House tour: Living room

My friend Julia Leach—the genius behind the clothing line Chance—has the most beautiful living room, filled with books, paintings and even a secret movie wall! My favorite touch was the Monopoly pieces on her bookcase. I interviewed her for Martha Stewart Living, and you can see the full post here, if you’d like. Thanks, Julia!
P.S. A nursery in a closet.

(Photos by Brittany Ambridge for Martha Stewart Living)

  1. I love how she arranges every corner of the room with his own style

  2. You have a lovely home, looks very warm and cozy. I especially love the exposed beams.

  3. I adore the drawings of the women. Do you happen to know who they’re by? thanks.

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  6. julia says...

    Thank you all for the wonderful feedback, and thank you, Joanna, for the fun opportunity to share one of my very favorite rooms!

  7. Anonymous says...

    Great place!

  8. GORGEOUS in every detail.

  9. amazing, just added these to my future house scrapbook!

  10. I looooove the lines in the ceiling and those bookshelves! They’re divine!All the different frames on the wall are fabulous and the coloured books are lovely. definite design inspiration

  11. I adore this space – I want to live there!

  12. Thank you for sharing Julia’s stunning living room, Joanna! I am beyond obsessed with it. Those velvet armchairs, bookshelves and the wooden chairs around the table are just perfect.

  13. Love the Monopoly pieces too! Though was it just me that thought about the abandoned board, cards and Monopoly money lying somewhere without their pieces?! haha x

  14. Oh, I love the book and picture walls!

    I want to have a secret door made of books someday.

  15. Anonymous says...

    I just stumbled across the striped chance tee somewhere and loved it. I think it was on the norstrom website? Anyway, great apartment and profile.

  16. Anonymous says...

    What a gorgeous place. I love the ceiling and the bookcases!

  17. Love how cozy this space looks…and the Monopoly pieces are awesome! xoxo

  18. gorgeous, and great interview!

  19. “tout de suite” — dajana, you are cute:)

  20. lynn, she’s in downtown manhattan — on the Lower East Side. it’s an old building and she’s made it so beautiful.

  21. Whoever thought of those miniatures on the rainbow books must be a design genius. Fabulous apartment. Then again, many New Yorkers could probably live in their closet and have more space than they have available currently :)

  22. What a cool place. I love the light fixture

  23. Love the feeling of this space. Very homey and I’m drooling of that frame wall.

  24. Amazing raw ceilings and wall of art…such a beautiful space. Also love Chance!

  25. What a gorgeous space Karen has – it’s both chic and comfortable.

    I’m heading over to Martha Stewart Living tout de suite to read the full post.

  26. The books, the art, the genius Monopoly piece display… It has a certain rich bohemian feel- gorgeous and very inspiring! (I’m stealing the Monopoly idea for my house. :) )

  27. A beautiful room. What a genius idea with the movie projector and large art piece!

  28. LOVE IT. I’m curious — what state or city does she live in? I can’t figure out where those beams would most likely exist.

  29. What a beautiful interview and such a lovely and cozy space! I wish I had the ability to hang paintings with Julia’s ease! The wall looks so perfect! And I’d love to snuggle up in one of these arm chairs and read all day! I always organize my books by height, but not by topic, and it’s never occurred to me to do both (why?!). A new project waiting to be tackled :)

  30. that is an utterly beautiful room….. I want to livee there!!

  31. I wish my small 800 sq.ft. apartment were at least 10% as organized, beautiful and creatively furnished & decorated like hers.

    I don’t have kids, yet I don’t understand why my apartment is always in a mess no matter how often I clean. Always! :'(

  32. I love the space. Love the movie night idea! Any clue where she got her fabulous navy blue chairs. They are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.