1. I had not seen anything like this and that is why I love it! I love the idea and I want to take a picture in that photo boot, can you tell me how I can do that?

  2. love it!! would this work with a hippo?

  3. So inspired by her photo booth masterpiece.

  4. i love this…so, so cool! I’m so smitten with photobooths.

  5. I love it! So wonderful! Do you know, Jo, how to find her site? I followed the link but, I didn’t come up with anything…thanks! :)

  6. Very funny! I especially like the look on her face.

  7. oh my goodness – that is too adorable!

  8. i’ve always wished i was a giraffe when i was a young girl. i think its because of their long neck.

    cute photo!!

  9. genius. Love your blog — it just makes us happy.


  10. haha love this!

  11. GEEEniusss is the right word dear… may I also add so-so charming* Will do ‘purple’post for you!

    Charmed as usual…

  12. Oh wow – that makes my job look so easy! I love the giraffe neck going on and on…and then the greenery at the top. This makes my photo booth pics look tame. Thank you so much for a great picture and fun concept


  13. Hahaha, this is so great and unexpected!

  14. Fun and yes, very smart.

  15. it rocks.

    no doubt about it.

  16. so clever! i love seeing the way some people’s minds think!

  17. That is fantastic :) Xx

  18. Brilliant fun! Wonder how many quarters this took?

  19. Hah! That is hilarious! :D

  20. how fun. usually my photo booth experiences are an awkward series of me looking confused. clearly Ginger is a bit more creative than me.

  21. jmg says...

    So creative!!!!!

  22. this is the cutest picture ever!

  23. you always find the best photo booth photos. great one.

  24. Oh my your blog is a good time!!! I happened by, and I love it! I needed a little fresh inspiration for my art today- success!!! Thanks!

  25. i love the look on her face. really fun!

  26. jaja is great!!!

  27. oh oh oh this is amazing