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  11. It just goes to show…bikes are classic!

  12. so cute & right up your alley, joanna! :)

  13. Love your blog! Could read it for hours! I especially love this cycling collection. So cute!

  14. Aww, what a great photo collection! I love everything about these photos….and the Ryan Gosling blog Sarah mentioned, lol. God bless Tumblr.

  15. there’s something so carefree and innocent about vintage bicycles!

  16. oooh. All of these photos are totally adorable. I will have to check out the site. I want to go for a bike ride too.

  17. Wow- fabulous images!


  18. These pics are fantastic, I wish I was in them too, seems so fun

  19. Lovely images!
    I shall have to have a look.

  20. Faltan los de “Verano Azul”

  21. Anonymous says...

    oh my god! i luv these photos! and celebrities of those days…i wonder where i can buy a bike thats like the one in the first picture or the one with paul newman and joanne woodward!
    i know you’re really into bikes, joanna, so maybe you’d have a good suggestion for an inexpensive one!

  22. Oh, what a perfect find! I love my bike and am so happy that I own one. Though I am thinking of buying a new one and paused…”I wonder if there is a really cute bike blog?”

  23. good find :D I ride a bike too!

  24. Gosh, the Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman photo is just lovely. They make my heart flip.

  25. This is so cute! I love these photos of the celebrities on bicycles!

  26. Aw gee, ickle Ringo! He and Georgie Porgie in the back are awfully squee worthy.

  27. S. says...

    the photo with the girl is my favorite! beautiful! :D a big kiss Joanna :)

  28. Man, I wish I had a bike..

  29. I LOVE this!!

  30. Oh Joanna, you always find the neatest things! And Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward always make me smile… I just love a love story! They just seemed to “fit” together. I think you and Alex seem to have that too!

  31. ahh! weekend project: de-rust my beach cruiser and take it for a ride this weekend.

  32. The last photo is super cute. Bikes Rock!

  33. no cars, please. bikes or on foot. best way to travel

  34. i always love paul newman and joanne woodward. i remember seeing a bit of them on a gameshow where the guests had to guess who the celebrity was… something like that. but they were so adorable and playful together.

    thanks for sharing these images!

    i am sending the beatles one off to my nephew who is a huge fan. xoxo.

  35. Yay for bikes!

  36. Anonymous says...

    Nice pictures… but where are their helmets!

  37. I’m worried about your bike needing to be “shoveled out”… :)

  38. that comment about Ringo made me laugh, it’s so true!

  39. Bikes are the absolute best. Living in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) I literally ride my bike everywhere. Great to stay in shape and the environment. :)

  40. love it. let’s all ride bikes more.

  41. I just love the first photo. The man just cruising with his kid with a pipe between his teeth! Just hysterical. You always find the best things :)

  42. So darling. I’m renting a bike right now in Southern India and it’s a big old claptrap of a thing with a giant basket and old-fashioned bell, and I WISH I could bring it home with me. Any recommendations for a modern take on an old bike like that? I feel a Cup of Jo bike-roundup coming on…

  43. Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman are my fave famous couple of all time… i heart them :)


  44. my poor bike collecting dust in the basement. i say hi to her when i do the laundry, and tell her i haven’t forgotten about her.

  45. Anonymous says...

    luv luv luv! Especially the first, second, and last photos. so cute! thanks for sharing. i wonder where you can buy a bike like the one in the last picture for a reasonable price….?

  46. The Beatles look so cute. I hope it was for real biking, and not publicity-shoot biking!

  47. that’s jacques tati playing monsieur hulot in the first one, from the film “mon oncle” – if you haven’t yet i urge you to see all of the monsieur hulot films, and the new animated one “the illusionist”. they’re really beautiful and enormously entertaining!


  48. Anonymous says...

    I follow you since a few months and you’re just great! You are a deep inspiration in terms of trends for me and my job in Italy! Can You explain me what a tumbler is and what’s the difference btwn it and a blog??

    Thanks! Stefy

  49. ohhh super cute! i’ve been itching to get on my bike again lately, but with all this snow and ice still on our roads it doesn’t look too promising any time soon. come on spring!!!

  50. Thank you for sharing this terrific find! I’m in love with the Julie Christie snapshot! And Bill Murray!


  51. kathy, that is awesome! and jessica, your mom sounds adorable:)

  52. Fabulous pictures, they make me dream of summer time…

  53. I love bikes, but more importantly I love vintage bikes! So so gorgeous and relaxing! I can’t wait until we move to a house because the first thing on my to do list is buy a bike and rideeee!

  54. there’s something so playful and human i guess, to seeing someone riding a bike! it’s such a happy image! joanna – here in italy so many old old men ride bikes and it’s hilarious and touching at the same time! i saw one yesterday on a little pink bike! haha!

  55. Ringo does always look 12…I had never been able to put my finger on just what that was about him…Happy weekend Joanna!

  56. I love the one with the beatles! awesomeee..i can’t wait to ride my bike again!

  57. Love these. When my husband bought my new bike a few years ago for my birthday, I put my son on the seat with me and we went riding up and down the street, I was so thrilled. Hank snapped a photo of us whizzing by, all flying hair and smiles. It’s one of my favorites.

  58. Love love love! And yes, the last picture is perfect :)

  59. Ooooo I’ve been jonesing for a bicyle. That second photo! I moved to the coast 6 months ago and have daydreams of crusing up and down on a bike. (With training wheels maybe? My mom always said no one even notices ;) )

    xo Jessica Rae
    {lovely ugly design}

  60. I was lucky enough to get Ringo’s autograph in West Los Angeles in the early ’80s! Although he looked fantastic then, he did look a bit older than 12!!

  61. I love it! And yeah, Joanne Woodward + Paul Newman = super cute and a perfect couple. I found a new respect for him when I read the book In Pursuit of the Common Good, which is about how Newman’s Own got started and some behind the scenes stuff of the company. He really was a remarkable man.

  62. love love love.

    i just found this other tumblr that’s old school in a pin-up kind of a way…but there are some awesome jane birkin shots and marisa mell – who is a dead ringer for angelina…


    tumblr is a total time suck. i love it. xoxo.

  63. I was just thinking about how I wish there was no snow on the ground so I could go on a bike ride. Can’t wait for spring!

  64. You are so right, he DOES always look like he’s twelve. I never noticed that before, cracking me up this morning. I wish I always looked like that. Though I’d even take still looking like I was 30.

  65. so great! everyone looks so…human! and playful!

  66. Never seen that photo of the beatles before! Love it. And yes, re. Paul Newman. They were so sweet. xx

  67. I love this! Unfortunately, the streets in Boston are a bit snowy for biking….


  68. Love love love that first photo…..the man is very regal and serious in his bike riding “job”. And how happy is the little boy? Love.

  69. Great find, Joanna! Between this and F**k Yeah, Ryan Gosling, I’ve been spending all my time on Tumblr. :)