A Tuscan Wedding

Lucky editor Danielle Pergament and magazine writer Devin Friedman are one of the funniest and most charming couples I know. Today they live in Brooklyn with their daughter–and are expecting a baby boy!–but three years ago, on a sunny July evening, they got hitched in Tuscany. Let’s take a look…xoxo

Where exactly did you get married?
La Bandita, our friends’ hotel in Pienza, Tuscany.

Did you walk down the aisle with Devin?
Yes, I grew up between New York and Sweden, so we did that the Swedish way.

Where did you find your beautiful wedding dress? (I’m obsessed with the tiny straps!)
This charming little Italian grandmother who lived outside Rome was going to make my dress. I chose everything—the fabric, all the details. But eight days before my wedding, I finally saw the dress and it was a total disaster. All this tulle, it looked like it belonged on the top of a wedding cake.

I was determined not to be That Girl, so I thought, ‘It’s OK, all my friends are coming, it will be fun, don’t worry.’ I called my sister in New York. She was leaving for Italy the next morning. She works in fashion, and she said, ‘You know, I have this dress in my closet from the Ralph Lauren runway show. He sent it down the runway on Gisele, but they never manufactured it. Gisele is the only one who ever wore it. It’s literally one of a kind.’ So she brought it in her suitcase.

I loved that dress. I loved wearing it.

Your hair also looked incredible.
When I worked at Allure, I met Chris McMillan, Jennifer Aniston’s hair stylist. We became friends over the years, and he came to our wedding. About six hours before the ceremony, we were sitting around the pool–I had sunscreen in my hair–and he said, ‘What should we do with your hair tonight?’ He put it up really quickly, just playing around, and I said, “Don’t touch it, it’s perfect!” So I sat around in my bathing suit all afternoon and then got married without changing a thing.

Where were the daisies from?
To this day, I have no idea. Chris looked at my hair and said, ‘Hang on, it needs something.’ He reappeared with these daisies. There were no daisies on the property. He’s a miracle worker.

What’s the deal with the amazing accordion player?
We wanted to add a cheesy, red-sauce Italian restaurant element to our wedding. So we hired a local musician to play all the Italian folk songs that Americans want to hear when they come to Italy. We hung out around the pool having cocktails and hors devours.

You had so many guests! Did everyone fly over from the States?

We had 120 people. Everyone came a week before the wedding. By the time the wedding day came, there had already been hookups and breakups and everyone was friends. Everyone rented houses, instead of staying in hotels, so it was like a flashback to college. You’d recognize people in their cars on the road. It was so awesome.

Any tricky things about getting married in Italy?
The downside about getting married in Italy—especially when no one coming to the wedding speaks the language—is that you’re pulled in a thousand directions. You’re dealing with the infrastructure of a tiny town thirty minutes from the airport, so every couple seconds, someone is calling you to say, “How do you say, ‘Can you please fill up my car?’”

What did you serve for dinner?

Steak Fiorentina. And my favorite pasta, Cacio e Pepe. But Cacio e Pepe is a Roman dish and our caterers were from Florence, so they had an attitude about serving Roman food. We finally convinced them to serve it, but it wasn’t as good as it was supposed to be!

What was one of your favorite memories of the day?

You can’t tell from the photos, but there were fields on every side of us covered with sheep. I had always wanted a country wedding, and it really felt like that. We had a DJ playing loud music until nine in the morning, and we were in the middle of these huge fields.

Were the sheep staring at you?
I think the sheep had seen it all.

(Photos by Michael Edwards)

  1. Cici says...

    Is this the Tuscany wedding locale in Master of None? The pool that they all jump into at the end looks just like this one!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my gosh, you’re right! it was a different villa (i just googled the photos:) but it was in pienza, which is only 13 minutes from where our agriturismo was!

    • Cici says...


    • Cici says...

      I meant the locale of the Tuscany wedding of Danielle Pergament and Devin Friedman above, but it says in the post above that it was in Pienza (yay ctrl+find), so lucky them! And of course, still lucky you :-)!

  2. I would also love to know the details of the accordion player, can you possibly share his details? Amazing photos, I cannot wait for our wedding this year – yours looked a blast!

  3. Any chance your friend would remember where she found her accordionist? We’re getting married in Italy and having the hardest time finding one!

  4. What a beautiful wedding ( and couple ). My fiance and I are actually getting a Tuscan Villa Rental to plan a wedding too. Seeing all these pictures just ensured that I made the right choice, I can’t think of a more romantic place.

  5. I’m obsessed with that dress! That open back – oh man.

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  7. That dress is so under stated and beautiful :)

  8. the flowers in her hair? PERFECT! x

  9. What a great wedding at Tuscany! I wish I can have a wedding as memorable and as grand as that, too.

    Anyway, I’ve noticed that there’s no set motif for the clothing. I like that in a way that you won’t have to be restricted to wearing something with the same color as everyone else.

    Also, the flowers! I liked the bouquet! It looks simple, but it goes well with your dress and the daisies on your hair. I wish I can find florists in Indianapolis who can help me in arranging flowers.

  10. This is my favorite wedding that you’ve ever covered. The bride is so pretty {I can’t even begin to comment on the dress!}, and the whole experience seemed so real and true to who they are as a couple. And, funny aside, I recognize a good portion of the guests from my days working in events at GQ {groom included}!

  11. Shane says...

    Is that Adam Rapoport in pics 16, 20 and 21?? I wish I knew him so he would come to my wedding.

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  17. oh my! I do so adore her gown! I had a similar mishap. I had my gown handmade and designed in another country and once it arrived it was a cindarella nightmare. The photo I sent for inspiration featured a gown with a simple silhouette like Danielle’s and the designer took his own liberties with tulle and tons of beading. :( Unfortunately for me, I could not afford a new one and there was no RL or Gisele to the rescue. Anywho-gorgeous, gorgeous photos!

  18. Dreamy…just dreamy. I love the accordian player, he looks really into it!

    Julie xo

  19. favourite wedding so far!

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  21. What an amazing wedding. The story of her dress really makes it special (and how pretty does it look on her!)

  22. Hi!
    I came on to your blog by chance!
    I love these spontaneous pictures, and looking at it pretty rapidly, it looks like I’ve been in this place before!
    Needless to say the dress is gorgeous in its simplicity!

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  23. gorgeous! what a great wedding memory she will has.

  24. Joanna, this is asking a lot, but any chance I could find out where your friend got that clear tent in Italy? I am getting married in Rome on my dad’s rooftop and can’t figure out where to find a clear tent like that for the dinner. I would be forever grateful for a name!

  25. Looove how laidback and relaxed (while still elegant!) the wedding looks! Most of all, everyone (especially the bride and groom) look like they are having a fantastic time! I just found your blog and love it!!

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    cant wait

    love the juxtaposition between the farmhouse style villa and the chic interior design!

  30. A very beautiful wedding! And I love the dress.

  31. I love this. I am so jealous of people that can pull off those last minute details (that make it so special) without plan and make it work so effortlessly. Bless the laid back people of this world.

  32. great photos and interview! that last comment made me laugh. I’m sure the sheep have seen it all! and that dress is out of this world! she totally rocks the plunging back cleavage look :)

  33. you have AH-MAZING friends and this is an amazing story.

    It almost makes me hate her a little bit. Seriously? You just HAPPENED to have a sister in fashion who just HAPPENED to have a *perfect* gown in her closet and your BFF is a hairstylist??? I can’t deal with it, I’m going to go eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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  35. Holy Sh#* her back looks amazing in that dress! Go girl.

  36. Anonymous says...

    The dress is so, so, so beautiful! But it could have used a bit of altering… You can see the top of her underwear!

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  39. I had never heard that the Swedish tradition is for bride and groom to walk down the aisle together. I love that! I am also blown away by the idea of getting married in a dress that had been whipped up for Gisele. !!!

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  41. yes the dress is amazing and yes the setting is amazing and yes the food sounds amazing, but what was most amazing was her laid back carefree attitude. I love that she was able to relax by the pool with friends until minutes before the ceremony. From the photos and recap she seems so happy, that’s what I want to take away from this….stress less! enjoy more! and get to italy sometime soon

  42. gorgeous photos…her dress is simply elegant and looks amazing on her!

  43. Amazing location amazing everything. I love how she seemingly to effortlessly prepared herself for the wedding. Something about a person being completely comfortable and confident wearing minimal makeup and spending minimal time on hair and accessories etc…its just so attractive. She looked so happy.

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  45. Is that the house from the film Stealing Beauty with Liv Tyler???

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  47. K says...

    She is lucky to have the figure that could work with that dress. What a truly lovely wedding. Thanks for sharing Jo! xo

  48. Wow. One lucky girl. Love the dress.

  49. Must be nice to have the ability to wear Gisele’s clothes and friends that own Italian hotels. I couldn’t ever pull off that dress – My boobs would be on the floor.

  50. Wow! What a special dress that is! And how lucky to have Jennifer Aniston’s hairdresser at the wedding… so cool that she didn’t even worry a bit about her hair… just cared about her day and her friends and family. Wow.

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    But how lovely and beautiful was the dress she ended up with.

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  59. LucyGreg says...

    her laid-back attitude may have just made this my favorite wedding story of all time :)

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  61. MK says...

    simply lovely…

  62. What a gorgeous wedding & on such a beautiful day :]

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  69. Anonymous says...

    I love the story about the dress! And it is so simple and elegant. Kudos, sister!

  70. maggie says...

    that dress story is incredible!

  71. Wow! So fantastic! I love that they managed chic and rustic at the same time. Bravo!

    p.s. Is it not every girl’s fantasy to slip into a designer gown that had only been worn by Gisele?! On the runway?! Seriously… envious.

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  75. What an amazing story. I love that they all stayed in that little town for a week. I love the story about the dress. And I love JA’s stylist just casually doing her hair by the pool. It sounds so amazing.

  76. What a sweet interview. That dress looked amazing on her..I wouldn’t be able to guess that it was a last minute thing. Also her hair looked so simply-beautiful:)…Such a sweet couple and all the guests looked so stylish too:)…I love Italy:)


  77. What a beautiful day for a beautiful event. The bride is gorgeous! Her style is simple and elegant perfection!

  78. What a fantastic wedding. I love how care free and personal it appears to have been. And that dress… le sigh.

  79. I love her dress, the back is so beautiful… I give them a lot of credit, I got married in France and organizing a wedding this far away is not easy (even with my family there, I can’t imagine it with nobody speaking the language) xx

  80. Susanna says...

    It’s very nice but I chafe a little at the “cheesy red sauce” (points for the funny, tho) comment. Not appreciated. But someone who gets that cacio e pepe is Roman & that snooty Tuscans will be, well, snooty, redeems.

    Though I will never ever ever go to anyone’s wedding in Italy unless they promise to NOT act like doofuses. (I mean the guests…)

    And yes, la gregge di pecore – seen it all.

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