Found! The Best Pink Lipstick

Pink lipstick can be surprisingly hard to wear. It can make your face look washed out or like a seventh grader playing with makeup. But thanks to makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, we just discovered a pink lipstick that looks amazing on everyone…

Charlotte Tilbury is one of the world’s top makeup artists; she works with magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and Allure, and is the makeup artist of choice for celebrities like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. All this to say: she knows her stuff. Her new makeup collection just launched to great fanfare at Nordstrom, and they were kind enough to send over some products to try. We really liked everything, but the product that stood out most was the flattering pink lipstick…

We took these photos of our lovely friend Gaby, but we all ended up trying on the lipstick during the photo shoot. The pinky coral color brightened up everyone’s face, even though we all had different skin tones. It was so pretty and more kissable than red lipstick—it’s actually called K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick! a Here’s the overall beauty look we did…

You’ll need:
Eye powder pencil in Audrey
Mascara in Glossy Black
Eye shadow pencil in Champagne Diamonds
Blush in Love Glow
Lipstick in Coachella Coral

1. Prep your face by applying your regular foundation and concealer. Next, apply mascara, wiggling the brush as you go, to prevent clumps. Gaby is wearing this mascara in glossy black. We loved how it required only one coat to fully thicken and lengthen lashes.

2. Next, line the outside corners of your eyes and your upper lid with brown eyeliner. We used this eye powder pencil in Audrey to create a smudgy, smoky line. BIG TIP: Instead of drawing a straight line across the lid using the tip of the pencil, hold the pencil on its side and lightly drag it across the lid. This creates a smoky line, which looks softer and sexier and is more forgiving of flaws. Then smudge it lightly with your finger to create a soft finish.

3. Then, apply a shimmery eye shadow pencil in the corners of your eyes—this brightens up your eyes and makes you look more awake. Holding the pencil near your tear duct, draw a small dot in each inner corner and blend. Gaby is wearing this eye shadow stick in Champagne Diamonds, a shimmery beige.

4. Rosy cheeks are an essential part of a soft, romantic look, and Charlotte Tilbury has developed a foolproof way to get them. Her Cheek to Chic blush features a bulls-eye pattern with two different colors: a darker shade on the inside and a lighter one outside. Using Charlotte’s “swish and pop” technique, you first “swish” the brush around the outside of the compact, then glide the color up along your cheekbone. Next, “pop” the brush by dipping just the end of it into the center color. Apply along the apples of your cheeks, making them pop. BONUS: This blush also features finely-crushed pearls, which give cheeks a luminous glow, like you’re lit from within.

5. Apply lipstick by drawing color in the center of the lips, then lightly buffing it outward with your finger. We loved the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in Coachella Coral with its satiny texture. It goes on smoothly, is easy to blend and stays on for hours.

6. Voila! Effortlessly beautiful.

Will you wear pink this fall? Rosy cheeks and lips make it look like you just stepped in from the cold. And it’s lower-maintenance than red lipstick—requiring fewer touch-ups and no need to check if it’s drifted to your teeth.

P.S. Charlotte Tilbury has created ten different looks. We chose The Ingenue, which was inspired by Mia Farrow and Alexa Chung, but you can see all the looks here. Which one would suit you best?

(Photos by Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo. Makeup by Ashlee Glazer. Modeling by Gabriella Cetrulo. This post is sponsored by Nordstrom, which has been our favorite destination for beauty products for years. Thanks, Nordstrom!)

  1. Very lovely and simple! I’m going to have to try this makeup tutorial, especially since I have a similar haircut!

  2. i loveee pink lipstick!

  3. I love this look! can you recommend foundations/concealers? I always have a hard time identifying ones I like.

  4. I love your site, and I have to comment – when I read posts like this, I always wonder exactly how many people the lipstick was tried on and what different sorts of skin tones.

    As a person of color, I have never found a light pink lipstick that works for me. It ends up looking like you said – bubble gum grade school.

    So I’m a little irritated whenever I read “the perfect color for *everyone*” – did you try this on an African American? Someone olive-complected? An Asian American with yellow undertones? There are a whole range of hues when it comes to Latinos.

    It would be great to have more insight into ACOJ’s readership as far as the breakdown on ethnicities, but statements like this make me think that one pink tube of lipstick was passed around a few people not of color, and that was the end of the day.

  5. Wow, your friend Gaby has the most beautiful hair! My hair actually has quite the same texture, I might be off to the hairdresser soon!

  6. Love her hair cut too…i am a big fan of the choppy bob

  7. Gorgeous look, the pink is the perfect shade. Gaby looks a lot like Liv Tyler, so pretty x

  8. I ordered the lipstick and eye liner. Couldn’t resist!

  9. I am DYING! I am absolutely in love with pink lipsticks and that is the perfect pretty pink that gives a little pinky nude with a little pinky color!!

    Brooke |LookBrooke

  10. I know there are a few “whitewashed” comments here but I’m mentally envisioning everyone from my best friend who is half Indian half Afghan to Beyonce to Lupita Nyong’o in this lipstick and I gotta say, I think it would look beautiful on all those skin tones.

  11. This girl is gorgeous! This make up suits her very well.

    My favorite pink lipstick is, by far, the By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge-Hydra Balm Lipstick in Baby Bloom. I’m fair and blonde but I tried it on my tanned and brunette friends and it looks gorgeous on them, too. Plus, it hydrates a lot.

  12. Found! My new hair muse!

    I’ll be taking this with me to the hairdresser’s this week <3

  13. This is lovely! :) Absolutely in love with the photos + make-up!! Gaby is beautiful! :)


  14. I’ve been looking for a pink lip color for some time. It’s so fresh and youthful looking!

  15. I like the Glamour Muse, Sophisticate, and the Dolce Vita, esp. all the lipsticks. It seems Tilbury could have used some alternative models for her looks to have more women of color. Love the lips, but the heavily done eyes, while movie star dramatic, are not so appealing.

  16. Beautiful! I love a nice pink lipstick, they’re always so much more flattering than heavy red ones I think.

    Can I have a totally childish moment? The blush compacts look like boobs, teehee!

  17. This color is fantastic! I was just trying to pick some pink lipstick out the other day, but made the mistake of asking my husband’s opinion. He liked all the ugly colors, so I went home empty handed.

  18. I’m in love with this look! :) So pretty. And that hair is perfect.

  19. your hair would look rad like this. mine, too :)

  20. This is such a gorgeous make up look! (And I love that jumper!)

    We’ve had Charlotte Tilbury in the UK for a while now, but I’ve never gotten round to trying any of her bits! You might have just about convinced me…loving everything about this look!

  21. _Everyone_? Or just white girls?

    (I even clicked on that link to see the other “looks,” and they are also all white girls.)

    When Caroline first started, I noticed you included women of color in your beauty features, which was SO refreshing, but now, sadly, the whitewash seems to have returned.

    I know you are busy and all, but please remember that not all of your readers are skinny, white women.

  22. Um but more importantly, where is that sweater from??

  23. I’m a huge fan of pink lipstick! But I’m mixed race, any word on how this looks on darker skin tones? Pinks can often look too frosty on brown skin.

  24. I’ll have to test this lippy out! It would be perfect for at work.


  25. It’s a lovely shade, but $32? For lipstick? That’s steep.

  26. Oh this lovely – the Charlotte Tilbury mascaras are good too

  27. This is the PERFECT look I’ve been trying to find!! Thank you!


  28. I have olive skin and I’m just wondering if it’ll look right on me. I’m skeptical. Ha! Would be nice to see all the other ladies with the same lipstick shade.

  29. I don’t know…by fall, i’m ready for a deep berry/oxblood/red lip. otherwise, my pasty-white face gets washed out. i like that bombshell look!

  30. I know this post is about lipstick, but I’m too busy suffering from eyebrow envy :P

  31. Hey Jo. Just wondering why you only showed this colour on one model if the article is about how it is the “perfect” lipstick that looks great on everyone? I would have really loved to see some different skin tones, especially darker ones :)

  32. I like the makeup look but what I’m really obsessed with is the model’s haircut. I’ve had long hair for years but always wondered if I could pull off short! Xo

  33. Beautiful color! Gaby looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to get this color to try out.:)

  34. Where is that wonderful gray sweatshirt from inthe first pics? So effortlessly chic!

  35. This color is perfect. I’ve been looking for just the right every day pink shade and this one definitely fits the bill.

  36. Joanna, I would love if you guys did an eyebrow-filling tutorial as part of your beauty series!

  37. I have tried every pink lipstick under the sun and I’m baffled as to why I think they all look terrible on me! I have super fair skin and blue eyes–there’s no way I can pull off anything close to red, but I figured pink would be a no-brainer. Wrong! But this one looks like a possibility, think I’m going to have to give it a try!

  38. Such a soft, natural look! I love it (and her haircut)!

  39. I agree with Hata! We want to see you – and Caroline!

  40. Nordstrom just opened in my city (Calgary, Alberta) this weekend and now I am dying to try this makeup! I’ve only seen her products on YouTube tutorials, so now I can have the real thing:)

    I’m most like the ingenue as well. Any time I have the chance to look more like Alexa Chung, I’ll take. Although the bronzed one would be fun to try too!


  41. What a fantastic lip color but more importantly your model is gorgeous! I am so envious of her hair.

  42. I love this! I stick to straight chapstick or go for a bold red lip so I may have to try this for something different.

  43. Your model is gorgeous! I thought so before when you used her too but I’m saying it now! :)

  44. i LOVE that shade! ever since i started watching the new girl i’ve wanted to start wearing pink lipstick :) xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  45. Love it! Beautiful photographs too!

  46. Lovely makeup, but her hair is what caught my eye. I’ve been trying to decide what to do with mine for months. I’ve had a pixie cut for years but I think I just decided to grow it out and dye it darker! Thanks for the inspiration!

  47. You know I’m all about that pink, ’bout that pink, no reds :) I’ve been loving pink lipstick for a few years, it somehow suits dressing up just as much as it does a trip to the grocery store!

    xo, Dakota Barber

  48. Very pretty :) very natural.

  49. So very pretty!
    I love the ingenue also. With a secret hankering for the rock chic. I love Gaby as the model but, I would LOVE to see you model some of these looks JG!
    I hope to see that soon.
    Love and hugs,

  50. This is an amazing color. Red is a little too strong for me but this pink color lip stick looks very low key and easy enough for even someone like me to try.
    Thanks for posting. Excited to see what fall nail color polish you pick so this season :)