1. i hope your world is back to the way it’s supposed to be.

    (great pic)

  2. Such a cute photo!

  3. Hope you’re feeling better! ;) You always make ME smile!!

  4. oh my… wish I would have been checking my favorite blogs sooner… I would have suggested watching “Samantha Who?”… it’s on right before The Bachelor. I swear – it is such a funny, quirky, sweet show – it always makes me a little happier. (And I want Samantha’s wardrobe. Good Lord!)

  5. feel better lady! now’s the time to get those awesome slippers in your previous post.

  6. you guys are SO SWEET! i feel so much better. thank you thank you thank you for all your sweet comments!

  7. Feel better soon! Hugs and sunshine are definitely the way to go!


  8. I hope you feel better. I got some chocolate covered pretzels if you are near west 40th today.

  9. I hope you’re better now and enjoyed The Bachelor finale. I blogged about it today (tuesday) there’s a fun youtube video that is sure to make you smile.
    Oh Shayne!

  10. big hugs joanna! virtual hugs, real hugs, typographic hugs, dream hugs, emoticon hugs () (i just made that hug up! everyone should make a hug per day!)! hugs the newfangled hershey confection! group hugs! self-hugs! hugs while holding mugs! mugs with little pictures of hugs on them! she had the baby!

    that mustache actually was really awesome. i kept calling that guy ‘mustache’ even after i learned his name.

  11. Awww I’m sorry for your crappy day! If I was one of those people that did the *hugs* thing, I would. Oh, I guess I just did. HUGS!

  12. you always have a virtual hug from me whenever you need it, hope you are feeling better today! px

  13. get out of the house and get some sunshine, bake a cake then give it away, do some shopping and buy someone an unexpected gift or watch your favourite movie. these things always help me.

    feel better soon, m’lady.

  14. I hope you feel better!!!

  15. hey jo, love your blog. feel better yo!

  16. give a random person a high five. always makes me feel better :)

  17. virtual hugs being thrown your way as we speak. i too had a rough day that ended with finding my car with a long deep scratch on it. the person who hit it left a note and has basically restored my faith in humanity. cheer up! with the bad…comes the good.

  18. cheer up, jo jo! soon you will be on the best coast!

  19. ick. i hope you feel better joanna! i’m nursing a cold today, too. all i want to do is sleep, but those darn papers need to be graded.

    mmm, time for a glass of bourbon.

  20. ohhh something must have been in the air, i had a shitty day too!

    I guess the only thing to say is that tomorrow is bound to be better than today?
    xo Abbey

    And wine helps.

  21. awww bum! Days like that always hit hard! Feel better!

  22. I like this photograph.

    I’m sorry you are having a down day, but it sounds like you will have an up night – and with cookies!! – to combat your blues.

    you always make me laugh : ) gotta love the super rad staches.

  23. me too. not a good day either. I am with dennise . . 3 days till the Office finale.

    Hang in there, ice cream always makes me feel better.

  24. you guys are so sweet!!! bubble baths and wine and artpad and music….awesome. thank you, my dolls.

  25. i’m stuck on the moustache comment… is that a good thing?

  26. Just think Thursday is the Office season finale….3 more days!

  27. hope you’re feeling better and are on your way, or already kicking back and letting the day slide away! a bubble bath sounds good to me, too!

  28. you guys are so sweet!!! bubble baths and wine and artpad and music….awesome. thank you, my dolls.

  29. i am right there with ya, girly. hope your day gets better once you get home.

  30. Hopefully it’ll make you feel better knowing that your post brightened up my Monday! That picture is so sweet and natural that I couldn’t help but smile. You’ll be curled up on your couch watching TV and eating cookies in no time! xo

  31. Dana says...

    I think a bubble bath and glass of wine is in order! (possibly a pedicure as well) Enjoy the cookies!

  32. aw, cheer up dear. you know what always helps me? music.

    have you heard of Basia Bulat? I’m obsessed with her lately. it’s feel good music. :)

  33. P says...

    I need a hug too. This day sucks it. But here’s something fun: make drawings of your crappy day on art pad http://artpad.art.com. I posted mine on my blog and it was all very therapeutic. Hope your days gets better…

  34. kate says...

    i hope you feel better, joanna!