Author: Joanna Goddard

Have a Lovely Weekend.


2019 Gift Guide for Brothers

10 gifts for brothers, including a compelling book and a funny keychain.

2019 Gift Guide for Sisters

11 great gifts for sisters, including a croissant lamp and gold earrings.

2019 Gift Guide for Kids

12 awesome gifts for kids, including stick-on earrings and shark slippers.

The Cup of Jo 2019 Gift Guide

It's happening!

Have a Wonderful Weekend.

10 fun links for you.

A Funny Relationship Question

A funny way to see if your partner is the one.

Cutest Kids Pajamas

Dodo Banana's new pajamas are adorable.

How to Help a Child After a Bad Day

As soon as I walk in the door after work…

Have a Wonderful Weekend.

11 fun links, including chocolate pudding pie and the old book I can't wait to reread.