Gift Guides

2018 Gift Guide for Kids

12 awesome gifts for kids, including astronaut ice cream and a magic bracelet.

2018 Gift Guide for Best Friends

11 gifts for female friends, including a velvet shirt and the year's best book.

The Cup of Jo 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gifting ideas for every budget and personality. And we're off!

Father’s Day: 8 Gifts Guys Secretly Want

From the coolest lightbulb to his favorite knock-around shoes.

A Fun Birthday Gift Idea

This birthday surprise made me want to cry!

2017 Gift Guide for the Hard-to-Shop-For Crowd

Gifts for grandparents, in-laws, teenagers, teachers and your new crush.

2017 Gift Guide For Wives

11 lovely gifts, including cheese vaults and a hilarious party game.

2017 Gift Guide for Husbands

12 gifts for husbands, like Sriracha sticks and the best war book of all time.

2017 Gift Guide for Brothers

11 fun gifts for brothers, including a prank candle and a secret sauce that makes everything taste great.

2017 Gift Guide for Sisters

12 sweet gifts for sisters, including pretty earrings and a game that will leave her in hysterics.