Mango Salsa

This week, we’re finishing up our month of dips and sauces with this mango salsa from Phoebe of Feed Me Phoebe. It’s light and fresh, and you can pair it with anything from chips to chicken to fish. Here’s how to mix up some of your own…

Mango Salsa
by Phoebe Lapine of Feed Me Phoebe

I’m not the biggest fan of fruit in savory dishes. But the exception to the rule is mango, which has a great meaty texture and lovely tartness even when ripe. Despite my love for mango salsa, for years I was deterred from making it a regular on my Cinco de Mayo table because of how annoying mangoes can be to peel. I’ve since figured out a great system that won’t result in the mango careening out of your hands like a slippery fish and landing in a sticky puddle on the floor.

Make sure you choose a mango that’s begun turning from green to a reddish-orange hue. This will ensure that the flesh is sweet enough to stand up to all the lime juice, jalapeño and garlic that you’re tossing it with. This salsa is best made a day in advance so there’s time for all those great sweet, sour and spicy flavors to meld. Make it for your next party as a dip, or whip up a batch just to keep in your fridge and put on just about everything.

Recipe: Spicy Mango Salsa
Makes 4-8 appetizer servings

You’ll need:
2 medium ripe mangoes
1 jalapeno, seeds and ribs removed, minced
1 large garlic clove, minced
2 tbsp. minced shallot
2 tbsp. chopped cilantro
¼ cup lime juice
1 tsp. sea salt

Cut the top and bottom off each mango. Stand it up on the fatter cut side. Peel the mango with a chef’s knife, running it along the edges and turning the fruit clockwise until all the skin is removed. Remove the flesh on either side of the oblong pit and trim away any remaining pieces. Cut the mango into a fine dice and add to a medium mixing bowl. (See photos below.)

Toss the mango together with the jalapeno, garlic, shallot, cilantro, lime juice and salt. Let the mixture stand for at least 10 minutes, tossing occasionally, or overnight.

Taste for seasoning and serve alongside tortilla chips as a dip or fish tacos as a garnish.

Thank you so much, Phoebe!

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(Photos and recipe by Phoebe Lapine of Feed Me Phoebe. Thanks to Shoko for helping with this series)

  1. That’s actually an awesome and yummy recipe. A few days ago I was eating it in my aunty home. And the amazing thing is that my uncle is a Mango exporter of Pakistan.

  2. I HATE cilantro (which I know, is blasphemy). Any substitute I can use in this particular recipe?

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  5. It’s coming on Mango season in Jamaica and this couldn’t be better! Scotch Bonnet Pepper instead of Jalapeno, and we are there! Yum, thank you!

  6. You read my mind! I bought a mango this am with salsa in mind. Yum.

  7. You read my mind! I bought a mango this am with salsa in mind. Yum.

  8. You read my mind! I bought a mango this am with salsa in mind. Yum.

  9. I’m so honored to have my salsa featured here!

    Linnea Rading – love the idea of fish sauce for a Thai spin on this. Genius!


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  12. Looks delicious! I slice mangoes similarly, but with even less mess: cut the top and bottom off, but then leave the peel on while slicing the fruit off vertically in two slabs, right on either side of the seed. Take one slab and cut a checkerboard pattern with a knife, being careful NOT to cut through the peel. You can then pop the fruit up, essentially turning it “inside out”, and the mango is diced and ready to easily eat or add to recipes with no mess! :)

  13. Wow! This looks delicious. Great post!

  14. Thank you for this awesome recipe, Phoebe! I love your site!

  15. Tia, mango salsa is one of my favorites, but grilled peach salsa is right there with it.

  16. Looks kinda like pico but with mango.

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  18. I always have trouble making this salsa.
    By the time I have chopped everything and ready to put it together, I have eaten all the mango :)

  19. Unfortunately, I hate mangos (even though I pretty much love all other fruit). I think it has to do with the fact that the first time I tried it, I had the flu, so I immediately threw up after. Now, I can’t stand the taste. :(

  20. This reminds me of that Futurama episode where Bender goes to learn how to cook from that famous chef who says “Elzar was seduced by the dark side of cooking: Cilantro. Mango salsa. Raspberry Vinegrette.”

  21. This looks delicious!! Plus mangoes are my favorite fruit!!!