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  3. Wonderful idea!

    But a button would be better so we don’t need two hands to “close” this.


  4. The weather has been so weird lately! Seattle was 101 while you guys were getting a downpour. Talk about strange stuff…

  5. Where can I get this umbrella??

  6. I love ideas like this, ones that make you so “oh my, how have we lived without this for so long?!”

    I’ve had way too many almost-sharp-pokey-thing in my eye incidents. I think these should be the law.

  7. This is awesome!!!

  8. What a brilliant invention!

  9. We need these in Vancouver! Half the time I sport an umbrella solely as a shield from getting my eyes poked out by other umbrellas. I love the polite method much better.

  10. haha that’s great.

  11. ha ha, this is GENIUS! What a great idea especially for the crowded streets in the city. :-)

  12. that is great! I need one of these… on second thought, I kind of like the idea of ramming people with my umbrella. (or defending myself with it)

  13. I would LOVE to have this umbrella. Cute AND conscientious <3

  14. it is so refreshing to see someone design something that is so conscientious! adorable too!

  15. this would be great for milan too!!

  16. this is why i want to live in new york :)

  17. What a good idea, it’s also very usefull when it’s windy so the umbrella doesn’t flip! (is it the right verb? sorry my englis is very bad)

  18. this makes me smile…big…xo t

  19. Genius! Nothing more annoying than bumping into people on campus when your running late for class and your books are getting wet and your avoiding puddles on your new shoes like the plague!

  20. what a brilliant idea! I am so terrified of passing by people with umbrellas..

  21. That’s an amazing design for an umbrella! Now I’d like to get one.

  22. well, i don’t need this umbrella, but it sure is adorable, right down to the name. . . .

  23. That is the greatest thing since sliced bread! :)

  24. This is brilliant! I really want one of those.

  25. Anonymous says...

    that is hilarious!!!! what a great umbrella!!!!

  26. That is SO CUTE! I need one of those! Can mine be pink, or polka-dotted though, please?
    I love, I love!

  27. omg sooo smart! so much more useful than trying to lift over heads (i am short with little arms)

  28. It would be a nice change from the jumbo golf umbrellas everyone on the NY streets feels the need to carry! I’m thankful that I wear glasses or I would have lost an eye on at least two occasions.

  29. so perfect! I would love if everyone had these. would end all the awkward side tilts, stabs, spins…and those who try to lift their umbrellas above the crowd.

  30. clever!
    Iheard; In some cultures it’s ‘bad luck'(whatever that means!) to open an umbrella indoor…errr???
    Great evening Joanna!

  31. That’s a fantastic idea!
    I always try to make sure to not hit people with my umbrella, but many other people aren’t quite as courteous…

    Maybe this will help inspire?

  32. i remember this from the ITP senior show a few years back. a stunner of an idea and i can’t believe they aren’t mass produced.

  33. perfect posting for this horrible rain we’re having in new york.

  34. That’s genius! I totally need one of those in Vancouver, although not now.. we’re having a very uncharacteristic heat wave.

  35. haha that umbrella is very cool! quite a clever idea

  36. Hmmm…a very good idea, in fact!

  37. That umbrella is a brilliant idea! Perfect for NY streets especially for the really short ones walking the streets (like me!)


  38. Anonymous says...

    i would love some good ol rain and thunderstorms. 100 degree weather doesn’t do anything for me

  39. HA I so want one! I /hate/ it when people bang into me with their umbrellas.

  40. ha, crystal, i’m the same way! i’m always trying to hold it waaaay up!

  41. I live in Seattle and am totally one of those people that hold my umbrella up as high over my head as possible when I pass someone on the sidewalk. I am 5’2″ so it isnt exactly effective, I need this umbrella!

  42. Brilliant!

  43. That is too cool. One of those inventions that make you say, “why didn’t I come up with that?”

  44. This is so cool! I always feel so awkward with my umbrella on busy streets!

  45. Gosh – is it still raining? It was rather soggy when we were over last week.

  46. Oh it was crazy wasn’t it? I got trapped in Little Poland diner and spent a few hours contemplating the merits of gathering the animals two by two.

  47. What an amazing idea! Love it.

  48. this clever little invention would have come in handy on my trip to the big apple a few weeks ago. shoot!
    i’ve just discovered your blog and, well, like the masses, i adore it.

  49. Cool!

  50. lol what a genius idea!!! and a very apt name for it too :)

  51. too cute. i am always smashing into randoms with my umbrella. bet they wish i’d get this.

  52. great video clip of these in action!!!

  53. This is wonderful! My mother was in Manhattan visiting my brother in June and told me just how quick you have to be NOT to get your eye poked out by the sea of umbrellas! Wonderful!!!

  54. brilliant. i often use the huge golf umbrellas from my office and i might as well walk in the street.

  55. Sheer brilliance!

  56. What a fantastic idea! I want one!

  57. Where was this when I was in the city last week!! Haha this is awesome!

  58. My goodness, it hasn’t stopped raining cats & dogs since I moved here! I need that umbrella.


  59. That is a really amazing idea and invention. Thanks for sharing!