Serial Parody

Oh my goodness, I just watched this on my walk to dinner and was literally crying with laughter on the streets of Brooklyn Heights. Serial fans, watch immediately! (Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.)

  1. Thank you for suggesting to watch this before the podcast. I feel like this is what poor Sarah Koenig must have gone through. This went so viral so fast!

  2. This is THE BEST! Thank you for posting. LOVE Serial, and this is seriously genius.

  3. completely agree with Mai Pai

  4. I need someone to explain to me what Serial is. A daily audio story?

  5. Who do you think did it?! This would make for a good ‘article club’ topic :)

  6. Michaela was my student at Boston University. She’s incredibly talented and a great person to boot!

  7. This was sheer perfection–watched it yesterday and felt fairly vindicated by the newest podcast (minus Sarah’s incarceration).

    xx, leslie

  8. Mail Kimp. I use it. j/k everyone.

    The final episode will be a big let down – at least I am gearing up for it so if it is even half way conclusive about anything (even just if Best Buy had a d@mn phone in 1999) it will be a win.

    Serial Season 2 will be a new topic – today is it.

    I am afraid to hit play today…

  9. This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Am I the only one who found this to be not only unfunny but in extremely poor taste? I realize the final episode of Serial might not reveal who murdered Hae, but it seems like people are forgetting a young girl was murdered in real life. I feel for her her family who may be reliving her death because of this podcast. As is the man in jail proclaiming his innocence for the past 15 years. Truly hysterical subject matter.

  11. Hahahaha!! hilarious!! And still can’t wait!

  12. I watched this yesterday and I kept laughing so hard.. Like this might be it actually, like really IT. No perfect answers!

  13. “I’m like, too well spoken to be a murderer.” Hahah!

  14. So funny!!!! Thanks for sharing. xo

  15. Absolutely hilarious hahaha I’m so hooked on Serial!

  16. I’ll admit that at first I was super obsessed and talked about Serial with anyone who would listen, but now I’m kinda grossed out by things like this video. This is a real life murder of an innocent child. I can’t imagine how excruciating this is for her family and friends who have had to re-live this hell through parodies and online hype. : /

  17. you are to blame for making me listen! i was a useless wife and mother for the last two days. :)

  18. Thank you for making my night!!! :)

  19. oh my god they NAILED the adnan/sarah phone calls!!

  20. Hahaha
    I’m going to miss this podcast, regardless of the terrible ending that I feel is coming tomorrow! Second season should be aired after some conclusive thoughts though. Poor SK.. :P

  21. Haha, I saw this earlier today. Hilarious!!! So excited for tomorrow’s episode :)

  22. This is hilarious. Now, here’s my worry…are we really going to find out who did it? I’m seriously going into a depression at the thought of it ending and having to wait for the second season! I blame you. You made me listen.
    I think you did it! Lol

  23. Hahahaha “…jk…jk”. Perfectly encapsulates what every Serial episode is like.

  24. Perfect. Mail kempt?

  25. HAHA THE MAILCHIMP PART! It’s sometimes hard to believe that this is a true story. I wonder if this is a little insensitive (like that tweet from Best Buy), but I know that this parody was all in good fun (I guess the tweet too), and I admit that it was entertaining for me, even though I should have been studying for my last final. Maybe it’s just one of those “too soon” things as this story is still very much alive, especially for the people involved. Well, I guess it’s back to work for me. (so close to winter break!) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s