A Fall Uniform

A Uniform for Fall

What’s your uniform these days? For half the year, mine is a cozy sweater, blue jeans and classic sneakers. Every fall, I’m on the hunt for great versions of these staples.

A Uniform for Fall

My friend Kendra, who is my style crush in many ways, put together this easy look. The sweater is neutral — so she can wear it all fall and winter. (Also, tucking the front of a sweater into high-rise jeans looks cute.)

A Uniform for Fall

Stan Smith sneakers, with their iconic 70s design, always look great, and I love this pair’s touch of navy.

A Uniform for Fall

Kendra layered everything with a black duster coat. “A duster is a wardrobe workhorse,” she says, “It feels equally appropriate dressed up or with sneakers. You can layer it over a sweater this fall and throw it over a dress next spring.”

A Uniform for Fall

For the base of a fall uniform, here are five pretty sweaters: cable, honeycomb, cardigan, ribbed and turtleneck.

What are you wearing these days? Do you have anything on rotation?

(Photos by Seth Smoot for Cup of Jo. Modeling and styling by Kendra Smoot. This post is sponsored by Nordstrom, a retailer we have loved for years. They always offer free shipping and free returns. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that help support Cup of Jo.)


Four Great Things

The 13-minute movie Stutterer, about a London man who stutters and is heading out on a date, won an Oscar. I love how you can hear what he’s thinking, even as he struggles to say the words. Beautiful and moving.


Have you guys heard of Sweethome? The genius site tries out all the versions of basic household stuff — vacuum cleaners, fans, hair dryers — and reveals the absolute best one. So smart. Alex and I got these towels on their recommendation and they’re fantastic.

Genius Personality Test

16 Personalities is a simplified, updated version of the Myers Briggs personality test, and the results are eerily accurate. Everyone in our office is going nuts over it. Which one are you?

Subway Train

My Fake Excuses for Flaking on Plans With Friends, written as movie synopses. This one made me laugh out loud: “‘We Took That Same Train’ (2008) On the day of his cousin’s boyfriend’s improv show, a train malfunction keeps twenty-six-year-old Lucas from attending. Things get weirder when audience members claim to have taken that same train and had no problem, leaving viewers to question the very nature of time and reality. ‘We Took That Same Train’ is a gripping science-fiction mind-bender.”

P.S. 7 great podcasts, and beautiful baby quilts.

(Stutterer via Kottke. Bath photo by Amanda Jane Jones.)


Spooky Halloween Dinners

Halloween Dinner Recipes

Do you have any Halloween dinner traditions? When I was five years old, my mom peeled grapes, put them in a bowl and turned off the lights. When we stuck our hands in, they felt like… eyeballs! I still remember the chills that ran down my spine. For dinner next Monday, here are eight spooky recipes that kids would love…

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5 Things Nursery School Taught Me

Toddles Montessori Tips

My two-year-old started school this fall and he’s full of surprising new knowledge. “Snails only have one foot, Mommy,” he pointed out when I tried (clumsily) to draw a portrait of the classroom pet. But, true to parenting form, I think I’ve gained as much wisdom as he has. His teachers, who use the Montessori method, have decades of experience with little ones and I’ve picked up so many tips. Here are five that were especially thought-provoking…

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Have a Delicious Weekend.

Apples by Jordan Sondler

What are you up to this weekend? Alex and I took a weekend getaway to Big Sur! We’ve never been, and we’re so psyched for hikes and crazy views. My mom is staying with the boys in Brooklyn, and Toby made us promise to bring home lollipops. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

I’m reading this book on our trip, and I’m really into it.

The five best places to travel alone. Do you agree?

Love the length of these jeans.

Five questions to ask when you’re buying wine and know nothing about wine.

Wise words to remember.

So much respect and love for Michelle Obama.

Tom Cruise recreates his career with James Corden.

Omg, these girls are SO AWESOME.

13 Going on 30 is going to be a Broadway musical! (Jenna + Matty forever.)

Pretty houseplants.

The afterlife of a ballerina.

How Alex and I finally got our kids to talk at dinner. Thanks, Jenny!

Plus, two great reader comments…

From Genevieve: “My ears stick out, ridiculously. I’ve been called ‘Dumbo’; hairdressers cut the tips of my ears accidentally; when I was 13, a family friend suggested plastic surgery. It used to bother me, but when I taped them down to imagine a surgically altered look, I hated it! My dear, adored, infallible dad had the same ears, and it genuinely makes me happy to share that genetic similarity. I wear my ponytail proudly and I own my silly ears. Nothing could make me feel weird or awkward about them anymore.”

From Molly: “My sister and I shared a bed until she was in middle school and got wise. I still remember laughing ourselves to sleep. After she got her own room, she promised that I could sleep with her every Christmas Eve. The tradition stuck even after she got married, but finally ended once I got married, too. The boys ruined it! It’s still one of the happiest and most potent memories of my childhood.”

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo by Jordan Sondler.)