These Five Words Changed My Relationship

These Five Words Changed My Relationship

These five words can change your relationship.

Do You Hug and Kiss Your Friends? (What About Arm Tickles?)

How friends touch each other and why that can be so nice.

He Said/She Said: A Bookstore Proposal

"All of a sudden people had their phones out, and I was like, what is happening?"

An Encyclopedia of Exes

An Encyclopedia of Exes

There's this guy who keeps asking me to marry him...

A Funny Question Game to Play With Friends

Loaded Questions made me laugh out loud.

What Things In Your Life Have Surprised You?

How Has Your Life Surprised You?

What a difference a year can make.

“Why I Gave Up Drinking — And How It Changed My Life”

"Giving up alcohol feels like waking up in clean sheets every day."

On Friendship

11 Great Reader Comments on Friendship

These comments made us laugh and cry (and text our friends).

What Makes You Come Alive?

Waffles, for one.

Do You Have a Dog?

Toby and Anton have started their childhood campaign to get a dog, and I'm not not tempted.