1. I want to enjoy this holiday season with Prosecco and champagne. Thanks! keep it up!

  2. I’m a champagne whore & will most definitely try this! thanks!

  3. I think I saw this trick in high school too, but it wasn’t champagne, of course! So I guess this must work on flat soda as well.

  4. my freshman year biology teacher convinced my class that he had discovered a new single cell organism and carried the charade on for the first 2 weeks of high school. Eventually he took a dare to drink the ‘sewage’ they were kept in – just raisins and ginger ale! not sure what it taught us about biology but that was 8 years ago and it all came flooding back when i saw this post! good to know the raisins-in-bubbly trick is actually good for something :)

  5. True, my physics teacher toughed me that trick when I was in high school, oh and for the record, 18 is legal-age for drinking where I live :)

  6. What an invaluable tip! I’ll be passing that one on!

  7. Oh, what a great tip! Thanks for sharing! ;)


  8. oops, i commented on the wrong post. but yes, the raisin trick is cool, too … but we always finish the bottle … as my Grandpa would say, ” why ruin a good bottle by re-corking it?”!

  9. I love the black glitter dress. The back is sexy. The pink silk dress is fun too and I love the shoes paired with the purple dress.

  10. Such a great idea!

  11. wow, kh, that is AWESOME! thank you!!!

  12. super cool – thanks!

  13. Very good tip, thanks!

  14. kh says...

    one of the best tips i ever learned as a wine buyer was to put a spoon in an open bottle of champagne that you couldn’t quite finish. for some science-y reason (technical term) this preserves the bubbles. i left an open bottle in my fridge for a week when i went out of town once and it was still sparkly fresh when i got home. check it!

  15. When I was a kid, my dad used to put a raisin into a glass of champagne and let us watch it float and sink. So much fun :)

  16. Just a heads up, the bubbles will cling to the raisin and it’ll float to the top. The bubbles will pop and the raisin will sink. And again, and again.

    Preschoolers think this is AMAZING. :)

  17. J says...

    great tip! i didn’t know that!

  18. I HATE raisins just awful.

    But when storing opened Champagne stick a spoon in the opening this also works for some reason – I’ve never bothered to ask why – I’m not about the details!!

  19. If there’s a possibility that I’ll ever have leftover champagne (highly unlikely!) I will have to remember this! But, I also like to tell myself that I just had to finish the bottle in one sitting because who wants flat champagne? ;)

  20. Ooooh! Never knew this. I wonder if it works for bubble baths too. Hehe :)

  21. well, if this works i’ll not have a reason to drink the whole bottle….so, i’m going to pretend the raisin give’s it a funny flavor :) oooohhhhh how i love those little bubbles :)

  22. Putting a teaspoon in the neck also stops it going flat!

  23. Thanks! Great tip, Joanna.

  24. Wow! Great tip! Now I don’t have to dump my leftover champagne! ( :

  25. I thought that was a date at first, and I was thinking, “how do you get a date into a champagne bottle?”

  26. good to know for the season of toasts up ahead!

  27. That is so wild, thanks for the tip! Champagne is hard one to get leftovers out of (I’d have it coming out of my faucets if i could) but it does happen ;)

  28. We love to throw a little piece of fruit into our champagne or prosecco (whether or not it’s leftover) – don’t know about the bubbles, but it looks and tastes awfully festive!!
    My faves are a strawberry, grape, or tangerine wedge!

  29. Anonymous says...

    I love prosecco (and it is only $6.99 for a bottle at Trader Joes’s)! I often have some left over and never know whether to drink it or throw it away because I always thought I couldn’t save it. Next time I will try this trick!

  30. this would solve all our problems of left over prosecco in the fridge that stay there until I end up having to throw the contents away! shameful, I know!

  31. Oh, good idea.

  32. Ha! That is brilliant. Thanks, Joanna. Im loving those party tricks:) Kisses

  33. haha I agree with Suse.

  34. thats a good reason to not drink the whole bottle at once!

  35. er, um, “leftover champagne”?!

  36. i want to try it on regular (not flat) Champagne just to see if it makes it even more bubby:)