Have a Relaxing Weekend.

Have a Relaxing Weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend? Toby has been taking swimming lessons, and he is freaked out about putting his face underwater. I remember that exact feeling growing up! It’s hard to be little :) We’re also going here for dinner tonight, and I’m looking forward to a big bowl of cacio e pepe. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Love this necklace.

In Germany, kids learn how to play with fire.

Leave it to Smitten Kitchen to make even broccoli pizza look delicious.

My friend gave me this perfume, and people on the street have been stopping me to ask about it!

Let’s go outside.

Loving these style hacks, especially the sailor cuff.

Have you heard of Stiltsville?

The jobs Americans do.

Spoiler alert: Why the new Bachelorette is a big deal. (And something to watch for.)

All avocados should have these stickers.

Would your children eat these lunches? I’m impressed.

What a fun interview format! Now I want to interview all my friends like this.

Plus, three fun reader comments on dining alone:

Sophie says: “One of my favorite memories was traveling to Portland, Oregon, for my first ever solo trip. The first day I went to Powell’s and bought a book by David Sedaris. I opened it as soon as I sat down in the burger restaurant I’d picked. The burger was delicious, and I still dream about the fries, but the best part was that the book was so funny I started laughing out loud — and soon after, actual tears were streaming down my face. I kept turning the pages with my greasy fingers and wiping my face with dirty napkins and trying not to laugh too loudly.”

Says Dot: “My favorite restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia, gives solo diners some company — a fish swimming in a small glass bowl. I’ve always found that so charming.”

Says Tari: “I was out to dinner with a friend and our kids at a bustling restaurant recently, and there was an older woman, maybe 75, with her iPad and her Bose headphones watching her show and eating a full plate of ribs! She was an inspiration.”

(Photo by India Hobson/Instagram. Outside link via Jocelyn Glei.)


Pretty in Pink

Dusty pink is everywhere this year, and we’re totally into it. It looks beautiful and fresh for spring, whether it’s a sweater, shoes or necklace. Here are a few picks…

Thoughts? What would you wear? I also looooove this.

P.S. Hoop earrings, and work twinning.

(Top photo from Madewell, similar sweater.)


Four Fun Things

Have you seen this mesmerizing video by data artist Josh Begley? It shows every New York Times front page since 1852 and is such a compelling example of the huge role photography has come to play in our culture.

To brighten up my dull winter skin, I’ve been adding a few shakes of self-tanning drops to my everyday face moisturizer, gradually building a spring glow. They make your face look naturally radiant, like you woke up with a little bronzer on.

How to use less plastic

The eight plastic habits to break. I was sort of bowled over by how much plastic I use when I read this post, and I’d like to cut back. (One small example: How often do you end up needing the plastic cutlery that comes with your sushi delivery? You can just request — or check the box on Seamless — that it not be included.)

A Kiss Cam that embraces kisses of all kinds. Way to go, N.F.L.! (Remember this?)

P.S. More fun things.

(Tan drops photo from Doen.)


City Guide: Paris

City Guide: Paris

City Guide: Paris

Have you been to Paris (or do you live there)? For our next city guide, we’re touring the City of Lights with Morgane Sézalory, the founder of the cool-girl French clothing brand Sézane. Here, she reveals the best view of the city and how to not look like a tourist (and we share a few of our favorites, too)…

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