1. i fully support the use of the word rad. i fully support the use of my image. i fully support the use of the word rad in reference to my image.

  2. Try this one out for size. “kiff”…meaning rad or very cool. We used to use it a lot in South Africa. I like “keen” a lot.


  3. mama says...

    Nicholas RAD Goddard – need I say more…

  4. interesting, sounds like californians still use it! i guess new yorkers just need a little more prompting:)

  5. I still use rad…but maybe that’s a california thing. Happy friday!


  6. Oh, consider it Back. Along with narly and bodacious, which we use entirely too often to not draw stares. Astronauts are rad!

  7. that’s so funny, lyn! yes, let’s all work for the cause:)

  8. Great shot here. There’s something very Wes Anderson about it (Get well soon, Owen).

    I’m down for “rad!” It’s high time that came back.

  9. haha…I can’t believe you wrote this…I just said this to my husband the other day in the car. classic!

  10. lucy gk says...

    rad is still rad in california. xo