1. my little girl does this too! we call it the stink bug position! ha haa

  2. i need a good video monitor recommendation. i didn’t get one for my first child and regret it! which one do you have?

  3. adorable, and what a great monitor!

  4. Q says...

    Omg. How adorable!

  5. He he! He’s just trying to pass gas, right? Too cute!

  6. So sweet! Love the Toby cam :) A video monitor is a must!

  7. Gus sleeps the same way. I guess that is why it is called the child’s pose. So sweet!

  8. Love it! My daughter does the same thing!!! We don’t have a video monitor, but my hubs and I regularly go in her room after she’s asleep, just to see what adorable position she’s gotten herself into.

  9. Your Toby is super cute

  10. My baby sister used to sleep just like this. I’m years older than her, so I always fancied she was mine, and I miss her now.

  11. Haha! I think I used to sleep like that every once in a while when I was young!

  12. That’s how I slept!

  13. Child’s pose!

  14. This position is like how the stepsisters in Cinderella sleep!

    this is so cute.

  15. My mom claims that is how I always slept too! Such a cutie he is!

  16. Mo says...

    So cute. The kid has a big tush and he’s proud of it. Adorable.

  17. g. says...

    awwwhhh, cute overload.

  18. So adorable! It must be a baby thing, because my mom tells me I used to sleep exactly the same way. :)

  19. Heehee I slept like this a lot when I was a kid!

  20. omg, olga! i had never thought of that! haha, you’re so right.

  21. Aaaahhh, so so cute!


  22. oh my goodness – pinch those little buns!!

  23. My little brother used to sleep like this… so adorable! I can’t wait to have a baby and a video monitor!!!

  24. adorableness!!!… i’m obsessed with our video monitor too.

  25. Toby is such a darling guy! My 10 month old sleeps on his right side with one hand under his bumper, poking out the side. I always sneak in and kiss it.

  26. Cutie…

  27. toby’s got it right….bum up, arms firmly tucked in=best night’s sleep!

  28. I always slept like that as a child (and still do most of the time)!

  29. Aren’t those video monitors brilliant?! There is so nothing more precious than a sleeping baby.

    The Cheeky Cafe

  30. they dont call it child’s pose in yoga for nothing!

  31. gah!! nora does the exact. same. thing.

    i think it is so cute.

  32. Best sleeping position ever. My Emerson slept like that for nearly a year and every night I would sneak into her room to rub her bottom and we took so many pictures of her that way. Killed me. By the way, my video monitor died last night (Emerson is 2 and a half) and my husband and I nearly cried. Love the video monitor.

  33. So cute! When L. does that I really have to contain myself not to bite his bottom!! ;)

  34. I use to sleep that way too! I had a nanny that tried to “break” me of the habit at nap time, but nothing worked until I just grew out of it around age 5 or so. It’s really cute!

  35. He is so cute! I love all of his pictures. And I love all of the comments.

  36. This is exactly how my little dude sleeps!

  37. haha!! so cute! that was my “i’m sick” position growing up… like others, I get reminded often too!

  38. this is so adorable!

  39. I know, right?! My kiddo does this too – it gives clear, new meaning to yoga’s ‘child pose,’ eh?

  40. My little man does this too! We call this the turkey position b/c G looks like a Thansgiving turkey as he sleeps. Oh, and we are obsessed with our video monitor too – I love peeking in on G as he sleeps.

  41. I definitely still sleep like this (at 23). What, it’s comfortable!

  42. Carolyn DD says...

    hahah definitely slept like that too!

    My my (still) calls it “bums up”

  43. I also slept like that. My mom called it “the Turtle”.


  44. Very cute…but I think every baby I know sleeps like that!! Ha! Ha!

  45. Love when I babysit and the little boy sleeps like this…so adorable.

  46. LOVE THIS!

  47. adorable! my little sister slept in that position for years. we called it “buns up.”

  48. TOO CUTE! TOO CUTE! What?! Too cute.

  49. v says...

    our monkey adopted that position not long ago!

  50. my son sleep like that from about 3 months to 1 year old.
    funny thing is– i like to sleep like this too .

    it’s like the most relaxed yoga.

    currently, COBRA pose has taken over… in the bed, on the floor, in the bathtub. For my son, not me, lol!

  51. My sister slept exactly the same way when she was a baby, must be comfortable!

  52. cute! My 2 year old still sleeps like that!

  53. Cute!

    juliet xxx

  54. um, yeah i would be obsessed with that video monitor too…that looks awesome!

  55. So, so precious. Enjoy this time, because they grow up so fast.

  56. SO cute! Yep, my mom likes to tell me how I slept in nightgowns, with nothing underneath. (Think 3 or 4 years old, or 5, or 6…) She’d come in to see my naked tush up in the air. She loved it too.

  57. that is my FAVorite! we call it bee bum at our house.

  58. I did that until I was about 7. Funny part was that I used to get uncomfortable wearing underwear at night, so I’d take them off in the middle of the night. I’m the youngest of 3 and get reminded of this often!

  59. What a cute baby-booty!

    p.s. Video monitors are soooo genius!

  60. aww what a precious child!

  61. My kids slept like that too, so adorable!! :) xxoo

  62. this is too cute. Lucia still sleeps on her back but she likes her side too. we love our video monitor…The Lucia Show! she sleeps through the night and we stay up watching her! lol

  63. So stinkin’ cute! My dog sleeps like this sometimes too. ;-)

  64. aaaw! too cute!

  65. maggie says...

    i can’t handle it!

  66. I still do that…and I’m 27 years old!!!!

    What? What you laughing at? It’s well comfy.

  67. Anonymous says...

    Apparently I used to sleep like that when I was a baby– I guess I am not the only one who thought it was pretty darn comfy!!

  68. Awww..totally adorable! Somehow babies love sleeping like that:)

  69. what a mister cutie. i shall copy him and sleep like that tonight :)

  70. haha when my little brother was 2 or three, he got chicken pox and slept like this because it was the only position that didn’t make him itch worse!

  71. My sister-in-law apparently slept like this through high school. Having tried it (alcohol may have been involved), I can confirm that it’s quite comfy.

  72. that is the cutest!!!

  73. Toby-cam:)

  74. My sister slept that way through childhood! And by childhood, I mean junior high. ;)

  75. (this photo was taken on our video monitor, which i’m obsessed with:)