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  4. I made these last night for a dinner with friends and they were delicious! Instead of walnuts I used shaved almonds. Thanks for the idea! :)

  5. I rolled a goat cheese log in chopped pistachios and dried cranberries for a party a couple weeks ago. It was a huge hit and a great salty, sweet/ creamy, crunchy combination. The goat cheese needs to sit out a bit to soften up and you really need to push those pistachios and cranberries into it, but still a super easy thing to make.

  6. I just read everyone else’s comments and realizes that I’m not the first to suggest pistachios. Awesome suggestions from everyone, leaving me pregnant and hungry at work, daydreaming of goat cheese!

  7. Joanna, this is my favorite go-to party recipe. One addition that is to DIE for is if you blend pistachios in the blender until they’re the consistency of a powder and role the goat cheese grape balls in them until they’re covered in the nut powder. Beautiful little truffles that are incredible!

  8. I love sliced strawberries smeared with goat cheese. Grapes, however, could become a contender for the goat cheese pairing!

  9. i think these would be great with a glass of chilled white wine! :)

  10. Brilliant! Can’t wait to make these.

  11. this is such a good idea!

  12. Yum! Those look incredible!!

  13. Oh, these sound amazing…simple and yummy!

  14. Hmmm, never had goat cheese. maybe this is the perfect time to try it… :)

  15. these are so delicious! my favourite appetizer. even better if rolled in crushed pistachios!

  16. I actually tried this as an entree when I was visiting Vietnam. Unexpectedly lovely combination!


  17. Love that blog! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I love these! We had them at my last event but we used a mixture of bleu cheese and cream cheese and rolled them in pistachio’s. Called them Bleu Balls! They were a major hit! http://www.chicchronicles.com

  19. Ooohh, this looks really good! I’m always searching for quick and easy appetizers. Thanks for sharing!

  20. wow this looks fantastic! I never would have thought of that. goat cheese is my favorite

  21. Ooh nice. Thanks for the link!

  22. Whoa, this sounds amazing.

  23. Q says...

    I love making these coated in crushed walnuts, too! Crunchy, soft, sweet, tart, it’s perfect!

  24. Lexie says...

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  25. it sonds ñamiiiiiii
    i will use this receipe in my next dinner!!!!


  26. these sound soooo good! what a great idea!

  27. Made these for a family Christmas party this year, but we used crushed pistachios instead.

  28. That is SOOO clever!

  29. Joy says...

    Try this variation for the grapes: mix together blue cheese and cream cheese (about half and half) until smooth, cover the grapes, and then roll in crushed candied pecans. SO GOOD.

  30. Whoa! I might have to use this as an excuse to have friends over. Friendly gatherings are always the best, this would be the icing on the cake! Or…in this case, the goat cheese on the grape. :)

    ..Too much? Possibly. It’s probably even worse I laughed at my own joke.


  31. What a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing. And for trying them out first, for us! All in the name of research right? ;)

  32. you can do the same with blue cheese and roll in chopped pecans or pistachios. also delish!

  33. These look amazing! I can’t wait to try them! They look so delectable and fancy.

  34. holy moly! goat cheese wrapped grapes?! sounds magnificent, and does anyone else think they look like mini snowballs? adorable!

  35. I love the combination of grapes and goat’s cheese – even better warmed up on a chunky slice of bread.

  36. Anonymous says...

    I love goat cheese, but my husband doesn’t. i wonder other what soft cheese would work.

  37. Grapes? Goat’s Cheese? Delicious!

  38. That looks so good! So simple and yet, definitely a crowd pleaser. Can’t wait to bring these out next time I have people over.

  39. Yum. I want a goat so I can have goat cheese whenever I want… er…. that might be odd. Anway – sounds DELICIOUS, something Ive never tried before! I’d blow my foodie friends away with these.

    Thanks Jo, You’re awesome


  40. What a great idea!

  41. I don’t think I’ve ever had goat cheese…but if I like it, this sounds awesome! Cheese is hit or miss for me though…I almost lost it when I ate Gorgonzola on accident. It tasted like wild animals in my mouth…

  42. Oh yum! That sounds like a scrumptious combination:) Totally need to try it. Thanks, Joanna! Have a lovely day, xo

  43. Becca says...

    That looks so tasty! I like how simple it is – however, my favorite instruction in the whole recipe has to be “place on thrifted plate.”


  44. they look great-anything with goats cheese is alright by me! just had a wine and cheese night on the weekend-will save the idea for next time.

  45. Anonymous says...

    So original! I serve the same appetizers over and over. I must try this.

  46. Oh I know! My mom made these one Christmas – and for holiday flare – rolled some in chopped up fresh basil, some in lovely paprika, and others in ground almonds… the result was not just a party in your mouth – but lovely and festive to look at!

  47. My mouth started watering immediately when I saw just the title of this post. Going to buy grapes now…

  48. Wow, who’d have thought?

  49. Fruit + Goat cheese = amazing! Thanks for sharing :)