What do you call your parents? Mama? Daddy?

What do you call your parents? While hanging out with a male friend the other day, I got a quick call from my mom. As I hung up the phone, I said… “Bye, Mommy!” My friend looked surprised. So, now I’m wondering, is 32 too old to call your mom “Mommy”?

Tell me: What do you call your parents? Mom? Dad? Mama? Pops? Or by their first names now that you’re an adult?

  1. Allie says...

    I call my mother ”Mama” and my father ”Papa”. I’ve done this since I was very little and never really felt a need to change it.

  2. Hannah says...

    My dad was always insistent on Daddy – Dad was someone you avoided/someone you weren’t close to according to him. My mom was mommy up until I was in college – then I followed her lead and switched to Mother, what she calls my grandmother.

  3. Samuel says...

    I call them by name of Pa and Ma :)

  4. Concerned says...

    A coworker in our office is 23-yrs old and he calls his mother, Mama Bear, and calls her this name repeatedly throughout their phone conversations. He also hops when he walks. He also has a bird beaker on his desk and he feeds the bird water from a paper cup. Is this odd behavior?

  5. I don’t know, I personally call my mom mummy but I for some reason find it rude to call them mom so idk

  6. Maturin says...

    I have learned from my family to call my mother “Ma” and my father “Dad”. I call Ma’s parents “Nana” and “Papa Jack”. I call Dad’s parents “Grandma” and “Abuelo”, he is Mexican.

    Me, people call me Paul or “Pauly”, or even “Pa-yool” because my name is Paul. Abuelo used to call me “The life and legend of little Pablo” because Pablo is Paul in Spanish. Almost everybody on Ma’s side of the family calls me either “Little Man” or “Big Guy”.

  7. Daz says...

    I’m from texas so even as a grown man it’s mama and daddy

  8. DarkAngel says...

    Mommie dearest to annoy her
    Mother when im upset
    Mom Mum usually
    Mommy Mummy when she forces me

  9. Mum/Mumma and as I age I call her Mama a lot more, or if I’m trying to get her attention in public I say her name which still doesn’t usually work. Haha


    I kind of call them whatever I feel like in that second.

  10. Usually, I call my parents mom and dad, but I occasionally refer to them as mother and father when I am angry at them. I also call them mommy and daddy when I really want something from them, but that’s rare, as well.

  11. My sister is 25 and she calls my mom (mami) and my dad (papi) and im 19 and I call my mom (Mum or Mami)
    And my dad (Papi)

    Always have and always will =)

  12. Gio says...

    I started feeling weird calling my parents Momma and Daddy when I was in highschool. Since then I’ve always called my mother Mah and my father has had to endure a variety of titles depending on my mood. I’m now in my 30’s and Papa J, or just Dad seem to have stuck. Not once have I EVER considered calling my parents by their first names. Haha, what a way to get on their bad side.

    Until they died, My mother called her parents Momma and Daddy and my father called his parents Muh’Dear and Daddy.

  13. Anonymous says...

    I call my mother ‘Ma’, ‘Mum’, and if I want to tease her, ‘Mozere’ (my kind of french way of pronouncing ‘mother’, even though I’m not french). My father is Dad. My grandmother is ‘Nan’ or ‘Grandmozere’. :)

  14. Anonymous says...

    I call my parents NANAY(mother) and TATAY(father). I hated calling them with those names when I was a kid. I thought it was only for very families, and people would think that were really poor.:) But now that I get older, I find NANAY and TATAY or NAY and TAY sweet… I’d like my own child to call me NANAY too…. By the way, I am a Filipina, and I’m 28..

  15. Just mom and dad.

    but my boyfriend (who is Portuguese) calls his parents Mae and Pai which I like a lot and call them that too. :)

  16. Anonymous says...

    I am like Maggie. When I was in high school I wanted to switch from Mommy and Daddy to Mom and Dad. All of my classmates were going the Mom and Dad route. When I would talk about my parents to friends I would refer to them as Mom and Dad, but I remember when I would see them after a game or something at school I wouldn’t say “Hi Mommy,” but just “Hi” because I didn’t want my friends to think I was a little kid (I was also one of the youngest in my class, so I was probably hyper-aware of that). I was so worried about hurting my parents feelings, though, that I didn’t want to bring it up to them! I did finally talk with my mom and started calling her Mom, but my dad is still Daddy. I’m 30 now, and I kind of wish I hadn’t cared so much about what other people thought and kept it as Mommy. Who knows, maybe I’ll start slipping it back in every once in a while!

    Also, when I was two I called my mom “Hun” because that’s what my dad called her!

  17. Morgan H. says...

    Mom and Daddy :) I don’t think I’ll ever be too old to call my father Daddy.

  18. I’m French (and 28), so it’s “Maman” et “Papa” when i talk to them and “ma mère” et “mon père” when I’m refering to them in a conversation

  19. Anonymous says...

    I don’t know how it started but I call my mom sweetheart, and I call my dad just dad :)


  20. Mia says...

    Mama and Papa

  21. Anonymous says...

    when discussing my parent with other people i always refer to them by their first name, and out in public i have a tendancey to call them Rob and Sal (or Sallie). But when at home or on the phone they are always Mommabear and BooBoo.

  22. mom = “mama”
    grandpa = “opa”
    grandma = “gma”
    other grandma = “grama”
    great grandma = “gram”

  23. I call my parents ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ even though I grew up in New York. My mother is British – so that justifies the ‘Mummy’, though frankly my very high-brow completely American called his mother ‘Mummy’ as well. In the U.S. I generally refer to my mother as, well, ‘my mother’ because saying ‘My Mum’ or ‘Mummy’ just sounds off. But now I live in London and I can ‘Mum’ it up to my hearts content. I never get tired of saying, ‘I was just speaking to my Mum..’ or sending my mother a card for ‘Mummy’s day’ which still feels to me like it was especially created for her :)

  24. no. sod that. i call my mum, mummy and my dad daddy sometimes. not all the time, but i still do. when occasion calls for it.

  25. I’m not entirely sure when it changed from “Mommy” and “Da”, but now it’s “Mammala” and “Daddy-O”, with the occasional “Mom” and “Dad”.

  26. Anonymous says...

    I’m Dutch so ‘papa en mama’.

  27. Jodi says...

    madre and dad

  28. Denise Comment lets me smile, cause I’m also German and “Mama” sounds normaly for me :). But I call my parents by their first names since I was six years old. I don’t know why…

    To each his own. :-)

  29. Mamae and Papai, Portuguese for Mommy & Daddy. I thought they just meant Mom & Dad, until we went down to Brazil and someone looked at me strangely when I said Mamae. My mom finally broke it to me as a 30-year-old that I’ve been calling her this all this time. I will never change it, either!

  30. I’m spanish so we call our parents Mami & Papi. Although Mami is sometimes Ma, Papi is also Pa, Papito, Daddy and Daddy-O. Lots of names now that I think about it. :) My son is 18 months today and calls my husband Addy, I still get nothing, can’t wait to be called Mommy, hopefully soon! :)

  31. I’m 28, I just got married and yes, I still call my parents ‘Mommy & Daddy’. At the age of 18 I realised this was slightly embarrassing so I went through a prolonged ‘Mother’ phase…

    Maria xx

  32. I have been known to call my dad Daddyo – usually when I’m taking the piss out of him, or when he’s doing something sweet. Mum is Mummy only when I need a favour…

  33. The evil Mumra lol or Mum or Marmie
    Daddy-o or Daddy or Rocko :)

  34. I’m nearly 30 and I still call my mama “Mommy” (in polish – “Mamusia”) :) For me it’s normal.

  35. Michelle says...

    Mom. I wish I could call her mommy. It feels weird saying it. My 5 year old daughter likes to call me mama sometimes, but I insist on Mommy.

  36. I’m 27 and I say mum or mommy :) I still say daddy too… sometimes dad :)

  37. so, my family is a little weird. no one is known by traditional names. everyone has a nickname. (truthfully, its how you know youre really a part of our family.) so, i call my dad “the dude” and my mom “the lady” or just simply dude and lady. some people might think this is a sign of disrespect, but in my family it is actually just the opposite…

  38. anya and apa in Hungarian

  39. Anonymous says...

    It seems like a regional thing. If spoken with a southern accent, Momma and Daddy are cute. “Mommy” is a bit like you keep stuffed animals on your bed. Something you probably should have grown out of, but nothing freaky enough to scare a real adult away. :)

  40. Yeah, I think it’s kind of creepy for anyone teenaged or older to call their mom and dad ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ on a regular basis. But don’t worry – I get that it’s just my opinion! Feel free to call your ‘rents whatever you want! :)

    Sometimes when I’m going through a crisis I call my mom/dad and say ‘I need my mommy/daddy!’ That’s okay.

    The worst is when people (again teenaged or older) talk about their parents to others and call them mommy or daddy! So. Strange.

  41. My dad is always “Pop” or “Fajah”(a la Austin Powers), but my mom is “Mum”, “Mirm”, “Majah”, “Ma”, or “Mother” depending on the mood.

  42. My sister says Mom and Dad and has since she was probably about 12. I call my mom a wide variety of things . . . usually mama but sometimes ma (to get her attention), Mum, or Momaduke.

    Dad is Dad to other people and Daddy when I talk to him. Though sometimes I slip up and call him Daddy around other people. As a boyfriend of mine once said “oh that’s not good for me, is it?”

  43. I rarely ever call my parents by their actual family titles, but when I do, it’s mom and dad. I usually call them by other names.

    “Old man” (used about 90% of the time)
    “Aged one”

    “Madre” (Used most often – I’m learning Spanish!)
    “Old Woman”
    “Old Lady” (Usually end a phone conversation with this)

    I usually call my brother “Brother bear” or “Buddy”, and he’ll call me “Smallish bear”. My parents have their own names for us.

    Sometimes we’ll use our proper Alaskan native (Haida) names, or the word for our title in the family (like brother or mom, but in Haida). I’m Kinanagan Kulaajat. Mostly it’s the rest of my family that does that. I tend to get that more in emails.

    We almost never use any normal way of addressing each other. I’m surprised there aren’t many other people in the comments who do nicknames almost exclusively. It seems like it would be a more common thing for families. Mommy and daddy would seem odd. I would certainly get laughed at if I said either!

  44. MJ says...

    These days: Mom and Pop to their face, but Mama and Papa on paper. They still sign all cards, emails, etc. with Love, Mama and Papa.

  45. I call my parents mom and dad. Sometimes my kids call me mom or mama. xxoo :)

  46. My youngest brother (13 years my junior) used to call my Mom Mother because all the children’s books seem to use the oh so formal mother and father. 15 years later he no longer uses it but I still can’t help calling her mother, especially if she’s done something goofy and made me laugh. I highly recommend it :)

  47. When I was little I always called them “Mommy” and “Daddy,” but when I was around 15 or 16 years old I started calling them “Ma” and “Ba” (I’m Chinese!).

  48. This is actually such an interesting topic! Loving reading everyone’s comments.

    I call my parents ‘mom & dad’ but I also address them as ‘dear’ it sounds funny and condescending but when I was a child in that typical adoring your father phase I just mimicked my dad who used to say ‘how was your day dear’ or ‘my dear’ so started calling my immediate family ‘dear’ and it became a humorous family nickname which I couldn’t shake.

    My boyfriend calls his parents ‘mamma en pappa’. I thought that very strange when I first heard it since he is over 30 and I feel embarrassed to say I even made him feel self conscious about it but to him it was disrespectful to call them anything else and to me it was foreign.
    It was just that we grew up addressing them differently and also from different cultures since he is Afrikaans.

    I loved reading how ‘mamma’ or ‘pappa’ can be pronounced differently depending if it is Spanish or Russian.

  49. jenny says...

    I’m 35, and I use both Mommy and Mom, depending. I used to call my dad Daddy, too, before he passed away. And he loved it. I’d give anything to be able to call him that again. Don’t worry about what your friends think. Life is too short.

    PS – I’ve only known two people who call their parents by their first names, though.

  50. Moms or Mums because she’s every woman, every best mom in the world. and I’m a Daddy’s girl, so he will always be Daddy! (i’m 34)

  51. Mom or Momma.
    Usually just Dad but sometimes Daddy or Pops.

  52. My sisters and I all call our Dad “Daddy”. We call our Mom “Mom”. She desperately wanted us to call her “Mommy” or “Mama” but it never caught on.

  53. Dina says...

    In Dutch, we say pappa en mamma. That’s common and I say it as well, though it’s also spelled as papa en mama.

  54. j says...

    I’ve always called my parents “ummah (mom)” and “appah (dad)” in Korean, and forever will. There are more formal variations. Sometimes I playfully call my mom grandma in Korean, and my mom calls me “ahjumah” which unmarried, childless women would find offensive if called that. I’ll never forget how shocked and appalled I was when I was first referred to as ahjumah by another lady.

  55. Love the post! And the comments!! Jajaja

    I call them Mama and Papa (MA-ma, PA-pa) as we say in catalan (one of the languages of Spain)

    And my parents also call they mothers Mama!!

    Mama/Mom/Mommy/Mum forever!!

  56. Im 25 and I say mom, or mommy. LOL it sounds funny now that i think of it I guess. but who cares. She IS my mommy and I love her dearly lol

  57. Anonymous says...

    Ma and padre.
    Both are byproducts of traveling I did a few years ago, they stuck.
    Also sometimes Fasha.

  58. My Mom is Mom and Dad is Dad or Daddy, but he calls himself PopDaddy (like when signing e-mails or leaving comments on my blog) and I love it. He started calling himself PopDaddy when I was younger because of Sean “P.Diddy” Combs, he thought it made him sound “hip” and it just stuck since then. I think it’s hilarious!

  59. Oh no! Is it the bitter, sardonic New Yorker in me that cringes when adults say Mommy and Daddy? The Daddy one especially gets me-women who do little girl things like make their voice falsely high or do that doe-eyes in headlights thing when confused tend to skeeve me out. Maybe because I had tougher-than-nails Marine dad? I also can’t imagine wanting to sleep with a guy who calls his mother mommy. Mama, however, does not have the same effect on my libido. Oh well. I’m all about the “mom” and the “dad”. Sometimes my daughter calls me “Shannon” when she’s underlining the seriousness of what she’s saying. And she still says mommy when she talks in her sleep, which is kind of adorable because she’s 8 and reconciling her wanting to be grown up with her need to still be babied.

  60. Anonymous says...

    Is the man in the front your Dad?

  61. Usually Mom, sometimes Mommy, and usually Dad, sometimes Daddy. I actually had this one time where my Dad met some friends and I out, and we were playing pool, and my friend Brian asked “Why do you keep calling that guy Daddy?! Your boyfriend’s right there!” And I said “Brian, that’s my DAD!” It was hilarious!

  62. I call my mom Mami. (It’s Spanish for Mommy.) But at one point my brother took a class in Japanese and started calling our mom Mami-san. It stuck so much that we all still call her that, even my husband.

  63. Mommy & Daddy.

  64. I call my mom mama. I do not have a relationship with my dad but if needed to refer to him I say Daddy – I was still a girl the last time I saw him so I have no idea how that name may have evolved.

    When anyone over preteen age says “mommy” or “daddy” it tends to sounds off to me and catch me off guard like your friend though! haha!

  65. I call them Mom and Dad, and I think it’s funny that my mom signs all her emails “MOM” in all caps for some reason…

  66. wendy frances says...

    I call my parents well into their 70’s Ma & Poppa. My 10 year old daughter calls them Mom-mom & Poppy. My daughter calls me Momma which makes me swell with pride everytime!

  67. I call my mom – mommy, mama, mom, and my favorite: mommsy.

    My dad is papa and daddy.

    And I’m 32! :)

  68. I used to call them Mom & Dad. As a child in the Southern US, I called them Mama & Daddy but I grew out of it :)

  69. I’ve actually reverted…I definitely called my mother just “Mom” when I was a teenager (though I loved her just as much!), but now as a 23-year-old I’m slipping back into “Mama”…she likes it :)

  70. For me it has always been Mommio for my Mom and Popsicle for my dad, sometimes pops.

  71. I loved that post, I usually call them mama and baba

  72. lea says...

    i just call my parents mama and papa, but i´m from germany, so here it is a little different. and i don´t think, that you are too old for calling your mother mommy! i just think, that this testifies a good relationship! greets, lea

  73. Mom and Papa,Pops or Dad depending on my mood :)

  74. I call my mama, Marme….. and you’re never too old to call your mom, Mommy. Afterall, that’s what she is and it brings you back to your days as a child; it’s a memorable gesture.

  75. We call our mom Mama Bear and my dad, just Dad or sometimes Dude. I hope I’m called Mama when I have kids:)

  76. Anonymous says...

    Mum and Dad, when I was a kid it was mommy but as a teenager it switched to mum

  77. I call my mom “moodles” and my dad “poppaloots”. Except for in mixed company. We’re an odd bunch.

  78. Momma and Dad. I also call them Mimi and PopPop (or Poppy) now that there are three little girls in the family who call them that. :)

  79. I call my mom, Madre, mostly, or momma, and sometimes just mom. Madre is fun for us, as it plays into her very limited Spanish knowledge compared to me having studied it for many years, (and now being engaged to a Spanish-speaker). The momma comes out following, “Oh”, generally, when she is exasperated, and mom is reserved for when I seriously need her, or am sad.
    I call my dad, Dad-e-o. We have quite a sordid past, and the tongue-in-cheek reference suits us very well to add humor into the complex relationship between children and parents where roles often reverse, as we grow and try to forgive.

  80. Mom and Dad, but sometimes “Maj” (as in Her Majesty) which I thought she probably hated, but it turns out its her favorite name! And sometimes I call my Dad “Dad-man”.

    My boyfriend calls his parents “Mom and Dad” but when referring to them, he says “My mother and father”. It’s funny and old fashioned!