a foregone conclusion. So much is at stake, and we are wholeheartedly behind Hillary. Here’s how to register to vote. Every vote counts.

(Photos by Paul Sancya/Associated Press and Sam Hodgson for The New York Times)


Which Board Games Do You Like For Kids?

Board Games for Kids

This summer, Toby, Anton and I have been getting really into playing games together. We’ve always liked Zingo and Perfection (makes your heart race). And when Toby and I visited my mom this weekend, we played Memory on her coffee table every evening. Toby liked to peek at each card before officially choosing one, but the game helped teach him to play fairly. I’m also excited to try Guess Who with the boys — a flashback to my own childhood!

Do you have any recommendations? I’d love to hear…

P.S. Slamdunk birthday presents for kids.

(Photo of Chris Evert with her siblings in 1971.)