Potty Training Advice?

Help! This weekend, we’re attempting to potty train.

We were originally planning start potty training right before the holidays, but decided to wait until our trip was over. (We figured diapers would be best on car trips and airplanes.)

But, now, we’re ready. A reader recommended this website, which instructs us to spend a weekend at home with Toby totally naked. Sounds strange, but the site says it helps your child realize that they’re not wearing a diaper and instead should use the potty. Is that what you guys did? Did it work? I’d be incredibly grateful for any tips and advice.

Most of all: Go, Toby! What a little hero!

(Photo of Toby from the holidays)

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  5. Try the towel potty training method it works.!

  6. Like youself, I have an eight month old son and will definitely need to go through potty training process again soon.

    Wish me luck! :-)

    PS. another site about potty training:
    3 Day Potty Training

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  9. Jamie here, from Oh Crap Potty Training. The reason behind a day or two of going naked is because you have to often teach a child mid-stream to actually move to the potty. If you child has clothes on, by the time YOU realize they are wet, they will have fully released all the pee and you will have lost the lesson. You can put clothes on your child but you will be in for a butt load of laundry until it’s learned. And on the flip side, the child shouldn’t be naked for too long…then you have a naked potty trained child. Which is okay if you live in a nudist colony…but most of us don’t. Hope that helps!

  10. I started using the oh crap potty book with my 25mo daughter about 2 weeks ago. It is really down to earth and makes a lot of sense. My daughter is no prodigy, but she is dry at night and as long as we offer opportunities/reminders to pee she does well during the day. We forget this sometimes, and she is so busy she forgets to tell us her bladder is about to burst open (ha!) so we are still seeing an accident every two or three days. I expect the next few weeks go to pretty much the same, hopefully with less accidents. She is going commando, but in a few weeks we’ll add back in the fun undies and see how that goes.

  11. We used “Oh Crap! Potty Training!” by Jamie Glowacki. Easy to follow, no bribery needed, and wildly successful. We had no luck with the sticker chart or small toys or candy, but in 3 days, Owen was potty trained, days and nights, and we are actually excited about potty training our youngest in a year!

  12. All I have to add is that you should really go a buy the Oh Crap Potty Training e-book if you haven’t, and then ignore everyone who has posted above me.

    • YES! The book is no nonsense and tells you exactly what you need to know. I also challenge every parent who “waits until the child is ready” to please read her book, and tell me that a 3 year old is less independent than a 2 year old. That independence is cool in a lot of ways, but it is awful when the kid wants to assert that independence during potty training. The older the kid is, the more difficult it gets.

      You do NOT want to be the mom buying the size 6 diapers for your 5 year old. I stood in line behind one such mom and her embarrassment was palpable.

  13. Oh Crap Potty Training is the best. I used it for both of my kids and Jamie was a big help with any questions I had. Do it, you won’t regret it!

  14. We are potty training this weekend (bare buns), we had a great time with him peeing and pooping outside (in a little potty) this summer but as the weather changed moving him indoors was much harder than I thought.

    We had to move after Sandy and took some time before trying to potty train again. He had a SCREAMING fit yesterday (Day 1) “I WANT MY DIAPER”. Day 2 has been much less dramatic just heard “I JUST PEED ON THE FWOOR.

    Good luck, and I would love to know how its going!

  15. I don’t have any experience with this. I have a 26-month-old boy and am having a baby girl at the end of April. I had originally planned to potty train Jack starting in February so he’d be (hopefully) trained by the time the new baby comes. But many different people have warned me not to bother because once the baby comes, he will almost certainly regress and then training will be doubly hard. I don’t know if that’s true, but we decided to put it off till he’s closer to three. I just thought I’d share because you’re in the same boat.

  16. Sorry, haven’t read all the comments above so apologies on any redundant info, but for our two children:

    1) Get rid of Pull-ups
    2) Try padded underwear (like Gerbers) so they feel the wetness
    3) Read to them on the potty: 2 faves were 1. A Potty for me and 2. Everyone poops

    Every child is different, so some may take awhile longer than others. Don’t feel pressured from other children’s early successes with potty training. We also still carry around the Folding Travel Potty that we ordered from One Step Ahead. Very convenient.

  17. I skipped the potty entirely and encouraged my 2yr boy to use the toilet. I figured it would save time in the long run! I put him in big boy pants and after about 2 weeks of him having a few accidents and not liking it (nappies keep them so dry!) he was completely dry day and night. I expected to keep the nappies on him at night but after one week I noticed his nappy was totally dry in the morning, so switched him to pants at night. After 1.5 yrs he’s he’s only had 2 accidents at night, bless him!

  18. We went shopping for Batman underwear (Little Mermaid for my daughters) and when they started “showing interest” we put the underwear on. It only took getting soiled one or two times (did NOT like pee dribbling down their own legs) for my 3 children to “figure it out”. I would stay completely away from “super absorbant” underwear/paperwear. All 3 “got the picture” within a week of the first real underwear. However, my son refused, for awhile, to do # 2 in the toilet. He would sneak off into a corner with a concentrated look on his face and that’s how I knew what he was up to. By about the 3-4 time I stuck him in the empty bathtub with a box of wipes and clean underwear telling him he “could now clean his mess” He was horrified. I left him alone for a few minutes and then asked if he would like me to help him. He said yes…so I did. He never did it again. :)

  19. I was a stubbornly independent child and wore diapers fairly late (I was probably 3 or so). One day, I told my parents I didn’t need diapers anymore and never had an accident, daytime or night. As some readers have commented, even if you have difficulty, he will not be in diapers forever. Patience is key!

  20. I’ve potty trained two kids and both completely different. My daughter was a breeze and was out of diapers right before her 2nd birthday. My son was was very different. When I started potty training my son he was a little over two and really wasn’t ready. He would go on the bjorn potty to pee, but he was never consistent and probably I wasn’t either. Pooping was very hard for him. He would hide in a corner and would rather go on the floor. When I found out I was pregnant with my third I decided we had to go hard core. We spent about three days at home and I did nothing but chase after him with the bjorn potty until he realized he had to sit on the potty. We had several accidents the first day, but it got much better each day. Once he realized he had to go on the potty we brought it back to the bathroom and he would go in there. The best is to stay home as much as possible in the begining and not break routine. It was two more months before we oficially said goodbye to diapers morning and night. I never did pull ups. I think it just confuses the kids and is more of a security for the mom. Kids need to have accidents to understand they can’t have them anymore. I made sure to give my son his milk at least an hour before he went to bed. i think we had maybe a few night accidents the first few months. Good Luck!

  21. Just introduce his potty toilet to him and be patient and talk to him about it…trust your child. They are smart little ones and eventually catch on. The whole naked thing is too forced in my opinion.

  22. When my mom was potty training us kids she would buy us underpants with our fave cartoon character on it ( spiderman , hello kitty ) and would remind us – let mommy know when you need to potty so you don’t potty on spiderman. It worked for us !

  23. The method you listed is very good and effective for most children. My advice is to listen to your little one and follow your gut. Have him act out potty-training with this stuffed animals or other such toys. Making it seem like a normal thing that happens to most people at a certain time will help mitigate any anxiety he’ll have over something so strange and new. Even simply letting him play with a pair of “big boy underwear” will be very helpful. Just make everything having to do with potty-training very prominent and very normal even in his play-life.

    GOOD LUCK! =]

    Kate from Clear the Way

  24. I would recommend waiting till he shows interest. That’s what I have done with my seven kids. One trained before she was two but others around 3 years of age.

  25. I work in a nursery and have tried probably all techniques for potty training,and every child is different. Although I have found some trends. I am not a fan of Pull ups as they arent any different from a nappy in terms of recognising when to go. I think it is best to go straight into underwear if possible as the child learns to identify the uncomfortable wet feeling quicker.
    I also think rewards are necessary, particularly when tailored to the child. I love the Bike idea, but a less expensive option is sweeties or favourite cartoon stickers. Make sure these things are consistantly given. Ive seen a child relapse quickly because the rewards werent given. And I also 100% agree that the most important tip is to be patient. It can be a long process and very very frustrating, just make sure the child never sees your frustration.
    Best of Luck!

  26. hi i’m reader from korea! i succeeded in potty training in 2 weeks!!!

    #1 i made a face on the the cover of the potty. so when you open it to pee there is a smily face on it. the potty is your peeing and poop friend! something like that!

    #2 showing other babies his age or 1 or 2 years older (some one he thinks of his playmate.. not adults!)using the potty really works! find some on youtube or find some cartoon clips of cartoon characters using the potty!!!! make sure you show him several times before you start training.. his friends or the video clips!!!!

    #3 use bribes… i used jelly!!! I know they say bribes are the worst thing to use for teaching things to your baby… but still it works!!! i only let him have jellies after my son tried to pee or pooo on the potty, and 2 jellies if he his pee and poo performance on the potty was perfect!!!

  27. Let Toby pick out his new underwear

  28. hmm, interesting read. we have been trying for months with just letting her sit on it in the mornings and that works but she still refuses to poo in it. she waits to get clean nappy and then does it:)

    she is, owever, only 26 months old…. I ll try naked weekend!

  29. Yes, we did the same and it was successful. Planned a weekend at home with no clothes on our daughter. Kept lots of towels handy and a couple of potty seats stationed so we could grab them quickly. It took about 3 days, but it worked. Lots of love & praise is good too! Best of luck!

  30. Zero experience with potty training ( do puppies count?) but just had to comment on how very adorable your little boy is.Such soulful eyes! Heartbreakingly cute……

  31. My girlfriend just posted about her “bare buns” method, which is very similar to how we did it too, though we had the advantage of having done infant pottying, which I think makes potty training a lot easier. Here’s her post: Good luck!!

  32. hi joanna – can you share the best reader-submitted advice for those of us also starting to potty train? thanks!

  33. I just potty-trained my 3 year old brother while I was home from college over Christmas break. I managed to get him potty-trained in about two weeks. What we started off doing was taking diapers out of his day, and placing him in some cool ‘big-boy undies.’ I constantly asked him where it was appropriate to pee/etc and he would reply ‘in the potty.’ I’d ask if it was okay to pee in his big boy undies and he’d reply with ‘no.’ I feel like this little day to day mantra helped ingrain the idea.

    When we first started out, taking him to bathroom every hour to an hour and a half was a pretty good idea. Just making him get into the routine of sitting and trying to go potty was helpful. Though, I won’t lie and say that there weren’t accidents along the way. Sometimes I’d feel discouraged, but we stuck with it and by week two it got so much better.

    We let him wear his diapers at night initially, not making him go totally cold turkey (day + night) until week 2. I found that when diapers were totally taken away he started being the most successful! I made him a potty chart (piece of poster board in a color he picked out, sharpie, ruler, and some stickers). He LOVED it. Every time he went to the bathroom successfully, he got to pick out a sticker and place it on the day. Positive reinforcement has been one of the greatest tools!

    Now he asks to go while we’re out (ex: restaurants) and the accidents have been very minimal (only when he’s drank too much before bed).

  34. We did nudity for training our baby girl. It worked pretty well. When she got to the age where she was having accidents because she was distracted playing, we started a positive reinforcement system. If she went Mon-Fri without accidents we took her to the trampoline park as a reward. We didn’t like the idea of rewarding her with treats (like a dog), and she LOVED the fun activities we did as a reward! It worked for us. On another note, she became VERY fond of nudity…. haha!

  35. Webdid naked weekend and it worked for us.

  36. My pediatrician gave a lecture about this and the take away was: you can start at 2 and finish at 3 or you can start at 2 years 9 & 1/2 months and you’ll still finish at 3. So relax and follow this advice : I did and it worked!

  37. Hi Jo! :)

    My son was 100% potty trained (both #1 & #2) by 25 months after only about a week of me really ‘trying’ to train him. I am only saying this right off the bat (not to brag AT ALL) but to let you know that my tips might actually be useful.

    For us, the key was complete consistency. As with discipline, consistency on the parents part is the most crucial rule. Once we began sitting on the potty, we were exclusively using the potty. So even at 2 AM, if he said he needed to go, no matter how inconvenient or perhaps seemingly untrue this felt, we had to go in & sit on the potty. That also meant we had to follow through at any given time in the store, restaurant, church, etc. No matter where or when (once we had started training) we would consistently use only the potty & trust him when he said he had to go.

    The other main component of our success was using a (very homemade & honestly quite homely) chart. Since he was so little, all I had to use were stickers as a reward for when he had gone on the potty. Specifically, I used these little ‘ocean creatures’ stickers since our little guy loves sharks and fish that were literally from the dollar store. Having an assortment of stickers helped (sounds silly) but because he got to pick the sticker & actually place it on his chart himself, it was all the more gratifying to his sweet little 2-year-old self. I tended to let him pick out 3 stickers for #2 (since that seemed like a bigger deal to me:).

    As he got really awesome at it, I’d occasionally take him to the store to pick out a little toy. For instance, once he went on the potty all week perfectly, we made a special trip to Target’s toy aisle & let him pick something out. God bless his heart, he only chose a small little Cars toy. It was so fun seeing how proud of himself he became & of course, how undeniably proud we were of him.

    Finally, we did use an adorable mini potty at first that sang songs when he went {which my beyond precious grandma (his great grandma, aka Gigi)} got for him. I think it was helpful because it was A) his size B) friendly & unthreatening & C) fun because it sang. Very soon, though, he moved onto our normal toilet because he happens to be a very tall little man.

    Sorry for going on & on, it’s just a topic I actually know something about & would love to be able to help others. I have to admit, the success we had was mostly because of our son’s readiness and overall maturity. He made it so incredibly easy on us. We miraculously almost never had accidents. He could be a fluke child, but I think the overall key really is just consistency plus rewards. I hope you find any of this helpful. Good luck! I love your blog beyond words!!!


  38. Yes Go Toby, but not naked! I’ve read the opposite method (nobody lives naked, it won’t work once you put his clothes back on, and you have to be prepared to pick up poo and clean the floor a lot!)Actually for both my son and my daughter, wearing cool underwear was a big appeal! (Thomas underwear? )
    What I did with my son: first pick the right moment: at nearly two, he was getting upset when I picked him up to change his diaper, he was fed up with it and with having to lie down still instead of playing (you can roll toy cars next to the potty, it’s more fun)
    So basically I told him that I understood he was fed up with having to change his diapers, so we were going to stop wearing them, he could use the potty and more or less keep playing. He was trained in a week, we might have had 2 accidents.
    The minute he was up, I put him on the potty in front of the Tv, once he had peed, I put on his underwear. Before we left the house, I asked him to go potty; if we were going for a long time, I had another potty and wipes with me in a backpack (sounds crazy but workded)and we would go to a bar/café (I live in France, they are everywhere)and he would go potty in the bathrooms there, and that was that! Very soon, I bought adaptable toilet seats for the house and one we carried. He turned 2 in March, and was potty trained in February (originally, I had planned to wait until summer, but you know what, we were just ready, and it was a piece of cake!)He stopped wearing diapers for his naps and at night about a month after this. I kept making him wear them even though he clearly didn’t need them anymore, I just couldn’t believe it!
    On the other hand, my daughter was potty trained at 2, but a little too well, she could hold her pee for most of the day, and she would basically only pee at night… It was really hard to reverse (the bathroom where she peed had to be spotless, she refused to use the bathroom at school (pre K and K) She had diapers at night until she was 6. Now she’s almost 8 and everything is perfect!!
    So in a word, do what feels right for you (I hadn’t planned any tactics, I just figured it out along the way!) and trust your kid, and don’t make too big a deal out of it and it will be easy!
    Ah and a last tip, once the diapers are off, they’re off, don’t go back or it will feel like failure (or that’s what I’ve heard!)

  39. GK says...

    it always makes me laugh when moms encourage their kids and claim ‘hero’ status over things we do everyday. not because it isn’t true, but because we all have such trouble feeling that way about our own lives. so, it’s not just toby this weekend, it’s you, too. you’re a hero! it’s your first time potty training another human. go you! do your best. i’m sure he’ll be proud.

  40. We have three kids. Our youngest is 8. The best advice I got from my oldest daughter’s 1st AMAZING preschool teacher– don’t sweat it. They all get it. Some just get it later. The ones who get it earlier just have more accidents- so plan on taking a change of clothes in place of the extra diaper.

    Enjoy and just do whatever you feel is right. It all works out in the end!

  41. It’s pretty simple – doesn’t have to be complicated. Most importantly, don’t tell anyone. As with nursing, everyone has a different take and this is your child. You’ll know what to do. Children are smarter than we are :) I think the issues arise when you want it more than they do. I showed the potty (and the bigboy underwear) to each of my four sons and told them when they were ready to use it to let me know. They were all trained in a week when they were three years old – no struggles, no accidents – just stay close to home, they get distracted! Only one of the boys resisted but was smart enough to explain he wasn’t in nursery school because he was not “potty twained.” One day we were at the beach with my teenage sisters-in-law and their boyfriends. When the older boys went to the restroom, my son wanted to go with them. I guess when they got inside they saw that my son had a diaper under his bathing suit. All the teenagers had to say was, “Dude, you wear a diaper?!” My son took it off – never looked back.

  42. We potty trained our girl at 21 months with the oh crap potty training book and it worked a treat. She just got it straight away and even if it felt like taking out a newborn for the first few weeks, I think going nappy free cold turkey is the best way, as it just confuses their little minds otherwise. Good luck!

  43. I just remembered a great thing to have when you’re out is a Potette. You can put it on a public toilet or stand it up on it’s own (bags with pads collect whatever is needed to collect!). Helped me feel confident I could deal with a sudden need for a potty when out and about.

  44. For both my girls, I let them go around the house with no diaper. Sometimes they wanted to wear underwear but I found that a naked bottom is more effective, especially when it comes to #2. We also use a sticker chart for #2. x number of stickers=a small toy that they get to choose. So, if my 2.5 year old makes #2 on the potty 5 times (not necessarily in a row), she gets to pick a toy. Good luck!!

  45. Potty Training is one of the toughest things moms go through, but you can do it! Give tons of fluids… Stay home… Accept the child will pee everywhere for two days… have 20 clean underwear for child to change into… have a timer and set child on toilet every 20 minutes… have rewards ready… chocolate works well!!! :) Wine works well for moms! It takes a good four days and then it will be over! Good luck!

  46. For my 4 I always watched for when they woke in the morning dry. (They didn’t sleep with cups or bottles though.) That let me know they had some control. Then waiting for a several day period when we could be home and never far from a potty. All 3 girls and 1 boy were trained by 2, and I didn’t find the boy any harder than the girls. I think that because people say boys are harder then parents wait longer to start, then the kids are more set in their ways and so it’s harder. Within my extended family we noticed the pattern with over 30 grandkids that the older the child the longer it tended to take. (ofcourse there were exceptions:) Anyway, a major key for us was that if there was an accident I would still plop them on the toilet. Because after the basic skill was down usually accidents were due to them not wanting to stop their play. By still putting them on the potty they quickly learned that they’d still have to go. Make sense? :)

  47. my mother likes to brag about what an easy kid I was; I was the opposite of stubborn (and still am, a very strict ingrained respect for authority). Apparently, she showed me a picture of a “big girl bed” in a store catalogue and asked me if I would like to be a big girl and have a big girl bed like this one. I apparently said that, yes, I would like a big girl bed. She then explained that big girls do not wear diapers and use the toilet (my mother also didn’t believe in baby talk! No “potty,” no “pee” no “wee,” etc!).

    To this day, my mother insists that that conversation was the extent of my “potty training,” and that following weekend, she and my father found a bed at a garage sale that looked like the one in the catalogue (we were pretty poor) and painted it to match, and that was that! Maybe it helped that my older brother was already potty trained? Who knows. I still can’t get her to spill about the details, she swears the conversation was IT.

  48. We did the 3-day method and it worked. I’ll admit, I was skeptical and really surprised how well the weekend went. We used stickers also as a reward since my daughter is obsessed with them. The few accidents we had happened a few weeks later when she was sick and not able to make it out of bed in time in the middle of the night. I used 2 fitted sheets with a throw away pad in between and on top so when we had the night time accidents, we were able to quickly strip the top sheet and she had a clean one quickly. Good luck!

  49. Before starting any training we would watch for the signs that he had to poop (which was always in the am) we would take him to the potty so he could poop in on the chair. We also had our son naked whenever we were at home. When he would pee we would say “uh oh! Lets do that on the potty!” Once he was pretty familiar I started asking him when we were out in the public if he wanted to go potty. He resisted at first but then he started to see his friends using the potty while we were out so that definitely encouraged him. Once we took the big step of no more diapers while we were out I made sure to make bathroom visits often. We did not stop diapers completely until about 2 months before he turned 3. Our doctor discouraged us from the weekend potty training. He said especially with boys it can be a longer time to get them fully adapted. Good luck!!

  50. we did elimination communication at 8months and were totally out of diapers by 1yr. I took tips from my mother who grew up in the Philippines, where they don’t have older toddlers hanging out in diapers. we had a naked baby in the house for a week or so, so that i could learn her cues and signals, (sign language helped here) leg warmers came in handy. my life revolved around the potty for a bit but nothing i couldn’t handle (i even kept a travel potty in the back of our car. offer the potty every hour, especially after naps, lunch, snack a book or two or create a photo album of fun photos to look at and when she did go potty we did make a big deal out of it!

  51. my child is perfect! no problems whatsoever ;) just kept him naked at home, never bothered with one of those kiddy sized potties, he saw all the other big kids going at his day care and voila! very smooth transition. lots of praise for his accomplishments and oops for the accidents. e was just a little over 2.5 to 3 yrs when i started with him. a very easy and smooth transition. he wet the bed only once! i was lucky.

  52. Yep – that website (and ebook from it) is exactly what we used when our son turned 2 years old & was telling us when he’d poop in his diaper. Now, at 28 months old, he’s fully potty-trained during the day (and tells me when he needs to go beforehand without my prompting), and we’ve started night training since he’s been staying dry through naps.

  53. My biggest advice is not to expect too much from him. My son is going to be four next week and still has accidents often (more than once a week generally). I have met parents who talk about how their kid was potty trained by 2 years, or 18 months and always have some sort of “secret”. We’ve been working on it for 2 years now and tried everything and it can be frustrating, but he will get past it eventually. Having high expectations and getting upset with him generally makes him regress, so stay positive no matter how long it takes.

    Also, make the potty fun. If there is a book he loves or some kind of toy or something that is ONLY for potty time, he will be more willing to leave whatever he is currently absorbed in and go to the bathroom. My son knows when he has to go potty, he just doesn’t enjoy having to stop playing to go do it.

  54. I have only sketchy memories of potty-training my children (there are three, and the youngest is eight)that include lots of wet underwear and a boy who was harder than his sisters. I only know that no matter what you do, it will work, and he will be done. And then it will be time to buy those so-tiny-you-can’t-believe-it newborn ones.

  55. When we potty trained our twin boys, we took them to the store and let them choose the potty that they wanted and let them just hang out w/ it. Sit on it, with their diapers decrorate it with stickers and didn’t make a big deal out the entire process. They would go and we’d reward them w/ stickers in a sticker book. I did a total no stress aproach. They just figured it out and yes, we had several times when they would pee in the potty; (cheers from the crowed) and poo in their big boys before they walked away! Ha! Good luck, you will all figure out what works for him and it will happen.

  56. My grandma potty trained every one of her 6 kids and 10 grandkids. When she decided we were ready, which was when we showed interest or understood what the potty was for, she would put us in undies and when we said we had to go, she would put us on the potty. It helps if you control their liquid intake because if you know you gave Toby a box of juice 20 minutes ago, he should have to go soon. It is essential to stay home, and it will probably take you more than one weekend. Toby is young, especially for a little boy, and he will take some time. Good luck! I remember when you announced you were expecting him :)

  57. We are potty training too. :) I decided to wait until my girl could recognise when she needed to go to the toilet (every time I changed her diaper I’d say ‘Oh you did a WEE!’ or ‘Oh you did a POO!’ so she would catch on). One day she just started telling me before she went. So then I bought a little potty seat that sits on our regular toilet (the theory being that she has to learn how to use the regular toilet anyway, so it just eliminates the extra step of teaching her potty-to-toielt. Also, pottys are gross. Who wants to clean them?

    So far it’s going well – I take her to the toilet at regular times each day and she just goes. She’ll often forget to tell me if she needs to go because she is busy playing, but she always goes if I take her to the toilet (even public toilets).

    Good luck! Different things work for different children, don’t be afraid to try a few methods. :)

    Oh and one final tip that a friend suggested that I thought was clever;

    Rather than giving your child candy when they go the toilet, buy them some train stickers. Each time they go to the toilet/potty, put a little sticker on the wall where they can see it. The idea is that there is a new carriage attached to the train each time they go, and they can always see how well they have done with the toilet in the past – rather than eating a candy which, once gone, they will forget about past attempts. If that makes sense?

  58. I used Oh Crap Potty Training, and my son got it one week. And when I mean got it, he was peeing and pooping in the potty, and telling me when he had to go (for the daytime atleast). hardly any accidents since.

  59. so fun, this sounds (for me) really american…. ;-)

  60. we did the naked thing too. gave him as many drinks and juice boxes that he wanted. Also, we set up a little jar of m&m’s that he knew when he at least tried to go potty, he got 1 m&m. Going #2 came 5 months later but now at 2.5 years old, he is all potty trained! And for going #2, I bribed him with chuck e. cheese.

  61. I’m a big believer in waiting till they’re ready- -and being as understanding as possible that sometimes they just aren’t when you are… Especially boys… I waited till my daughter turned three using a lot mentioned above and she got it in a couple of days but my son wanted nothing to do with it when he turned three. We eventually stopped trying and by the time he was 3 1//2 he wanted to – expressed he wanted to and just organically “got it.” Waiting felt right. I know a lot of people who struggle with it for months and months and the “training” seems never ending… I see this all the time with everything my kids do– things like reading and writing… Being more social etc… When I push – & they push back- they regress because they’re just not emotionally ready or whatever- but when they are reading – they just do stuff and its really amazing. The best piece of advice I ever got was to always respect my children and their worlds and I think it applies to every “parenting” scenario I’ve encountered thus far.