Date My Single Kid

My friend Colby’s mom is obsessed with finding him a wife, so she’s always trying to set him up (with her dental hygienist, a pretty girl on the subway…) Well, she has now taken it to a new level and launched a website called Date My Single Kid, where she and other moms can help set up their grown kids! How genius is that?

(The New York Post wrote a funny story about it this morning. Read it here.)

(Photo by Jonathan Baskin)

  1. Anonymous says...

    ew. just, ew.

  2. Oh my…I’ve had several mothers accost me on behalf of their sons. The worst was the woman who spotted me while waiting for the bouquet toss. She tapped my mom on the shoulder, told her to turn around, yelled at her son, “This is what she’ll look like when she’s older” then proceeded to chant “Amy! Catch the bouquet … Catch the bouquet” … yeah, let’s all say it together, good times …

  3. Anonymous says...

    I can’t think of anything more emasculating. this
    is definitely a no-no in my book. Colby is cute
    enough on his own.

  4. Perfectly normal in my part of the world! the matchmaking I mean. If your mother doesnt look out for you, who will. I will do the same!

  5. ha! that’s so awesome – way to go mom!

    (and he looks super excited about it too, doesn’t he ;)

  6. Anonymous says...

    I’m on this like white on rice…anyone for an electrical engineer? I know they’re a pain, but I’m really, really nice! 8

  7. My parents went to the same high school, 5 years apart. So they kind of new of each other because my mom was a school acquaintance of my dad’s baby sister.

    Fast forward a few years later, when my dad’s mom starts frequenting my mom’s line at the grocery store (where she was a cashier at the time). Soon, she INVITES HER OVER FOR DINNER.

    A month later, my parents were engaged. And less than a year later, married. 30 years later? Still going strong.

    My grandma knew what she was doing! :)

  8. if i wouldn’t be engaged in great relationship i would definetly go for him. look like nice guy.

  9. Anonymous says...

    This sounds like a great way to hook yourself a meddling mother-in-law, haha.

  10. It’s So interesting! I saw them on the Today show yesterday morning!


  11. This is VERY common for us Asian folks :) and most do meet through parents crazy huh? haha..

  12. What a cute mom.

  13. So funny. They were on TV this morning…

  14. Anonymous says...

    Love Colby’s shirt.

  15. This makes me glad my mum has very limited computer skills. lol.

  16. Hahaha! How funny is that! I love it!


  17. I saw this on the news this morning! I would never want my mother to do something like this…
    pale bluebird

  18. Saw this on the news. Wondering why it’s so tough to find Colby a gal…

  19. EW. NOT genius at all! That’s repulsive. We’re grown up and can choose for ourselves who we date or do not date! Yuck!

  20. Amber says...

    I’m a product of a successful “set up” by (his) parents! It involved a blind date in New York…me flying from Seattle, he from London… and that was a year ago. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it – and good luck Colby!

  21. Lisa B. says...

    haha, all I saw at first was the title of the post and I thought “Joanna he’s not even a year old!”

  22. Aw, he’s super cute! Hopefully he’ll find a nice girl who his mother aproves of.

  23. actually, don’t mind if i do! – haha that is so funny.

  24. that’s funny, i saw this on the today show this morning

  25. LOL, jo this is hilarious. i would hate to be colby!

  26. oh my gosh, i love it!

  27. Don’t let my mom see this…she’ll surely try to set me up too!

  28. I also saw him on the Today Show this morning. I think he’s adorable (although I am in a committed relationship). I was racking my brain for any friends that might be interested ; )

  29. Anonymous says...

    it is funny, but it’s also sort of creepy. i’m pretty sure every male i know would hate it if their mothers intervened like that and from a girls standpoint, i’d rather have a date with a guy that wasn’t forced from his mom.

  30. That is amazing… Love it

  31. I saw them on the Today show this morning…the funny thing is my mom set me and my husband up, and then she set his brother up with a family friend of ours (now married with a baby on the way)…maybe he should call my mom! hahaha

  32. That’s pretty funny

  33. Add me to the list of people who think this is neither funny nor cute. Helicopter parenting has reached a new level of insanity.

  34. oh my goodness those poor blokes!

  35. That is so not sexy, he need’s to distance himself from his mom in the first place, of course there’s no place for another woman in his life if he let’s her be so present. If he’s not gay that is.

  36. hahah…that’s great!

  37. Oh, I REALLY hope my mum doesn’t find out about this.

  38. ohmygoodness! I think that’s taking it a bit too far! lol

  39. this is the funniest thing. ever! those poor kids…


  40. Hahaha – that is hilarious. I love it. He is a cutie, as well!

  41. I would not date a guy who’s mom is so medalsome…foreshadow of your future…will she be in the bedroom too?

  42. This would be a perfect storyline for SATC- it is truly hillarious. I have some great Australia/Kiwi single girlfriends – does Colby travel?! He looks like a complete love! And his mother – a major scream!!!!

  43. This is really interesting! It reminds me of something that happens a lot in China. They do a kind of “meet and greet” where older adults will get together in a park or city square and sit with advertisements for their grown children who are too busy to meet people. The make signs and everything that say things like “2 meters tall, doctor, 164 lbs.” It was the most interesting thing to stumble upon on a stroll through the park.

  44. LOL that is funny. Poor guy. A lot of parents are like that these days. It’s the “it’s all about me!” generation. :p

    I am finally ready to settle down :)

  45. Julia says...

    That’s hilarious! I’m sending this link to my practically-mother-in-law, she set my boyfriend and I up and we’ve been together for the past 4 years, even long distance :-) The first few dates it was a little awkward for us, but now she’s sure taking all the credit!!

  46. Aw he’s so cute, what a catch! How is he still single?

  47. Hmm, I am not sure I would find that so attractive. Imagine the power she has over the relationship later?

  48. um, thats slightly humiliating.

  49. that would be so awesome if he really hooked a hottie through his mom’s site! love it!

  50. I read the Post article out loud to my mom since she’s so obsessed with setting up my brother!

    I think this Colby fellow is pretty cute…he should have no problem!

  51. This is SOOO FUNNY!! Her website will be great for my mother-in-law and my brother in law. He can’t stay with one girl for more than three weeks – he is handsome, gentleman and has a great job – he just can’t find the right one..

    p.s – what does your friend Colby think of all this???? lol.

  52. Haha, that’s awesome. He’s cute and a fun MIL to boot. :)

  53. Hmm. I also thought “arranged marriages,” but not quite in such a positive way. I understand the idea behind it, but I think parents are sometimes blind to their kids tastes–I think if my mom were to try to set me up with someone, she’d immediately write off anyone who liked video games, while I think that playing Mario Kart with a couple drinks is an awesome way to spend the evening with my guy. Sure, she loves me and wants me to be happy, but I think my close friends have a better idea of who I am, what I like, and what I’d be looking for (if I were looking). That being said, this, of course, is hilarious. Poor kid.

  54. OMG, one of the best things I have heard in a while. I wonder if Colby endorses it, or despises the site. Either way, his mom may be his ultimate matchmaker. Thanks for the post.

  55. LOL this is hilarious! Poor Colby, though. I wonder how he feels about this…

  56. It’s much like “arranged marriages,” right? I had an Indian friend once explain to me that who better than the people who love you and want to best for you to help choose your lifelong spouse? They know your tastes, likes and dislikes so why not? I totally got it. “Arranged Marriage” didn’t seem so scary to me anymore. I have to say, I like what Colby’s mom is doing here. She’s modernizing something that is already ages old tradition in other cultures:)

  57. I’m convinced you’re in on it too, what a better way to ‘advertise’ than on a pretty girl’s blog! Xx

  58. LOVE this! Colby, I’m sure you’ll get a zillion dates this way. What a sweet (and smart) mama you have! xo

  59. This is genius, but the poor guy! I wonder if this might scare some girls from the mom? Even though the mom clearly just wants her son to be happy…I will say this: it’s much better than pitching him to ABC for the Bachelor!!

  60. I saw that on the Today show. How… ummmm… embarrassing and funny!

  61. im sure her son is loving this!!


  62. Anonymous says...

    I think this is entirely charming and hilarious. Kudos to the mums for the idea and kudos for the men–good enough to be good sports for their moms. And, hey, you never know where you’ll find ‘the one.’ All you cynics need to sit down!!

  63. his expression in that photo is perfect!

  64. My mom wants to do this for me! Maybe I should date Colby!

  65. hahahah that is just great!!! hahaha! : ) poor guy…wonder how he feels!

  66. Wow what a great idea.

  67. time out. this is my dream come true. i’ll date her single kid! x Emily

  68. I love it! I would totally let my mom set me up with Colby!

  69. ha! goodness, i am SO glad that my mother has not found this site. :) she is constantly trying to set me up with all of her friends’ single sons.

  70. Please don’t tell my dad about this! LOL He’s always trying to set me up with guys he meets. He was in mexico with the rest of my family and got the information for some random guy who is moving to LA soon and offered me up to show him around! This guy was SO not my type. Silly dad!

  71. Anonymous says...

    Do you really know Colby!?
    I have the perfect Jewish friend for him…
    (and I’m not even a mom)

  72. Anonymous says...

    What if he’s gay and closeted?
    If he’s living in, he should move out but other than that, Mom should BUTT OUT

  73. That is hilarious, but please nobody tell my mother about it.

  74. The kids don’t mind? That’s sort of humiliating. I would never date a guy who let’s his mother have that much influence over him.

  75. That is too funny…what moms will do, right? Hope it doesn’t turn out like the Bachelor does sometimes:)

  76. thats awesomly hilarious. good for her! i assume she reallllllly wants grandkids, and of course, for her son to be happy. sweet.

  77. It’s just like the movie “Because I Said So”!! All I know is that my daughters would never speak to me again!

    Have a terrific Tuesday. ~Natalie

  78. Wow… I think I’m glad my mom never had this idea!

  79. Hey, we could all use a little help. I’m in. When can I go out w/Colby? ;)

  80. Wow! Did you read the comments to the Post?–tough audience.

  81. is that taylor lautner following your blog?!

    (bottom left corner)

  82. awww bless her
    have a lovely day

  83. Necessity – the “mother” of invention! Colby = cutie.

  84. Jo says...

    Hahahahaha!!!! Amaaaaaaaazing!! :)

  85. Anonymous says...

    HI-larious!!!!!!! Colby is so cute!

  86. how funny! i would kill my mom! haha

  87. It’s hilarious! I’m glad to see that Colby is embracing his mom’s help – I don’t know too many guys that would be able to put up with it for that long!

  88. hee hee! I feel a connection to colby already since my father is the man that nudges me with raised eyebrows any time he sees ANY man, ANYWHERE. we’re talkin’ the ups man, a stranger in line at the grocery store, a waiter … no one is safe from the wrath of my pop (and trust me, i wouldn’t put it past him to go up to any of these fellas and hand over my #!)

  89. I LOVE this idea!!!

  90. I just about fell over laughing at this. My Jewish Grandma I’m sure would LOVE to do something similar for all of the Grand-daughters.


  91. Haha! That is too funny! I wonder if it really works…

  92. Oh my gosh… there are so many things wrong with that. I’m not even sure where to start! LOL.

  93. oh my, too much! no lie, my mother would totally jump on board this band wagon. shes actually offered to pay for a membership to eharmony. uh, thanks but no thanks, mom. haha

  94. That is TOO funny. I would die if my parents tried to do that, though!

  95. I would kill myself if my mom was like that.

  96. That’s hilarious!! But, how does Colby feel about it?? I think my brother would freak out if my mom tried to do this ;)


  97. I would be so embarrassed if someone did this for me!
    But my theory is that you never know who you are going to meet and when you are going to meet them… so why not have fun with it?! YOu just never know!
    Too funny!

  98. That is fantastic! Going to stalk me a man right now ;)

  99. haha he looks SO thrilled.

  100. OMG….no way? How does he feel about it?
    She is amazing!
    Hahahaha….I am off to check it out:)
    Kisses, Joanna

  101. maggie says...

    LOL!!!!!! Colby is a good sport.

  102. hehe!! It was about time mother’s did this!! If I was single I’d check it out! =)

  103. geri (colby’s mom) is SO funny about it. she’ll literally ask everyone. she is hilarious. i wonder if colby really will get a wife from this!

  104. omg! that’s hilarious. My fiance’s mother used to do that to him before we met. It’s really funny to hear the stories of the dates she set him up on.