To make your dinner table pretty, here’s an easy idea: Scatter succulents around the table. They’re beautiful—with a hint of the desert—and they last much longer than fresh flowers. You can find collections at Etsy, West Elm and Terrain. (They’d also make a great hostess gift, don’t you think?)

P.S. Pretty napkins, and home scents.

(Photo by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo, styling by Kendra Smoot)

  1. So true! My friend Igor and I host a monthly blog series called “Urban Jungle Bloggers”. Our goal is to bring more green into our homes and blogs, because they make our lives so much better, healthier and more stylish. Thanks for sharing, Joanna!

  2. Love succulents. And there are such varieties in color and texture, it makes for a great centerpiece!

  3. GREAT idea bc I kill fresh flowers in a hot minute. Going to check out the succulents ASAP at Lowes or Home Depot!!

  4. I’ve been really into air plants recently, like that silvery one at the top. They are easier than succulents as they don’t need as much sun and they don’t need to be planted so you can move them from place to place and container to container with ease.

  5. Don’t forget about your local floral shop or garden center. They will have a larger selection and more knowledgeable staff! Although maybe this is more relevant for those of us in medium-size cities? Regardless, I think it’s important to support local business when you can!

  6. I had succulents in my wedding bouquet and a friend told me, I can just put them in a pot filled with soil and the succulents will build roots. So I did and they are still alive after almost a year! so much better than keeping an old, dry bouque as a memory!

  7. My grandfather (who was British, a big drinker, and very conscious of social etiquette) was famous for asking, “May I freshen your drink?” Asking whether a guest would like “another” drink would have meant that you were counting the number of drinks he had already consumed!

  8. My boss gives each of us in the department a tiny succulent each Christmas. They’re the only plants that’ve managed to survive on my balcony.

  9. I love succulents! They can be so beautiful and are a cinch to care for!

  10. you’re right, these make such great gifts for a host or hostess. so pretty!

  11. Oh thanks, Annie!! I didn’t know they sold them there!

  12. Love succulents. I just get them at trader joe’s… much cheaper!

  13. I adore succulents, and have a new affinity for air plants, like that large one in the middle. It’s really amazing how they grow without any soil!

  14. And their color palette is the best! Rustic blue- and green-grays in crisp white pots are fab!

    The Shaded Acorn

  15. Looove succulents. We just bought a whole bunch of them from Home Depot over Mother’s Day weekend. They were all so cheap, we couldn’t pass them up!