Author: Joanna Goddard

Have a Great Weekend.


What Earrings Are You Wearing?

What Earrings Are You Wearing Right Now?

Six pretty pairs, including the ones I've been wearing lately.

My Beauty Uniform: Lulu Goddard

My aunt Lulu shares her beauty uniform and the joys of village life.

7 Decorating Tips From the Hovey Sisters

Sisters Hollister and Porter Hovey run an apartment staging and interior design…

Have a Delicious Weekend.

Fun links, including a great romantic comedy I just stumbled upon.

What Movies Have You Enjoyed Lately?

The Farewell looks amazing.

12 Wedding Dos and Don’ts

Including teary toasts and s'mores stations.

Why Parents Want to Eat Their Babies

Or squeeze them 'til they pop.

Have a Great Weekend.

10 fun links, including award winning nature photos and a very different ending to When Harry Met Sally.

Fashion Pop Quiz: What Would You Wear to a Wedding, Job Interview, or Long Flight?

The best pieces from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.