Wine Etiquette


As summer approaches, here’s a savvy party tip that a reader once shared

“Never ask a guest if she’d like more wine, even if it’s her fifth glass. It’s better to say ‘Would you like some wine,’ as if you’re filling her glass for the very first time.”

Good tip, right? Also, this is interesting: Why they don’t drink wine on Mad Men.


P.S. More etiquette tips, including how to eat dinner and how to introduce someone.

(Comic by Christopher Weyant for the New Yorker)

  1. I really like the tip about not asking a guest if they want more but instead, ask them if they would like some wine. My dad often appreciates when he is asked for some wine because it makes him feel less guilty about how much wine he’s drinking. He would love these wine comics, I will for sure share them with him.

  2. Susan M. says...

    One of my favorite cartoons!

  3. Holy cow, I clicked the etiquette tab and realised it was back in 2011 that you posted that wine etiquette thing!
    I can’t believe I’ve been reading here that long, your blog is definitely one of my favourites :)

  4. That is a classic tip that my grandmother would approve of! She also taught me to always say “Nice to see you” instead of “Nice to meet you” — just in case you’ve met before!

    x Lily

  5. That’s a great tip! Also, I always found it interesting how rarely they drank on Seinfeld.

  6. My mom is a caterer and taught me this trick from an early age. It makes such a difference! And I’m always surprised that it seems NO restaurant servers seem to have been taught this.

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  8. Isn’t that scotch that Jerry’s knocking back? (“Hennigan’s. No smell, no tell, SCOTCH.” –Kramer)

  9. I like the British way of asking if you’d like a “top up” which I find less judgmental :)

  10. My mother has said this forever! She also dislikes when a waiter asks her if she would like “another glass of wine.” She says that she is the only person who should be monitoring her intake (and only if she wants to). :)

  11. American’s did not really drink wine until the 70’s

  12. So fascinating about Mad Men! I never even thought about that.

  13. Love that comic… hysterical.
    I miss that show. Love to see the reruns.


  14. Did you know that in France, a woman is not supposed to serve the wine? The host or the other men at the table are supposed to serve. Of course, women will serve themselves and others, but will often crack a joke about how useless the men at the table are or how radical she is.

    • Gemima says...


  15. Ha!
    When I started drinking wine, my father taught me never to ask for “another bottle” at the restaurant when eating out; just say “One (name of the wine), please.”

    It makes a huge difference.

  16. I liked reading why they don’t drink wine in Mad Men cause is a thing I’ve wondered about!! Interesting! Thanks!

  17. I like it! We’ve moved away from asking if you want more to.. “would you like your drink freshened up?” Even though it implies you’re having another, it somehow feels less guilty and more sociable! xx

  18. Ah yes! This is a tip that I used to my benefit for years as a server :)

  19. DO NOT LET THE NECK OF THE WINE BOTTLE TOUCH THE RIM OF THE GLASS AS YOU POUR!!! This grosses me out.. just think how many people have put their grimy hands on that neck and then you want to touch it right to the part of the glass where your going to put your mouth? No! No! No!

  20. Great tip!

  21. That’s a great tip! Speaking of serving wine, I wonder if it’s rude to only serve white wine to your guests because you’re afraid of spills?

  22. Are these posts being written by the new girl? They seem quite short, missing the details.

  23. Excellent advice! I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable when I offer someone “more wine”. This is a great way to rethink it. Thanks!

  24. People ask?! I just pour away! ;) hahahaha

    And that’s REALLY interesting about Mad Men! Who knew?

  25. Joanna, did you visit any wineries when you were in Sonoma the week before last?

  26. I love this tip – it is a subtle difference, but makes a world of difference. Thanks for sharing!

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  27. I definitely agree, although I had never actually thought about it before. I went on a wine tour in the Finger Lakes yesterday so now have a bunch of wine to share with friends so I guess I’ll have plenty of time to practice that bit of etiquette out in the next few weeks!

  28. I just love how frequently you use Seinfeld references :)