Kitchen Makeover

I’m always impressed with home makeovers, but this before-and-after made my jaw drop…
Sarah from Smitten Studio is renovating a cabin with her husband on Lake Michigan. Here’s the dark and drab kitchen they started with. I’m terrible at visualizing spaces, so I would have walked in and been like, Oh, okay, nevermind. But…
…here’s the stunning transformation! How incredible is that? It feels like a completely different place. The farmhouse sink is especially gorgeous. What an amazing job. Bravo, Sarah and Rupert!

P.S. Our bedroom makeover.

(Photos by Smitten Studio)

  1. Very nice work Sarah :) Best of luck

  2. Megan says...

    How were they able to get the shelf to “rest” on the backsplash. I really like that look and would like to recreate it. Thanks.

  3. I setup my show with the same kitchen cabinets and I love’em!

  4. I have setup my showroom with the same kitchen cabinets

  5. That is a one amazing revamping work done there! I was looking for something like this simple and yet modern. I’m thinking of getting European style kitchen cabinets in snow white color cabinets and red hickory laminate flooring.

  6. Stunning, simply stunning! So incredible is the transformation that you don’t even recognize that it is the same place.

  7. Lena says...

    Absolutely amazing. I’m curious what you did with the fridge? Is it in another room?

    • Kathleen Reilly says...

      They added fridge drawers instead. No wonder it looks so spacious

  8. Debbie says...


    Is the kitchen from ikea or the work tops? I’m. Keen to know they look so beautiful how where they finished.

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  10. Love what you did with such a small space! You should check out the GE + Firstbuild challenge for MicroKitchens. You could win cash with the winning idea and potentially get it to market! Seeing what you did with that space really excites me -I’d love to see how you’d design a microkitchen.

  11. proof your kitchen doesn’t have to be over-sized to be stylish!

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  13. I just want to share this with you. It is a job in progress. It shows how you can convert a blank kitchen canvas into something special. And there are still some bits and pieces to be done. Take a look at this one

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  17. This looks like a really nice job. Amazing what you can do in a small space and how the bright colours can make a small space look really large. I would love to know where you are based. People can also make an old kitchen look like new by just refacing their old units, changing the worktop, sink and taps. You can see a sample here and once you have made an agreement with your kitchen remodeller/supplier it should only take a day to achieve this? Reasonable priced way to get a new looking kitchen.

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  19. What kind of cutting boards are those? Are they vintage or reproduction? I love the shape! Any idea where I can get some?

  20. That Kitchen looks great! I am currently having my kitchen renovated and I am unable to cook anything. I’m still undecided as to which of the ovens and ranges to choose. Do you have any recommendations?

  21. Beautifully simple. Looks like something we might feature. I just wish my kitchen looked that good. Thanks for sharing.

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  23. That is AMAZING, I wish I could do that but my landlord would kill me, even if I improved it. Do you have the same problem being a renter over there too?

  24. Pretty! I wish my open shelving looked that nice.

  25. Beautiful! This makes me even more anxious to finish my own kitchen makeover. My “before” looks about the same vintage as this “before.” We’ve painted our cabinets white and painted the walls gray. Next up, new counters!

  26. definitely a lovely final product…but am i weird that i actually liked the before? i apparently like a somewhat dated and rundown look. yep, i think i’m weird for sure.

  27. STUNNING! What a beautiful transformation – I am in love with that farmhouse sink : )

  28. H says...

    Holy moly this is beyond gorgeous!! I especially love the nautical-looking blue rug!

  29. The makeover looks great and definitely a winner my only question because I am curious… how come on before photos there wasn’t so much light coming from the window as it is during the makeover? My kitchen is similar to “before” atm and we don’t get much light at all (no matter what time of day it is). Maybe there’s a hidden secret? I’ve noticed recess lightening on “after” were those on when pictures were taken “AFTER”?

  30. The makeover looks great and definitely a winner my only question because I am curious… how come on before photos there wasn’t so much light coming from the window as it is during the makeover? My kitchen is similar to “before” atm and we don’t get much light at all (no matter what time of day it is). Maybe there’s a hidden secret? I’ve noticed recess lightening on “after” were those on when pictures were taken “AFTER”?

  31. Wow! That’s a really impressive makeover – especially for such a small space!

  32. Love this! Want it in my house NOW

  33. Where are the shelves above the sink from? They are exactly what I’m looking for!

  34. even my husband said, “that’s the perfect kitchen.” haha… love everything about it!!

  35. What an amazing transformation!!! It doesn’t look the same space!
    What a pity that they are not around here to help me out with the wooden cottage we are thinking to have on our land…. Such a great job indeed!!! ;)

  36. i need to sort our kitchen out, move it around and things, and i think this has inspired me to finally do it :)

  37. What a beautiful kitchen! Those countertops are fantastic. My dad made some like that for my parents’ house and they just get better and better.

  38. gorgeous! and pretty much my dream kitchen too- kitchens and bathrooms are the things I dream about most in a home makeover sense, my pinterest board is all kitchens and bathrooms!

  39. seriously, this is insanely good. the LIGHT!!

  40. where are the cutting boards from?

  41. Oh my lord that doesn’t even look like the same space. IT’s absolutely breathtaking!

  42. jm says...

    Some places don’t have access to gas. Love the white paint.

  43. jm says...

    love it!

  44. Love the farmhouse sink, but an electric range, really?

  45. Oh my God! This is unbelievable! I so wish I was good at this kind of thing!

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  47. This is amazing! And makes me want an all white/light filled kitchen! So simple.


    • MJThomas says...

      My question, also.

    • MJThomas says...

      Unless, the fridge is the stainless steel drawers on the right??

  49. This is perfect! So beautiful!

  50. Gah-orgeous! Some people really have that ability to imagine the possibilities. I wish I was more like that.

    Also I now want a farm sink. But I somehow don’t think that works in Palm Springs. ;)

  51. Wow. what an amazing transformation!

  52. That’s fabulous!

  53. KT says...

    that is exactly the kind of kitchen I want. So gorgeous!!

  54. So much beautiful counter space! Love it!

  55. Oh my ever living. That is the most beautiful little kitchen I have ever seen. Some people are just so gifted at making beautiful spaces.

  56. Love farmhouse sinks … the new kitchen looks amazing!

  57. Sarah, your kitchen is amazing! Perfect in my opinion. Kudos to you and your husband. Thanks for sharing it Jo!

  58. Hi Joanna, thank you for all the kind words about our little space. So fun to see it here.
    x sarah

  59. I’m so bad at visualizing spaces too! This is gorgeous!

  60. This is my dream kitchen! What an inspiration!

  61. Oh wow! I dream of having a kitchen sink like that!!!!

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  62. not sure it counts as a “makeover” since they replaced virtually everything. i would say “gut renovation” instead. regardless, it looks great!

  63. Stunning, but I would need some color on the walls to take care of the sterility factor. Otherwise, nicely done!

  64. love that sink! love the white walls too.

  65. Amazing! It’s stunningly airy and crisp looking. I feel like all food would feel fresher and tastier in the new kitchen! Where did the giant refrigerator go?

    • I wondered where the refrigerator went as well….

  66. WOW! That took some real creativity – especially for such a small space! I love the white/wood combination.

  67. Wow! The great thing is that the footprint of the space stayed the same. Just shows what you can do with a bit of creativity.

  68. Lovely, makes the space so open and bright..curious to know how much did it cost for such a renovation!!

  69. Oh my gosh, this is my dream kitchen. Gorgeous.

  70. Unbelievable!! What a gorgeous kitchen!

  71. OMG! This is so amazing! It’s a dream kitchen!

  72. That’s the stinky thing about renting; there is only so many little projects that can be done without compromising the security deposit. I already hung some pretty questionable shelves :/ Someday I will outgrow my vagabond phase ONLY so I can do fun projects like this and have no one to stop me (mwah ha ha).

  73. I think I got the impression that it is a vacation home, so I think having a small under the counter fridge would work out fine.

  74. So sneaky where they put the fridge! I love how bright it is.

  75. Oh my goodness, that is so beautiful!I have just moved and am in the middle of decorating so this is a lovely inspiration.

  76. Wow; that is impressive and intimidating and inspirational all at the same time. Gorgeous!

  77. Impressive although the lost of a reg sized fridge is mournful.

    • But if it’s a vacation home, that might be the perfect size!

  78. pardon my French, but holy shit! That’s amazing. I’m with you…I would’ve taken one look and been like, Thanks, but no thanks! So impressed with this.

  79. Ah! I love home makeovers! I love how it turned out so bright and inviting! Unfortunately the downside of living in base housing (my husband is AF) is that we don’t get redo our houses. :) Right now we can’t even paint so I’m learning to be creative with other things!

  80. Beautiful! So cute and just my style. The white cabinets, dark fixtures, farmhouse sink. Love it all.

  81. I believe the fridge is under the counter there, next to the range.

    Beautiful little kitchen remodel! I love the shelves and the molding above the subway tile. Smart.

  82. Wow! This kitchen turned out absolutely amazing! You’d never guess that it was the same room! Beautiful!

  83. Drooooooooooooooooooool!!
    I can’t wait to own my own house and make something just as fabulous!! but I second the question about the fridge.. where is it hiding?!
    Love, Maz x

  84. I want to live in that kitchen — cook, eat with my family, read a book and play with my boy. it’s so lovely.

  85. Looks awesome! Where did the fridge go though?

    • I think it is in that second image – beneath the counter in the form of two drawers. One drawer is fridge, and beneath it is freezer? That’s my best guess – OR they cleverly got it out of all the pictures because fridges are too large and unsightly??

    • Ha! yes, that’s right Emily. The fridge is that set of drawers. They also surprisingly hold a lot more then you would think!

    • Glad someone asked! I’ve seen a dishwasher like this and assumed it was the dishwasher. Fascinating!

  86. That looks beautiful. I would actually force myself to cook something in there.

    I actually just started my own blog, and would love for you to check it out!

    xo Molly