Have a Great Weekend.

11 fun links for you, including the shorts I'll be wearing all summer.

Quarantine Greeting Cards

"How is your foot peel going?"

Lena Corwin’s Family Home in San Francisco

A family's simple yet stunning renovation in San Francisco.

How I Found Nature (or Rather, How Nature Found Me)

Have you been outside lately?

Have a Lovely Weekend.

11 fun links, including the best pizza topping you've never tried.

Heart Palpitations

6 feet apart!

Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

TV Shows: What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

When shows are so bad they're good.

Four Fun Things

The coolest chef's Instagram and notecards I'm sending to everyone.

Book Club: Red at the Bone

An interview with Jacqueline Woodson. Let's chat!

Have a Good Weekend.

10 fun links, including a sexy book and our new favorite dinner recipe.