Grace Farris Comics

Staying-In Tops

The most important of wardrobe staples: the Staying-In Top.

Have a Great Weekend.

Fleabag Season 2 and an amazing bathroom makeover.

Have a Delicious Weekend.

Links, including the new skirt trend and falling in love without alcohol.

Mother's Day Comic

Mother’s Day-Adjacent Things to Do This Weekend

Four alternative Mother's Day plans.

Do You Want to Try Binge-Reading? (Or Do You Already?)

Why reading a book in one huge gulp changes everything.

Swan Wallpaper

Beautiful Children’s Wallpaper

8 pretty wallpapers, including taxis and avocados.

Have a Lovely Weekend.

12 fun links, including the perfect work shoes.

Types of Ponytails

Which Ponytail Are You?

I'm definitely the pineapple.

Books We're Reading This Spring

6 Books We’re Reading This Spring

Books so good we can't put down.

Have a Relaxing Weekend.

11 fun links, including a croissant lamp and how to make friends with co-workers.