16 High School Yearbook Photos of Celebrities

New York Magazine recently featured high-school yearbook photos of celebrities, and they’re awesome. Can you guess the four people above? And here are 12 more…

From top: Steve Buscemi, Amy Poehler, Zooey Deschanel, Jason Alexander, Eva Longoria, Alec Baldwin, Matt Lauer, Jennifer Garner, Oprah, Matt LeBlanc, Jesse Eisenberg, Madonna, Hillary Clinton, Stanley Tucci, Paul Rudd and…Louis C.K.!

Amy Poehler’s bangs are awesome. I want to be friends with Stanley Tucci. Madonna went to my Michigan high school. Jesse Eisenberg still looks exactly the same.

Did you guess them all? Any surprises?

  1. Did not know you were an Adams grad – we are all coming out of the woodwork on this post! After freshman orientation, we ran to the library to look up Madonna’s picture on the class composites (dorks!). It was around the time of “Like a Prayer” when she was absolutely everywhere, 1987.

  2. These are fun. Nice reminders that we are all just people living life. Hey – attended/graduated from Adams too .. 30 years ago ha! Good times.

  3. OMG Paul Rudd. I just died.

  4. Wow, Madonna looked so sweet and beautiful. (I still think she’s beautiful though.)

  5. Wow The only one I didn’t recognize is Zooey.

  6. I didn’t recognize some! Madonna has changed a lot through her years though haha and Zooey Deschanel’s unique features haven’t changed a lot but physically, she is very thin now, almost so that you’d think she’d never been anything but. I love seeing these photos, thank you for sharing!

  7. I recognized Steve Buscemi right away, he’s probably one of the very few actors who left their teeth “au naturel”!! i can’t believe I didn’t recognize Zooey Deschanel right away, I’m a huge New Girl fan!! She hasnt changed a bit!As for Alec Baldwin, I prefer him now!!! Loved that post!!

  8. Didn’t know you were from Rochester either! My mom also went to the same school as Madonna.

  9. No questioning that’s Jennifer Garner, she looks exactly the same!!

  10. Ha these are too funny!! Thanks for sharing. I got quite a few right, but I’m really good at this game – I actually won a similar contest at work.


    Kristina does the Internets

  11. i had them all except for Matt Lauer, Stanley Tucci, and Louis C.K.! the first of those two looked so familiar. but i would have never guessed on Louis C.K.!! i love these!!

    and madonna’s cousin was my husband’s high school teacher! {he’s from good old michigan, too!}

  12. Totally thought Jason Alexander was Chris Messina at first!!

  13. Totally thought Jason Alexander was Chris Messina at first!!

  14. oh my god, you’re from rochester hills too!!?!?!? such a tiny place, such a coincidence

  15. Zooey! I thought that was Jennifer Lawrence at first.

  16. Wow, Paul Rudd’s pic just made me giggle.

  17. heehee! didn’t guess louis CK but guessed the rest… the surprise is that steve buscemi actually has very beautiful eyes in his photo…

    amy poehler! sooo amazing! i love her!

  18. Paul Rudd :)….

  19. So hilarious because I had the EXACT same thought about Stanley Tucci; I totally thought to myself, I want to be his friend. He just looks so funny and sarcastic in that picture. And he’s the only one I really had such a specific reaction to-great minds must really think alike! Love this.

  20. Oh my. Stanley Tucci was such a cutie!

  21. Another Adams girl :) Seaholm here.

  22. I’m totally diggin Amy’s hair!

  23. Stanley Tucci + Paul Rudd would be my high school BFFs. And, if I was pushing my luck, also Amy Poehler and Hillary Clinton. I think Louis C.K. and I would have ended up in a brawl from this picture alone, but I love him so I think I’d force hugs on him.

  24. definitely surprised by jason alexander…and paul rudd is rocking it.

  25. Joanna! I had no idea you were from the Rochester Hills area, if you went to Adams!! I grew up in downtown Rochester! Such a small world!

  26. Steve Buscemi….I die. Loving him on Boardwalk Empire. Thanks for the share.

  27. Oh my goodness I am loving these!!! It was so much fun trying to guess who each one was!


  28. Jason has hair again…check out google images. :)

  29. Holy cow, Joe Biden was a STUD!

  30. I totally thought Zooey Deschanel was Katy Perry. Even back then…It’s the big eyes.

  31. I love that Zooey D. went through an awkward phase just like the rest of us! The only one that stumped me was Louis C.K., but I’m loving his sneer.

    Where’s your high school yearbook photo, Joanna? :)

  32. N says...

    I guessed Mark Zuckerberg at the Jesse Eisenberg photo. Funny! Good casting call there, then I guess.

  33. Hillary is gorgeous!

  34. HAHA these are great! Some of them look almost the same except for the gigantic hair!

  35. Stanley Tucci!! He’s so cute! And I want to be friends with Amy Poehler.

    Looking up celebrity yearbook and elementary school photos together is my sisters’ favorite pastime.

  36. This is HILARIOUS!

  37. I saw that on the other day! Biden was a babe :) Never look at him the same way again.

  38. The first four I got…then it got harder. These are great!!

  39. I am amazed by how much Jason Alexander looks like a guy I went to school with. It has me wondering what that guy looks like today!

  40. Oh my gosh, I totally want to be friends with high school Oprah and Stanley Tucci. (Okay, I want to be friends with them now, too.) They were so adorable!

  41. Oh, Stanley! I think he’s the first man I’ve liked just as much with hair as without!


  42. Haha, this is great. My dad went Adams as well!

  43. Aww yes, the high school wall of shame – so cute!

  44. I did not recognize Louis C.K.!! Haha! I love him.

  45. Madonna looks so demure and girl-next-door! Wow.

  46. Paul Rudd is killing me and Matt Leblanc looks like a fairy prince.

  47. Omg! I LOVE seeing these!! I don’t know if it’s more fun knowing who it is like Paul Rudd is a dead giveaway, or not knowing who it is and being suprised?!?! I can’t believe that’s Madonna and I didn’t recognize Alec Baldwin!! Awesome!

    Ergo – Blog

  48. It is so funny to see Jason Alexander with all that hair!!

    And, boy, Alec Baldwin was a heart breaker…those dimples!

  49. It’s interesting that the two who look most similar to how they are now & are the most instantly recognisable (to me anyway)….are Oprah & Hillary Clinton!! They must be the two oldest too. I guess people get more work done these days!!

  50. You went to Adams?!

  51. I totally thought Matt LeBlanc was John Slattery… Never woulda guessed Louis CK!

  52. Stanley Tucci?! Where’s all that hair gone???
    Paul Rudd is always a cutie..
    Great round up Joanna!

  53. I got them all! Though, unfortunately for Jesse Eisenberg, I totally said, “That kid that played Mark Zuckerberg!”

    • Ha! Me, too!

  54. Oh man, Paul Rudd’s is horrifying! I saw this piece the other day and the one that stood out to me as the most surprising was Tara Reid, for some reason.

  55. Poor Steve Buscemi…he never has been a heart breaker, has he?

  56. i would’ve crushed SO hard on Stanley Tucci. So so so hard.

    • I crush so hard on him now! There is just something so alluring about a confident man.

    • oh yeah.

    • me too!

    • crush hard on him now too!

    • I would have then & I do now!