1. Cool, I don’t have children yet, but i hope that in a few years i will have.

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  4. that. is. so. cool.

    i love it when neat things like that happen to you guys!

  5. Congratulations! I love this picture! So cute!

  6. Amazing shot Joanna! ;)

    Happy Father’s Day Alex!

  7. Wow that is so fun! The two of you are an officially cool couple. ;)

  8. That is so awesome! Love that picture!

  9. wow this is such an adorable picture. you are one lucky lady!

  10. Congratulations!
    Thank you for sharing

    So…you don’t have to be into SyFy to be nerdy?

  11. Cool dad and great mom – congratulations!

  12. Super happy for Alex (and lucky Toby & mom, for having such a hip dad in Alex).
    On another note, have you clicked through the slideshow to see the other hip dads and their kids? The names on these children! People! Do you have to give your children wild titles in order to be considered hip?

  13. This is just about the sweetest thing I ever did see! Congrats to you guys!

  14. Anonymous says...

    Congrats, Alex! When does Toby make the official “coolest baby in NY” list?

  15. cool qualities!… congrats to alex. i can’t wait until toby is a teen and alex reminds him of this. i can see the eye rolling already ;)

  16. I think all of that is probably part of what makes him cool! ;) nerdy=the new cool

  17. nerdy dads are the best dads! congratulations :)

  18. Allison says...

    This is awesome :) Dads are great! Actually, a lot of men in general are great, and baby boys are very hilariously much like little men, haha. Congratulations on a beautiful family! xx

  19. he IS pretty cool (as if i know him). but i like that he’s cool in the cheesy-joke kind of way and not the pretentious kind of way. that’s my fav kind of cool.

  20. That’s awesome! And that picture is just adorable. Your blog always makes me smile!

  21. Congratulations, Alex! You are also one of the coolest sons-in-law ever. :)

  22. congrats! I think so, too. :)

  23. aw so cute!!! what a great honor from refinery 29 :)

  24. Wow…that’s sort of kind of surreal, no? lol

  25. aww congratulations! alex definitely does seem like an awesome dad!

  26. Congrats to Alex.

    Toby could be thinking/saying so many funny things in this…I’m imagining thought bubbles right now:)

  27. Baby is so sweet! Cool couple daddy and son :-)


    Congrats, Alex! Can you say, “power couple of the year?”


  29. Lucky you, enhorabuena guapa!!

  30. Let’s be honest and say, what good dad doesn’t watch the History Channel?! I never met a decent guy who didn’t watch it. :)

  31. High-five Alex!

  32. such a cute photo! kudos on the recognition for being a great dad!

    xx Vivian @ diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  33. Amazing! All the “cool Dads” and their families should meet! How fun would that be? Congrats, Alex!

  34. But being a History-Channel-watching, milkshake-drinking, cheesy-joke-cracking nerd is what makes him so cool!

    Congrats, Alex! I think you’re pretty cool, too. And Joanna, you are without a doubt one of the coolest mommas in NYC. :)

  35. Anonymous says...

    Wonderful, Fofanna! Cream rises to the top!
    Me xx

  36. Those make the best dads. Great photo. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  37. Oh my goodness that picture of them is cute, cute, cute!

  38. Vicky S. says...

    Thats awesome! I actually was a teacher for one of the other families in this… the Novogratz!

  39. Holy sh*t, that’s awesome! He’s with good company in that list! Congratulations, Alex, Joanna, and Toby! Good dads are just the best. :)

  40. Anonymous says...

    i love this picture.

  41. haha, thanks! such a funny list to be on :)

  42. and that is the cutest picture. ever.

  43. Congratulations Alex! Super precious photo.

  44. He certainly is!! You can be very proud Jo, that he is the poppa of your cutie :-)! Love, Mandy

  45. i knew it all along!

  46. Congrats, Alex, and Happy Father’s Day, too!

    Just think, Joanna, you and Toby can say you were fans of his long before his Refinery29 fame. *wink* xo.