A Little Love Note.

Have you told bedtime stories lately? Pregnancy has made me super sleepy, and I’ve been conking out really early. So a little tradition has started, where Alex will put me to bed. After I brush my teeth, he’ll say, “Ready for bed, baby?” and then come into the bedroom, lie down next to me (and my maternity pillow) and tell me funny stories about his childhood, early days in New York or old friends. I don’t know how he comes up with them all (every single night!), but it’s so cozy falling asleep listening to his deep voice and trying to stay awake to hear the ending. I love you, Alex.

(Photo by Max Wanger)

  1. Tears in the eyes of women the most beautiful expression of love

  2. When a man does not understand the love of my eyes sweetheart live unhappy all his life

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  4. how sweet is that for him to read you lull you to sleep. Hope I can one day find someone as sweet as him ;D

  5. Once upon a time, a man loved his pregnant wife so much that every night he would tuck her into bed and share a lovely story about his life with her and their soon to be born child . . .

  6. That is so beyond sweet!Do you read to the baby yet? I started reading to my boys when I was pregnant with each of them every single night though hubby would tease me about it.It really relaxed me.I would rock in the rocking chair,rubbing my big(I was HUGE..LOL) belly and read one of the many books that already lined their nursery shelfs.I honestly think that is why they have such a love for reading now.They get SO excited when they’re told we are going to the library like most kids do when they are told they are going to the!They are 8 and 10 years old and I have only missed one night of reading to them since they have been born.That is because I was in the hospital with my!It is a wonderful bonding time for everyone even though they are old enough to read themselves.We cuddle up with warm drinks and drift off into a land of make believe right before bed. These are the memories they will take with them into adulthood and pass on to their children.:0)Sounds like your hubby will be a great story teller too*Big smile*

  7. That sounds so amazing. I hope my man is just as sweet.

  8. wonderful! just like ‘One Thousand and One Nights’!

  9. this is so precious i love this, so beautiful youre so lucky i hope to have someone like him when i get married :)

  10. That’s adorable. I want bedtime stories. I’d love for my boyfriend to read to me. And I don’t want to wait until I’m pregnant for that pillow, it looks so comfortable!

  11. This is the most romantic thing ever!!

  12. that’s really sweet. i’m glad you have a good man!

  13. SO SWEET!

  14. adorable.
    completely adorable.
    luck lady, you are, jo!

    dani. xo.

  15. That is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard.

    I’m so happy for you!

    Big fan I am! :)

  16. Seriously, does Alex have a brother? Maybe a dozen of them? Adorable. Beautiful.

  17. Awww. so sweet.

  18. That is so sweet it made my heart melt a little!

  19. how absolutely adorable ..i am sure you’ll make two lovely parents :)

  20. That is, officially, the sweetest thing any man has ever done!

  21. I’m almost positive this was my most favorite blog post. You two are just the CUTEST couple of all time, so classy and full of love.

    Sometimes I wish I knew more about my husband, but then he’ll tell me a random story or something and it just makes me love him so much more each passing day and I feel more connected each time we learn somethign new about the other.

  22. You are a lucky lady :)

  23. The sweetest thing!!

  24. Anonymous says...

    gratitude- isn’t it an amazing, stirring emotion?!

    thanks for sharing, jo.


  25. One of my favorite things to do is cuddle up in bed, talk about the day and fall asleep to sound of my husband’s voice. I treasure those moments. Thank you for being so inspiring and encouraging about marriage.

  26. I love bed time stories as well, I’m gonna need to meet a man like Alex!!

  27. Congratulations! and I love the storytelling! With all the TV people watch these days, I wonder how well some people know their spouses!!