A Cup of Jo Book Club! Who’s In?

Here's our first book...

Have a Cozy Weekend.

12 fun links, including the Insecure season four trailer.

Haircut Mirror


What Are You Reading?

The books that made me laugh and broke my heart into a million pieces. What are yours?

I Can’t Stop Looking at Julie Blackmon’s Photography

The oldest of nine children, photographer Julie Blackmon now has 100 relatives…

Have a Lovely Weekend.

11 fun links, including the gorgeous hats in Emma.

Lipstick Styles

"Chapstick is all I can do..."

Who’s Your Celebrity Crush?

Who’s your current celebrity crush*? I have a big new one…

Have a Delicious Weekend.

12 fun links, including the new Emma movie and the prettiest shirt.

Every Hangout

Traffic is crazy.